1003 The Wolfgang Press - Time

12ep cd5 BAD1003, BAD1003CD (1991): Time [R CAD6011], Time Less [R (*Time*) BAD1003], Dark Time [R (*Time*) BAD1003]

Sleeve by Andrew Gray, Christopher Bigg and The Wolfgang Press. Coproduced by Drostan Madden. Remixed by Martyn Young (Colourbox). �Dark Time� samples Pink Floyd's �Time�.

TWP 1 The Wolfgang Press - Time

12 TWP1 (1991): Time [CAD6011], Time [CAD6011]

Promo release.

NONLN1 Various - Time And Love - The Music of Laura Nyro

cd NONLN1 (1997) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Eli's Comin'


NONDJ1 Dif Juz - Time Clock Turn Back

cas NONDJ1 (1982): Scotish Express, Red Tackle, The Hole, Abroad, Adverts (Clip Slip), Spy Plane, Sea Shanti, Bad Tooth, Trance, Introducing Mrs Mcarthy, Obscure By Face, Good Bad The Ugly

Demo tape released in the Pleasantly Surprised series in Scotland. Unknown date.

510 Cocteau Twins - Tiny Dynamine

12ep cd5 BAD510, BAD510CD (1985): Pink Orange Red, Ribbed And Veined, Pain Tiger, Sultitan Itan

Sleeve by 23 Envelope.

510/511 Cocteau Twins - Tiny Dynamine / Echoes In A Shallow Bay

lp cd BAD510/511, BAD510/511CD (1985): BAD510CD, BAD511CD

Sleeve by 23 Envelope. BAD 510/511 was a double 12". Released in Canada on a 12" (COQT6/7).

5015 The Amps - Tipp City

12ep cd5 BAD5015, BAD5015CD (Oct 9 1995): Tipp City [CAD5016], Just Like A Briar, Empty Glasses (Kim's Basement 4-track Version) [R CAD5016]

Engineered by Doug Eastley, David McGain, Ivan O'Shead and Tom Skerritt. Recorded at Eastley Recording, Memphis, TN and Totally Wired, Dublin, Eire. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Timothy O'Donnell. �Just Like A Briar� written by The Tasties.

NONAMP1 The Amps - Tipp City

cd5 NONAMP1 (cdsingle) (1995)

cd5 NONAMP1 (cdsingle) (1995)

1 & 3 track promo releases from Elektra (PRCD 9363-2 & PRCD 9367-2).

2205 The Breeders - Title TK

lp cd CAD2205, CAD2205CD (2002): Little Fury (03:30), London Song (03:39), Off You (04:56), The She (04:01), Too Alive (02:46), Son Of Three (02:09), Put On A Side (02:59), Full On Idle (02:37) [CAD5016], Sinister Foxx (04:16), Forced To Drive (03:04), T And T (01:57), Huffer (02:08)

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