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lp cas cd GU4LP, GU4C, GU4CD (Nov 9 1993): Walking in Straight Lines, Bent Double, Darling Effect, Distractions, Relentless, Skin Divers, Carly Simon, Yes, Skykicking

�Insides� was once �Earwig� before one band member quit. Insides are J. Serge Tardo and Kirsty Yates. Engineered by Keith Mitchell. The LP included a 7" single. Featuring Dimitri Voulis. Sleeve by the Senate, Insides and Valerie Phillips.


7 GU4S (1993): Further Distractions, Turning Absentmindedly

33 rpm single included with GU4LP.

Various - unknown

cd GUP3cd (1993) (excerpt): Insides: Distractions [GU4LP], Insides: Carly Simon [GU4LP], Insides: Skykicking [GU4LP]

Various - Chin 1

7 CHIN1 (1994) (excerpt): Insides: Walking in Straight Lines [GU4LP]

Cover scan:

Clear Skin

cd TU7 (Mar 1994): Clear Skin

Recorded at Blackwing Studios November 10 & 11 1993. Limited edition. Engineered by Paul Tipler. Sleeve by Chris Bigg.

Clear Skin

12ep GUP4ep (1994): Skinned Clean [R (*Clear Skin*) TU7], Further Distractions [GU4S], Clear Skin (Second Style) [R TU7]

33 rpm promo.

Various - Volume 10

cd NONVOL10 (1994) (excerpt): Insides: Tikky

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