104 The Birthday Party - Prayers On Fire

lp CAD104 (1981): Zoo-Music Girl, Cry, Capers, Nick The Stripper, Ho-Ho, Figure Of Fun, King Ink, A Dead Song, Yard, Dull Day, Just You And Me

cd CAD104CD (1981): CAD104, Blunder Town, Kathy's Kisses

The last two tracks on the CD are from the Australian Nick The Stripper single. Engineered by Tony Cohen. Sleeve by Jenny, Poly and Evan. �Capers� cowritten by Genevieve McGuckin. �Ho-Ho� cowritten by Genevieve McGuckin. �A Dead Song� cowritten by Anita Lane.

NONVAR9 Various - Precious

cd NONVAR9 (1992) (excerpt): Lush: For Love [CAD2002], Pixies: Planet of Sound [CAD1014], Pale Saints: Kinky Love [BAD1009]

Released by Dino Entertainment (DINCD38) in the UK.

11 Various - Presage(s)

lp BAD11 (1980): CVO: Sargaso Sea, Psychotic Tanks: Let's Have A Party, Psychotic Tanks: Security Idiots, Modern English: Home [CAD105CD], Last Dance: Malignant Love, Spasmodic Caress: Hit The Dead, Red Atkins: Hunk Of A Punk

CVO are John Lewis, Gareth Marshal / Electrophon Studion. Psychotic Tanks are Roberty Crash, Schruuv, Schengel and Bjorn. Coproduced by Conny Plank at Conny Plank's Studio in Koln. The Last Dance are Soozy Bowler, Phil Roberts and P.P.P.. Produced by Michael O'Conell at Archipelago. Spasmodic Caress are Peter Masters, Phil Mister, Chris Chisnall and Pete Ashby. Supposedly 4 versions were released - one green and pink, one dark brown and light brown, one black and white and one unknown.

7007 Tanya Donelly - Pretty Deep

7 AD7007 (1997): Pretty Deep [CAD7008], Vanilla

cd5 BAD7007CD (1997): Pretty Deep [CAD7008], Spaghetti, Morna

cd5 BADD7007CD (1997): Pretty Deep [CAD7008], These Days, Influenza

Coproduced by Willy Nagel. Sleeve by Chris Bigg and Andrew Catlin. The run-out grooves read �Turn D Masterpiece�. �Vanilla� coproduced by Wally Gagel. �Vanilla� mixed by Wally Gagel.

NONTD2 Tanya Donelly - Pretty Deep

cd5 NONTD2 (1997): Pretty Deep (Radio Edit) (3:51) [R CAD7008], Pretty Deep (4:22) [CAD7008]

Promo released in the US (PRO-CD-8918).

TANYA 2 Tanya Donelly - Pretty Deep/Lovesongs For Underdogs

cd5 TANYA2 (1997)

Promo release.

TANYA 3 Tanya Donelly - Pretty Deep/Lovesongs For Underdogs

12ep TANYA3 (1997)

Promo release.

108 Colin Newman - Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish

lp CAD108 (1981): Fish One, Fish Two, Fish Three, Fish Four, Fish Five, Fish Six, Fish Seven, Fish Eight, Fish Nine, Fish Ten, Fish Eleven, Fish Twelve, Reprise

Featuring Robert Gotobed (Wire). Sleeve by Annette Newman. The last track was not given a separate listing on CAD108, but was named �Reprise� on CAD108/201CD.

108/201 Colin Newman - Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish / Not To

cd CAD108/201CD (1988): CAD108, CAD201

The first 3000 copies included CN1.

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