NONLU17 Lush - Ex

cd5 NONLU17 (1996): Ex [BAD6002CD]

Promo released in France (VISA 3723).

6012 Lisa Germano - Excerpts from the Love Circus

lp cas cd CAD6012, CADC6012, CAD6012CD (Sep 9 1996): Baby on the Plane, a Beautiful Schizophrenic, "where's Miamo-Tutti?" by Dorothy, Bruises, I Love a Snot, Forget it it's a Mystery, Victoria's Secret, "just a bad dream by Miamo-Tutti", Small Heads, We Suck, Lovesick, Singing to the Birds, Messages from Sophia, "there's more kitties in the world than just Miamo-Tutti" by Lisa and Dorothy, Big Big World

Coproduced by Paul Mahern. Featuring Kenny Aronoff, Bill Bottrell, Dane Clark, Dorothy, Emily Goethals, Glenn Hicks, John Hicks, Demian Hostetter, Mark Maher, Paul Mahern, Miamo-Tutti, Allana Redecki, Craig Cross, Josh Silbert, Jake Smith, John Strohm, Thor and Wyndham Wallace. Recorded at Echo Park, Bloomington IN and Toad Hall, Pasadena CA. Engineered by Mark Cross. Sleeve by Paul McMenamin, Matthew Welch and Michael Wilson. �Victoria's Secret� produced by Bill Bottrell.

2K05 Mojave 3 - Excuses for Travellers

lp cd CAD2K05, CAD2K05CD (May 15 2000): In Love With A View, Trying To Reach You, My Life In Art, Return To Sender, When You're Drifting, Any Day Will Be Fine, She Broke You So Softly, Prayer For The Paranoid [Acoustic], Bringin' Me Home, Got My Sunshine

NONVO1 v23 - Exhibition / Exposition

blank NONVO1 (1991)

Two full-colour book full of Vaughan Oliver designs were released in '90 and '91 in conjunction with two exhibitions in France. The second book is an expanded version of the first book. ISBN 2-908267-05-5.

505 Dif Juz - Extractions

lp CAD505 (1985): Crosswinds, A Starting Point, Silver Passage, The Last Day, Love Insane, Marooned, Two Fine Days (And A Thunderstorm), Echo Wreck, Twin And Earth

cd CAD505CD (1985): CAD505, Gunet, Soarn, Hu, Re

Featuring Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins). Produced by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). Engineered by Keith Mitchell. Sleeve by 23 Envelope and Jeff Veitch.

NONPS10 Pale Saints - Extracts from In Ribbons

cas NONPS10 (1992): Throwing Back The Apple [CAD2004], Featherframe [CAD2004], Babymaker [PS2CD], A Thousand Stars Burst Open [CAD2004]

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