6019 Lisa Germano - Small Heads

7 AD6019 (1996): Small Heads [CAD6012], Fun, Fun For Everyone (Acoustic)

cd5 BAD6019CD (Aug12 1996): Small Heads [CAD6012], Fun Fun For Everyone (Acoustic) [AD6019], Tom, Dick And Harry, Messages From Sophia (Instrumental) [R CAD6012]

Featuring Jake Smith, John Strohm and Dane Clark. Coproduced by Paul Mahern. Recorded at Echo Park, Bloomington IN. Sleeve by Paul McMenamin and Mattew Welch. Write to Lisa Germano, PO Box 93595, Los Angeles, CA 90093, USA.

110 Modern English - Smiles And Laughter

7 AD110 (1981): Smiles And Laughter, Mesh & Lace

Sleeve by 23 Envelope. Coproduced by Robbie Mayhew. Engineered by Mike Kemp.

8008 The Hope Blister - ...smile's ok

lp cd CAD8008, CAD8008CD (May 25 1998): Dagger, Only Human [Re CAD6011], Outer Skin, Sweet Unknown, Let The Happiness In, Is Jesus Your Pal [Re DAD7005CD], Spider and I, Hanky Panky Nohow

Featuring Louise Rutkowski, Laurence O'Keefe (Levitation), Audrey Reily, Chris Tombling, Leo Payne, Sue Dench, Ritchie Thomas, Louise Laurence, Dmitri Williams and Astrid Williamson. Engineered by Alex Russell. Mixed by John Fryer. Sleeve by Paul McMenamin and George. Also released in Germany (RTD 120.2147.2). �Dagger� written by Neil Halstead (Mojave 3). �Only Human� written by Heidi Berry. �Outer Skin� written by Chris Knox. �Sweet Unknown� written by Alison Shaw and Jim Shaw. �Let The Happiness In� written by David Sylvian. �Is Jesus Your Pal� written by Slow Blow. �Spider and I� written by Brian Eno. �Hanky Panky Nohow� written by John Cale.

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