11 Various - Presage(s)

lp BAD11 (1980): CVO: Sargaso Sea, Psychotic Tanks: Let's Have A Party, Psychotic Tanks: Security Idiots, Modern English: Home [CAD105CD], Last Dance: Malignant Love, Spasmodic Caress: Hit The Dead, Red Atkins: Hunk Of A Punk

CVO are John Lewis, Gareth Marshal / Electrophon Studion. Psychotic Tanks are Roberty Crash, Schruuv, Schengel and Bjorn. Coproduced by Conny Plank at Conny Plank's Studio in Koln. The Last Dance are Soozy Bowler, Phil Roberts and P.P.P.. Produced by Michael O'Conell at Archipelago. Spasmodic Caress are Peter Masters, Phil Mister, Chris Chisnall and Pete Ashby. Supposedly 4 versions were released - one green and pink, one dark brown and light brown, one black and white and one unknown.

110 Modern English - Smiles And Laughter

7 AD110 (1981): Smiles And Laughter, Mesh & Lace

Sleeve by 23 Envelope. Coproduced by Robbie Mayhew. Engineered by Mike Kemp.

111 The Birthday Party - Release The Bats

7 AD111 (1981): Release The Bats [R CAD9005CD], Blast Off [R CAD9005CD]

Coproduced by Nick Launey. The run-out grooves read �Dirtness is next to antigodliness� �Mister Pierre forvever�.

112 Rene Halkett / David Jay - Nothing

7 AD112 (1981): Nothing, Armour

Came with an lyrics insert.

113 Matt Johnson - Burning Blue Soul

lp CAD113 (1981): Red Cinders In The Sand, Song Without An Ending, Time (Again) For The Golden Sunset, Iceing Up, (Like A) Sun Rising Through My Garden, Out Of Control, Bugle Boy, Delirious, The River Flows East In Spring, Another Boy Drowning

See AD10. Rereleased in 1984 with text on the back of the sleeve. Released on CD in 1993 under the �The The� name. Featuring Bruce Gilbert (Wire) and Graham Lewis (Wire). Coproduced by Ivo except 1 coproduced by Pete Maben and 3 and 9 produced by BC Gilbert and G Lewis. Sleeve by Tony Barrett and Fiona Skinner.

113 The The - Burning Blue Soul

cd blank HAD113CD, HADC113 (Jun 7 1993): CAD113

Originally released under the name �Matt Johnson� but was changed to �The The� at Johnson's request.

114 The Birthday Party - Mr. Clarinet

7 AD114 (1981): Mr. Clarinet, Happy Birthday

115 Dance Chapter - Chapter II

12ep BAD115 (1981): Backwards Across Thresholds, Demolished Sanctuary, Attitudes, She [CAD2205]

Dance Chapter are Cyrus Bruton, Stuart Dunbar, Steve Hadfield and John Turner. Coproduced by Hugh Allen. Engineered by Gary Lucas. Recorded at Spaceward. The run-out grooves read �19 yrs of scars� �Dave drives�.

116 Dif Juz - Vibrating Air

12ep BAD116 (1981): Gunet [R CAD505CD], Heset [R MAD612], Diselt [R MAD612], Soarn [R CAD505CD]

Featuring Hollis Chambers and Scott Rodger.

117 Various - Natures Mortes - Still Lives

lp CAD117 (1981): The Birthday Party: Mr. Clarinet [AD114], The Psychotic Tanks: Let's Have A Party [BAD11], Rema-Rema: Feedback Song [BAD5], In Camera: Die Laughing [AD8], Bauhaus: Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores [AD17T], Mass: You And I [AD14], Cupol: Like This For Ages [BAD9], Modern English: Gathering Dust [AD15], Sort Sol: Marble Station [AD101], The The: Controversial Subject [AD10], The Past Seven Days: Raindance [AD102], Dif Juz: Re [CAD505CD]

cd CAD117CD (1981): CAD117, C.V.O.: Sargaso Sea [BAD11], The Past Seven days: So Many Others [AD102], Sort Sol: Misguided [AD101], Last Dance: Malignant Love [BAD11], The The: Black & White [AD10]

CAD117 released in Japan only. 500 copies were imported back into the UK. CAD117CD was released in 1997 as a mail order release.

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