tmc This Mortal Coil - Original Versions

cd tmc (Mar 30 1993): Roy Harper: Another Day (original version) [R CAD411], The Apartments: Mr. Somewhere (original version) [R DAD1005], Gene Clark: With Tomorrow (original version) [R DAD1005], Big Star: Holocaust (original version) [R CAD411], Big Star: Kangaroo (original version) [R CAD411], Rain Parade: Carolyn's Song (original version) [R DAD1005], Gary Ogan & Bill Lamb: I Want To Live (original version) [R DAD609], Colin Newman: Alone (original version) [R DAD609], Talking Heads: Drugs (original version) [R DAD609], Mary Margaret O'Hara: Help Me Lift You Up (original version) [R DAD1005], Tim Buckley: Song To The Siren (original version) [R CAD411], Tim Buckley: Morning Glory (original version) [R DAD609], Tim Buckley: I Must Have Been Blind (original version) [R DAD609], Pieter Nooten / Michael Brook: Several Times I [CAD710], Pearls Before Swine: The Jeweller (original version) [R DAD609], The Byrds: I Come And Stand At Every Door (original version) [R DAD1005], Chris Bell: I Am The Cosmos (original version) [R DAD1005], Chris Bell: You And Your Sister (original version) [R DAD1005], Emmylou Harris: 'Til I Gain Control Again (original version) [R DAD1005], Spirit: Nature's Way (original version) [R DAD1005], Gene Clark: Strength Of Strings (original version) [R DAD609]

The original versions of the tracks from the TMC albums. The tracks not included on this disc were: �Fond Affections� by Rema Ream, �Not Me� by Colin Newman, �Tarantula� by Colourbox, �Come Here My Love� by Van Morrison, �Firebrothers� by Quicksilver Messenger Service, �Late Night� by Syd Barret and �My Father� by Judy Collins.

NONLIQ1 Liquorice - Original Versions

cd NONLIQ1 (1995): Cheap Cuts (radio edit) (2:56) [R CAD5008], Team Player (Farm) (3:41) [R CAD5008], Blew It (Wave) (3:10) [R CAD5008], Trump Suit (Time) (4:22) [R CAD5008], Cheap Cuts (Cheap) (2:50) [R CAD5008]

Promo released in the US (pro-cd-7683). The last four tracks are four of the unreleased Warren Defever ESP Liquorice mixes.

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