911 Lush - Scar

lp cas cd JAD911, JADC911, JAD911CD (Sep 1989): Baby Talk (2:16), Thoughtforms (2:41), Scarlet (3:26), Bitter (2:01), Second Sight (2:39), Etheriel (3:24)

Lush are Chris Acland, Emma Anderson, Miki Berenyi and Steve Rippon. JAD911 has red-and-white images on the inside of the outer sleeve, with illustrations from a Japanese textbook showing the kanji for �tongue� and �elder sister� with the English words and a 50s-style line drawing in a box. Coproduced by John Fryer. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Christopher Bigg and Jim Friedman. Lush were called �Baby Machine� before Meriel Barham (Pale Saints) quit and formed �Ether�. The run-out grooves read �Fanny tits delight� �I'll still fondle you�.

409 The Wolfgang Press - Scarecrow

12ep BAD409 (1984): Respect [GAD2104CD], Deserve [CAD514], Ecstacy [CAD514]

Enter Andrew Gray. Featuring Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins), Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), Eddie �Tan Tan� Thriller, Martyn Young (Colourbox) and Steven Young (Colourbox). Coproduced by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). Engineered by John Fryer.

NONSH2 Spoonfed Hybrid - Scary Verlaine

7 NONSH2 (1996): Scary Verlaine [NONSH1], The Sun Always Changes My Mind [NONSH1]

Released by Debout Couch (CD001).

2206 Sybarite - Scene Of The Crime

7 AD2206 (2002): Scene Of The Crime (05:12), The Fourth Way (04:04)

cd5 BAD2206CD (2002): AD2206, International Date Line (03:45)

5012 Scheer - Schism

12ep cd5 BAD5012, BAD5012CD (Oct 2 1995): Sometimes, You Said, Baby Size (version), Take You Anywhere, Unlisted track

Scheer have previously released �Wish You Were Dead� (3 track 7", July 1993) and �Psychobabble� (12", July 1994), both on Son Records.

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