9009 Lakuna - So Happy

12 TAD9009 (1999): So Happy [GAD9010CD], So Happy (Thunderball Mix) [R GAD9010CD]

Limited edition 12".

NONSOIL1 Various - Soil Samples

7 NONSOIL1 (1993) (excerpt): His Name Is Alive: Darling

Clear vinyl promo with a track by HNIA on one side (PR6107). The track �Darling� is an outtake from the �Mouth By Mouth� sessions.

NONSS2 Various - Soil Samples 4

7 NONSS2 (1991) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh: Counting Backwards [CAD1002]

Recorded live at Maxwells november 8, 1990.

NONSOIL2 Various - Soil Samples 13

7 NONSOIL2 (1993): Unrest: Folklore, Heidi Berry: Unholy Light [BAD3010]

Promo released by Warner in the US (PRO-S 6414).

NONSS1 Various - Soil Samples 24

12 NONSS1 (1997) (excerpt): Polymovie (Polyesterday Moviemix) (6:21) [R (*Polyesterday*) BAD6013]

Promo released in the US by Warner Bros (PRO-A-8746).

NONSS3 Various - Soil Samples 22

7 NONSS3 (1997): Tarnation: Do You Fancy Me [CAD5010], Liquorice: Team Player [CAD5008]

Promo release on yellow vinyl (PRO-S-7802).

2101 His Name Is Alive - Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth

cd CAD2101CD (2001): Nothing Special (04:18), Interlude (00:25) [CAD5006], Happy Blues (04:30), Solitude (01:41), Write My Name In The Groove (05:51), Your Cheating Heart (03:38), Our Last Affair (04:28), One Year (03:36), Interlude (00:48) [CAD5006], Karin's Blues (03:14), Are We Still Married? (03:37) [CAD1013], Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth (05:33), Last Time (00:40)

8016 Mojave 3 - Some Kinda Angel

cd5 BAD8016CD (1998)

NONMJ2 Mojave 3 - Some Kind of Angel

cd5 NONMJ2 (1998): Some Kind of Angel, Go Lady Go, All I Want

Promo cd released by 4AD. Note: The title of this song was changed to �Some Kinda Angel� before release.

NONVAR34 Various - Some of Our Best Friends Are

cd NONVAR34 (1997) (excerpt): Tarnation: Little Black Egg [DAD7004], Tarnation: There's Someone [DAD7004]

Promo released by Reprise (PRO-CD-8664).

309 Modern English - Someone's Calling

7 AD309 (1983): Someone's Calling [R CAD206], Life In The Gladhouse [R CAD206]

12 BAD309 (1983): Someone's Calling [R CAD206], Life In The Gladhouse [R CAD206]

blank 309 (flyer) (1983)

blank 309 (poster) (1983)

The 12" versions are extended remixes.

NONME5 Modern English - Someone's Calling

7 12 NONME5 (7"), NONME5 (12") (1983): Someone's Calling (edit for album radio) [R CAD206], Carry Me Down (edit) [R CAD206]

7 NONME5 (7") (1983): Someone's Calling [CAD206], Someone's Calling [CAD206]

Released by Sire in the US (7-29598 [AAA 1777S/AAA 1799V1S] & PRO-A-2035 (promo)); mono/stereo promo by Sire in the US (7-29598 [AAA 1777S/AAA 1777DJM]).

908 Ultra Vivid Scene - Something to Eat

7 AD908 (1989): Something to Eat (demo), H Like in Heaven (demo) [R BAD906]

blank 908 (postcard) (1989)

Promotional release. Written by Kurt Ralske. Recorded at Bair Tracks, New York. The label of this single reads: �This record is a gift from Ultra Vivid Scene, available free of charge, via 4AD. Anyone who takes money for this record is no friend of ours.�

210 Rowland S. Howard / Lydia Lunch - Some Velvet Morning

12 BAD210 (1982): Some Velvet Morning, I Fell In Love With A Ghost

An insert was included. Featuring Barry Adamson and Mick Harvey (The Birthday Party). Engineered by Peter Williams. Recorded at Riverside Studios. �Some Velvet Morning� written by Lee Hazelwood.

2105 Piano Magic - Son de Mar

cd MAD2105CD (2001): (untitled) (06:14), (untitled) (02:44) [MAD2105CD], (untitled) (02:06) [MAD2105CD], (untitled) (01:31) [MAD2105CD], (untitled) (09:35) [MAD2105CD], (untitled) (15:33) [MAD2105CD]

NONRHP2 Red House Painters - Songs for a Blue Guitar

cd NONRHP2 (1996): Have You Forgotten, Song for a Blue Guitar, Make Like Paper, Priest Alley Song, Trailways, I Feel the Rain Fall, Long Distance Runaround [Re K9], All Mixed Up, Revelation Big Sur, Silly Love Songs, Another Song for a Blue Guitar

Originally recorded for release by 4AD, but they declined. Released by Island (162-531 061-2). Sleeve by Paul McMenamin and Michele Turriani. �Long Distance Runaround� written by Jon Anderson. �All Mixed Up� written by Ric Ocasek. �Silly Love Songs� written by Paul McCartney.

310 This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren

7 AD310 (1983): Song To The Siren (3:30) [CAD411], Sixteen Days Reprise (4:11) [R (*Sixteen Days*) CAD105]

This Mortal Coil are Ivo and John Fryer. �Song To The Siren� sampled on Messiah's �Temple Of Dreams�. �Sixteen Days Reprise� written by Modern English.

2213 The Breeders - Son Of Three

cd5 BAD2213CD (2002): Son Of Three (Re-Recorded) (01:53) [R CAD2205], Buffy Theme (01:14), Safari (Live At Melkweg Amsterdam) (04:00) [R BAD2003]

NONUNR4 Unrest - So Sick

7 NONUNR4 (1993): So Sick [CAD3012], Vibe Out [BAD3015]

Limited edition single released by Teen Beat given away at shows Aug-Sep '93 (TB98).

NONVAR16 Various - Sound Affects

7 NONVAR16 (1989) (excerpt): Pixies: Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) [GAD2103CD]

Flexi included with the Swedish Sound Affects Magazine #5.

2K09 Thievery Corporation - Sound File 001

10 TAD2K09 (2000): Focus On Sight (04:22) [R CAD2K06], Barrio Alto (03:57) [BAD2K24CD]

2K24 Thievery Corporation - Sound File 002

10 TAD2K24 (2000): Shadows Of Ourselves (03:39) [CAD2K06], A Guide For I & I (04:00)

cd5 BAD2K24CD (2000): TAD2K24, DC 3000 (04:27), Barrio Alto (03:57)

109/116 Dif Juz - Soundpool

cd GAD109/116CD (1999): BAD109, BAD116, No Motion

8006 Thievery Corporation - Sounds From A Thievery Hi-Fi

lp cd CAD8006, CAD8006CD (Jun 29 1998): A Warning (dub), 2001 Spilff Odyssey, Shaolin Satellite, Vivid, Universal Highness, Imcident At Gate 7, Manha, The Glass Bead Game, The Foundation, Interlude [CAD5006], The Oscillator, So Vast The Sky, 38:45 (a thievery number), Walking Through Babylon

Originally released in the US on Eighteenth Street Lounge Music.

NONSOU1 Various - The Sounds Machine EP 1

7 NONSOU1 (May 1 1988) (excerpt): Pixies: Hey [L CAD905], Throwing Muses: Mania [L CAD901]

Four track seven inch single given away with an issue of Sounds Magazine. Both �Mania� and �Hey� were recorded at the Town and Country Club, May 1 1988.

NONSO1 Various - Sounds Waves 3

7 NONSO1 (1988) (excerpt): Pixies: Down to the Well [PIX3], Pixies: Rock A My Soul

These two Pilgrim out-takes were released on a 7" EP that was given away free with the English rock mag Sounds.

NONSOU2 Various - Soundtrack from �Matter of Degrees�

lp cd NONSOU2 (lp), NONSOU2 (cd) (1992) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Matter of Degrees [Re (*Backroad*)]

�Matter of Degrees� is the same song as �Backroad�, with Tanya on backing vocals, and an extra line that includes the different title.

NONOST1 Various - Soundtrack from �Floundering�

cd NONOST1 (1992) (excerpt): Red House Painters: Lord Kill the Pain [Re CAD2014]

Released in the US by Caroline (CAR-1775-2).

NONBAR1 Various - Soundtrack from �Baraka�

cd NONBAR1 (1993) (excerpt): Dead Can Dance: Yulunga [CADC3013]

Cat. no. Milan 73138-35652-2.

NONVAR5 Various - Soundtrack from �With Honors�

cd NONVAR5 (1994) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh: Your Ghost [CAD4002]

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