AXIS4 Shox - No Turning Back

7 AXIS4 (1980): No Turning Back, Lying Here

Shox are John Peters, Jacqui Brookes and Mike Atkinson. Recorded by Mark Lusardi. Recorded at Gooseberry. Sleeve by Phil Hide.

AXIS1 The Fast Set - Junction One

7 AXIS1 (1980): Junction One, Children Of The Revolution

The Fast Set are D. Knight. Sleeve by J. Maybury. Produced by Peter Kent and John Lewis. �Children Of The Revolution� written by Marc Bolan.

AXIS3 Bauhaus - Dark Entries

7 AXIS3 (7") (1980): Dark Entries, Untitled [MAD2105CD]

blank AXIS3 (flyer) (1980)

Bauhaus are Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, David Jay and Peter Murphy.

AXIS2 Bearz - She's My Girl

7 AXIS2 (1980): She's My Girl, Girls Will Do

Produced by David Lord. Recorded at Crescent. Bearz are John Goddard, David Gunstone, Mark Willis and David Lord. �She's My Girl� written by David Gunstone. �Girls Will Do� written by John Goddard.

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