117 Various - Natures Mortes - Still Lives

lp CAD117 (1981): The Birthday Party: Mr. Clarinet [AD114], The Psychotic Tanks: Let's Have A Party [BAD11], Rema-Rema: Feedback Song [BAD5], In Camera: Die Laughing [AD8], Bauhaus: Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores [AD17T], Mass: You And I [AD14], Cupol: Like This For Ages [BAD9], Modern English: Gathering Dust [AD15], Sort Sol: Marble Station [AD101], The The: Controversial Subject [AD10], The Past Seven Days: Raindance [AD102], Dif Juz: Re [CAD505CD]

cd CAD117CD (1981): CAD117, C.V.O.: Sargaso Sea [BAD11], The Past Seven days: So Many Others [AD102], Sort Sol: Misguided [AD101], Last Dance: Malignant Love [BAD11], The The: Black & White [AD10]

CAD117 released in Japan only. 500 copies were imported back into the UK. CAD117CD was released in 1997 as a mail order release.

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