14 Mass - You And I

7 AD14 (1980): You And I, Cabbage

Mass are Danny Briottet (Renegade Soundwave), Gary Asquith (Renegade Soundwave), Michael Allen (The Wolfgang Press) and Mark Cox (The Wolfgang Press). Initial copies included a big fold-out lyrics insert.

NONTMC3 This Mortal Coil - You and Your Sister

7 NONTMC3 (7") (1991): You and Your Sister [DAD1005], Late Night [DAD1005]

cd5 NONTMC3 (cdsingle) (1991): You and Your Sister [DAD1005], Late Night [DAD1005], I Come and Stand at Every Door [DAD1005], With Tomorrow [DAD1005]

Released by Play It Again Sam in Europe (170.9999.40 & 170.9999.22). Promo single also released by Virgin in France (SA 9002).

326 Various - You Can Rely On Toast

cd 326 (1996): Dead Can Dance: The Snake And The Moon [DAD6008], Dead Can Dance: Indus [DAD6008], Dead Can Dance: Song Of The Dispossessed, Heidi Berry: Miracle [CAD6011], Mojave 3: Mercy [CAD5013], Lisa Germano: Bruises [CAD6012], Lush: Ladykillers [CAD6004], scheer: Shae, His Name Is Alive: Last One [CAD6010]

Promo release released by Warner in Latin America (PRO-CD-326). Made in Germany.

NONCOL5 Colourbox - You Keep Me Hanging On

12 NONCOL5 (1985)

Double 12" released by 4AD/Vertigo in Canada (SOVE 2376).

7001 Tarnation - You'll Understand

blank cd5 ADD7001, BAD7001CD (1997): Your Thoughts And Mine [DAD7004], You'll Understand [DAD7004], The Sad Things Behind, Land That Time Lost

ADD 7001 is a limited edition double 7". Coproduced by Dave Katznelson. Comixed by Mark Mooka Rennick. Featuring Joe Byrnes, Jamie Meagan, Alex Oropeza, Jim Passarell and Sheila Schat. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Timothy O'Donnell and Michele Turriani.

NONHNIA9 His Name Is Alive - You Need a Heart To Live

7 NONHNIA9 (1997): Loin des Sambas, Brazil

GUP 2 Underground Lovers - Your Eyes

12 GUP212" (1993)

Promo release.

4001 Kristin Hersh - Your Ghost

12ep cd5 BAD4001, BAD4001CD (Jan 10 1994): Your Ghost [CAD4002], The Key, Uncle June and Aunt Kiyoti, When the Levee Breaks

Engineered by Phill Brown and Steve Rizzo. Mixed by Billy O'Connell and Steve Rizzo. Featuring Jane Scarpantoni and Michael Stipe (REM). Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Paul McMenamin, Shinro Ohtake and Andrew Catlin. �Your Ghost� coproduced by Lenny Kaye. �Uncle June and Aunt Kiyoti� cowritten by William James Hersh. �When the Levee Breaks� written by Page, Plant, Lones, Bonham and Minnie.

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