604 Colourbox - Baby I Love You So

7 AD604 (1986): Baby I Love You So [R GAD2107CD], Looks Like We're Shy One Horse

12ep BAD604 (1986): AD604, Shoot Out

Engineered by Keith Mitchell and Mark Zaegar. Sleeve by 23 Envelope. �Baby I Love You So� written by H. Schwaby and J. Miller.

NONCOL10 Colourbox - Baby I Love You So

12 NONCOL10 (1986): Baby I Love You So [AD604], The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme [AD605]

Promo released in Germany by Virgin (608 287-000). The sleeve combines designs of BAD694 & BAD605.

NONBEL1 Belly - Baby Silver Tooth

cd NONBEL1 (1993): Gepetto [BADC2018], It's Not Unusual [BADC2018], Trust In Me [BAD3001], Dream On Me [AD3001], Hot Burrito #1 [BAD2018], Sexy S [AD2018], Dancing Gold [BAD2009], Sweet Ride [BAD2018], Feed The Tree [CAD3002]

Japanese release.

301 The Birthday Party - The Bad Seed

12ep BAD301 (1983): Sonnys Burning, Wild World, Fears Of The Gun, Deep In The Woods

Sleeve by Nick Cave and Bleddyn Butcher.

910 Pale Saints - Barging into The Presence Of God

12ep cd5 BAD910, BAD910CD (1989): Sight Of You [R CAD0002], She Rides The Waves, Mother Might

Pale Saints are Chris Cooper, Ian Masters and Graeme Naysmith. �Sight Of You� and �She Rides The Waves� are produced by Richard Formby and Mike Stout. Additional production and remix of these and production of �Mother Might� by Gil Norton. Engineering on the Gil Norton work by John Fryer. Sleeve by v23 and G. D. Bailey. The run-out grooves read �For Henry the lionheart!� �Mother ripping asunder�.

GUS 14 Gus Gus - Barry

12 GUS14 (1998): Barry (Galaxy) [R DAD7005CD], Barry (M&L) [R DAD7005CD]

Promo release. �Barry� remixed by Garry Martin. �Barry� remixed by Herb Legowitz.

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