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If you have any comments, corrections or questions, please mail a note to [email protected]. It's unlikely that I'll be updating the discography much, though -- my interest has waned. But I'll try to keep the 1980-2000 bits updated. Consider this more an archival site than an ongoing concern.

This discography is copyright © 1994-2007 by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen. He is not connected with 4AD in any way.

You can also get an illustrated PostScript version of this discography. It's an 8Mb gzipped ps file and runs for about 150 pages.

There are two eyesore sites: in Europe and in South Africa. Use the one nearest you for fastest access, but the European version is often the most recently updated version.

This data base was generated by eyesore on February 16 2007 with data supplied by lots of people.

If you want to update something, the easiest thing for me is if you download the 4ad.eye file, edit it in Emacs by using the eye-mode.el mode file, and then send me patches. Of course, what's easiest for me may not be what's easiest for you, but, er. The closer the data is to being in eye syntax, the more chance of a speedy update. The syntax should be pretty... perhaps that's the wrong word. The syntax isn't pretty, but I designed it in 1992, and now I'm stuck with it. So there.

If you want to set up a mirror site for eyesore, or you are running a mirror site and wish to get an update, or you just want to download the entire eyesore database to your own machine, you can fetch the entire tarred and gzipped package from here. The file is about 21MB. The total size of the data base is about 55MB.