PUP 1 Various - Kiddy's Got Four Fingers

cd PUP1 (1998): This Mortal Coil: You And Your Sister [DAD1005], His Name Is Alive: Universal Frequencies [CAD6010], His Name Is Alive: Country Girl, Lisa Germano: Reptile [CAD8013], Dead Can Dance: The Host Of Seraphim [CAD808], This Mortal Coil: I Come And Stand At Every Door [DAD1005], Starry Smooth Hound: Dreamt U In A Dream, The Birthday Party: Nick The Stripper [CAD104], Throwing Muses: Fish [CAD703], Cocteau Twins: Crushed [CT1CD], This Mortal Coil: Song To The Siren [CAD411], The Hope Blister: Dagger [TAD8001CD], This Mortal Coil: Late Night [DAD1005], M/A/R/R/S: Anitina [AD707], Bauhaus: Terror Couple Kill Colonel [CAD13CD], M/A/R/R/S: Pump Up The Volume [AD707], Bauhaus: Telegram Sam [AD17]

Promo release limited to 2500 copies.

5004 Belly - King

lp cas cd cd CAD5004, CADC5004, CAD5004CD, CADD5004CD (Feb 14 1995): Puberty, Seal My Fate, Red, Silverfish, Super-Connected, The Bees, King, Now They'll Sleep, Untitled and Unsung, L'il Ennio, Judas My Heart

CAD D 5004 CD is a limited edition 22x15cm hardcover �book� with the cd mounted on the inside of the back cover. Produced by Glyn Johns. Engineered by Jack Joseph Puig, Oswald �Wiz� Bowe and Rail Jon Rogut. Recorded at Compass Point, Nassau, Bahamas and Oceanway Studios, Hollywood. All tracks written by Tanya Donelly, except 1 & 5 co-written with Gail Greenwood, and 3, 4, 8 & 11 co-written with Thomas Gorman. Sleeve by Chris Bigg, Chris Gorman and Stephen DiRado.

NONBEL2 Belly - King

cd NONBEL2 (Feb 13 1995): CADD5004CD

Released by PIAS (170.5004.20) in the BeNeLux countries. Initial copies included KING-2.

NONME7 Modern English - King Bisquit Flower Hour 5/22/1983

lp NONME7 (1983) (excerpt): Rainbow's End [L CAD402], Carry Me Down [L CAD206], Someone's Calling [L CAD206], I Melt With You [L CAD206]

Double lp radio promo released by DIR Broadcasting Corp in the US (KB 472).

NONME7 Modern English - King Bisquit Flower Hour 4/29/1984

lp NONME7 (1984)

Double lp radio promo released by DIR Broadcasting Corp in the US (KB 512).

804 The Wolfgang Press - King Of Soul

12ep BAD804 (1988): King Of Soul (K. O. S. 7" mix) [R CAD810], King Of Soul (Crowned Mix) [R CAD810], King Of Soul (Dethroned Mix) [R CAD810]

Produced by Flood. Engineered by Lincoln Fong. Remixed by Jay Burnett. Featuring Ruby James and Lorna Wright. Sleeve by Chris Bigg and The Wolfgang Press. There was also a DJ promo release of BAD804.

NONHNIA7 His Name Is Alive - King of Sweet

cd NONHNIA7 (1993): Take A Look Around You [Re (*Why People Disappear*) CAD1013], A Bird In Evry Tree, This Weekend, Drive The Dreamy Demon Down, Lake (Theme For Sweet Hearts), Blissfield (Sweet Corn), Bears (King Of Sweet), Ode On A Dave Asman [NONHNIA3], A Dave In The Life, Honey Babe, My Blue-Eyed Babe, The Shepherds Flute Is Always Playing, Are You Coming Down This Weekend? [NONHNIA3], Soul Resides In The Horse Barn [JAD7009CD], Driftin Blues, Meet Me By Moonlight, Alone

Released by Perdition Plastic, limited to 2000 copies. Various recordings from the four self-released tapes. The cd says that tracks 1-3, 5-9 are from the cassette �Hecklebuck 7a 7b� (91), 10-12 from �Love Can't Buy Happiness� (90), 13-15 from �Blissfield, Mouth� (92) and 4 from �New Stars, New Tongue� (92).

1009 Pale Saints - Kinky Love

7 AD1009 (1991): Kinky Love [BAD1009], Hair Shoes (demo version) [BAD1009]

�Kinky Love� written by Dave Ellington. �Kinky Love� originally released by Nancy Sinatra.

NONLU11 Lush - Kiss Chase

cas NONLU11 (1994): Kiss Chase [CAD4011], Undertow [CAD4011]

Promo cassette (pro-c-6996).

NONCT10 Cocteau Twins - A Kissed Out Red Floatboat

12 NONCT10 (1988): A Kissed Out Red Floatboat [CAD807], A Kissed Out Red Floatboat [CAD807]

US release. 12" (SPRO-79512). 33 1/3 rpm.

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