NONPS4 Various - Diamonds and Porcupines

lp NONPS4 (1988) (excerpt): Pale Saints: She Rides The Waves (demo version) [R BAD910]

Released in Germany.

0014 Pixies - Dig For Fire

7 cassingle AD0014, ADC0014 (1990): Dig For Fire [R CAD0010], Winterlong [GAD2103CD]

12ep cd5 BAD0014, BAD0014CD (1990): ADC0014, Velvety Instrumental Version [GAD2103CD], Santo [GAD2103CD]

Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Simon Larbalestier, Christopher Bigg and Pirate Design. Released in the US by Elektra (9 66596). �Dig For Fire� produced by Gil Norton. �Velvety Instrumental Version� produced by Gil Norton.

2005 His Name Is Alive - The Dirt Eaters

12ep cd5 BAD2005, BAD2005CD (1992): Man On The Silver Mountain [CAD9002CD], Are We Still Married? [R CAD1013], Is This The Way The Tigers Do?, We Hold The Land In Great Esteem [CAD9002CD], The Dirt Eaters [CAD9002CD]

Featuring Karen Neal (Inside Out) and Denise James. Recorded at Warren's House and Blackwing. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Terry Dowling and The Brothers Quay. The sleeve and the disc both say that this release has four tracks, but there is in fact five songs. In addition to the four first tracks that are listed, a fifth track is mentioned in passing in the liner notes, giving it the name �The Dirt Eaters�. �The Dirt Eaters� features a sample of Jack Nicholson. �Man On The Silver Mountain� written by Richie Blackmore. �Are We Still Married?� remixed by Ivo Watts-Russell (The Hope Blister) and John Fryer.

NONDC1 Various - Discreet Campaigns, Rorschach Testing, RT #1

cas NONDC1 (1985) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Pale Clouded White (edit) [R BAD511], Dif Juz: Echo Wreck [R CAD505]

Given away with a magazine.

NONHB4 Heidi Berry - Distant Thunder

cd5 NONHB4 (1993)

4 track promo released in the US (PRO-CD-6544).

3017 The Breeders - Divine Hammer

7 cassingle AD3017, ADC3017 (1993)

10 cd5 BADD3017, BAD3017CD (Oct 1993): Divine Hammer [R CAD3014], Hoverin' [R CAD5016], I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You), Do You Love Me Now? (jr?) [R CAD3014]

BAD D 3017 is a limited edition 10" ep. AD 3017 is a limited edition clear vinyl 7" single. Recorded at RPM Studios, NY and Cro-Magnon, Dayton, OH. Produced by Fred Maher. Engineered by Lloyd Puckitt, Susanne Dyer and John Shough. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Paul McMenamin and Jason Love. �Hoverin'� cowritten by John Murphy. �I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)� written by Hank Williams. �Do You Love Me Now?� remixed by J. Mascis (Dinosaur, Jr).

NONTB7 The Breeders - Divine Hammer

cd5 NONTB7 (1993)

1 track promo released by Elektra in the US (PRCD 8861-2) and cassingle (64565-4).

903 Throwing Muses - Dizzy

7 AD903 (1989): Dizzy [R CAD901], Santa Claus [R CAD901CD]

12ep 10 cd5 BAD903, BADD903, BAD903CD (1989): AD903, Mania [L CAD901], Downtown [L CAD802]

BADD903 is a limited edition 10".

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