7300 Various - No Balls

cd 7300 (1995): Air Miami: Airplane Rider, Heidi Berry: The Mountain [CAD6011], Dead Can Dance: Rakim [45789 (cd)], Pale Saints: One Blue Hill [CAD4014], Lisa Germano: Cry Wolf [CAD4017], Kendra Smith: Bold Marauder [CAD5006], The Wolfgang Press: People Say [CAD4016], Red House Painters: Summer Dress [CADC5005]

Promo release with tracks picked by Vaughan Oliver.

2207 Sybarite - Nonument

cd CAD2207CD (2002): Secropia (05:33), The Fourth Day (03:56), Homegrown Cultures (04:30), Renzo Piano (04:30), Water (05:24), The Accidental Triumph (03:52), Leap Year (05:25), Fresh Kills (04:16), Unica Zurn (04:26), Three Sided (04:45)

112 Rene Halkett / David Jay - Nothing

7 AD112 (1981): Nothing, Armour

Came with an lyrics insert.

NONLU4 Lush - Nothing Natural

cd NONLU4 (Oct 1991): Nothing Natural (5:56) [LUSH1CD], God's Gift (4:10) [AD1016], Monochrome (5:07) [CAD2002], Nothing Natural (version) (3:59) [R LUSH1CD]

Released by Reprise (9 40231-2) in a digipak. Produced by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins).

LUSH 1 CD Lush - Nothing Natural

cd LUSH1CD (1992): Nothing Natural, Monochrome [CAD2002], Nothing Natural (12" version) [R LUSH1CD]

Promo release.

HNIA5 His Name Is Alive - Nothing Special

12ep HNIA5 (2001): Nothing Special (04:19) [CAD2101CD], Nothing Special (Burnt Friedman-Nonplace Remix) (04:06) [R CAD2101CD], Nothing Special (Herrmann & Kleine Remake) (04:25) [R CAD2101CD]

Promo release.

2308 Cass McCombs - Not The Way

cd CAD2308CD (2003): Not The Way (03:20), So Damn Pure (03:33), Opium Flower (06:03), Your Mother and Father (03:59), Nobody's Nixon (04:09), It's Getting Colder (03:57)

201 Colin Newman - Not To

lp CAD201 (1982): Lorries, Don't Bring Me Reminders, You Me And Happy, We Meet Under Tables, Safe, Truculent Yet, 5/10, 1, 2, 3, Beep Beep, Not To, Indians!, Remove For Improvement, Blue Jay Way

Featuring Robert Gotobed (Wire), Simon Gillham, Desmond Simmons and Bruce Gilbert (Wire). �Blue Jay Way� written by George Harrison (The Beatles).

1015 Throwing Muses - Not Too Soon

7 AD1015 (1991): Not Too Soon [CAD1002], Cry Baby Cry

12ep cd5 BAD1015, BAD1015CD (1991): AD1015, Him Dancing [R CAD1002], Dizzy [R CAD901]

Produced by Dennis Herring and Gary Smith. Engineered by Paul Kolderie. Sleeve by Christine Cano and The American Bandana. Released in the US by Sire on CD (40135-2)�in a digi-pak featuring a blow-up of the artwork of BAD1015. �Cry Baby Cry� written by Lennon and McCartney.

AXIS4 Shox - No Turning Back

7 AXIS4 (1980): No Turning Back, Lying Here

Shox are John Peters, Jacqui Brookes and Mike Atkinson. Recorded by Mark Lusardi. Recorded at Gooseberry. Sleeve by Phil Hide.

5003 Belly - Now They'll Sleep

7 cassingle AD5003, ADC5003 (1995): Now They'll Sleep [CAD5004], Thief

12ep cd5 BAD5003, BAD5003CD (Jan 23 1995): Now They'll Sleep [CAD5004], Thief [AD5003], Baby's Arm, John Dark

Exit Fred Abong (Throwing Muses). Enter Gail Greenwood. Produced by Glyn Johns. Engineered by Jack Joseph Puig, Oswald �Wiz� Bowe and Rail Jon Rogut. Recorded at Compass Point, Nassau, Bahamas and Oceanway Studios, Hollywood. Sleeve by Chris Bigg, Chris Gorman and Stephen DiRado. �Baby's Arm� produced by Paul Q. Kolderie. �Baby's Arm� recorded at Fort Apache, Cambridge, MA.

BELLY 1 Belly - Now They'll Sleep

12ep BELLY1 (1995): Now They'll Sleep [CAD5004], King [CAD5004], Super-Connected [CAD5004]

Promo single released in a grey sleeve.

NONKING-2 Belly - Now They'll Sleep (demo)

cd5 NONKING-2 (1995): Now They'll Sleep (demo) [R CAD5004], Red (demo) [R CAD5004], Puberty (demo) [R CAD5004]

Bonus CD included with initial copies of 170.5004.20.

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