NONHB6 The Hope Blister - Dagger

cd5 NONHB6 (1998): Dagger [TAD8001CD], Let The Happiness In [CAD8008]

Promo from 4ad / mammoth (MRPR 1027-2).

AXIS3 Bauhaus - Dark Entries

7 AXIS3 (7") (1980): Dark Entries, Untitled [MAD2105CD]

blank AXIS3 (flyer) (1980)

Bauhaus are Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, David Jay and Peter Murphy.

3 Bauhaus - Dark Entries

7 AD3 (1980): Dark Entries [AXIS3 (7")], Untitled [MAD2105CD]

Also released as BEG37 in an identical sleeve and with the same label as well as with a different label. Rereleased by 4AD in '82 with a different label. Also released in Holland by Beggars Banquet (144.760). Sleeve by Ink in the small hours and Paul Delvaux.

504 Clan Of Xymox - A Day

12 BAD504 (1985): A Day [R CAD503], Stranger [R CAD503]

Coproduced by Ivo (This Mortal Coil). Remixed by Ivo (This Mortal Coil). Engineered by John Fryer. Sleeve by 23 Envelope and Terry Dowling.

NONCOX1 Clan of Xymox - A Day

7 NONCOX1 (1985): A Day [CAD503]

Promo released Boudisque in the Netherlands, PRAD 504-7.

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