Bettie Serveert

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lp cas cd GU3LP, GU3C, GU3CD (1992): Leg, Palomine, Kid's Allright, Tom Boy, Under The Surface, Balentine, This Thing Nowhere, Healthy Sick, Sundazed To The Core, Palomine (small) [R GU3LP]

Bettie Serveert are Peter Visser, Berend Dubbe, Herman Bunskoeke and Carol van Dijk. The initial pressing of GU3LP included GU3S. GU3CD was released in a digipak. Coproduced by Edwin �Hank� Heath and Frans Hagenaars. Recorded at Sound Enterprise. Sleeve by Roel Siebrand, Diedrik van der Gonk and Reinier Veldman. The name of the group is taken from a Dutch TV show called �Bettie Serveert� which featured the tennis player Bettie St�ve. It means �Bettie Serves� (as in �serves the ball.�) Bettie Serveert have signed to Matador/Beggars Banquet. �Healthy Sick� written by Lou Barlow (Sebadoh).


7 GU3S (1992): Brain-Tag, Get The Bird, Smile

Free 33 rpm single included with initial pressing of GU3LP.

Various - Volume 5

cd NONVOL5 (Dec 1992) (excerpt): Bettie Serveert: Brain-Tag (original version) [R GU3S]

Various - 4AD Presents The 13 Year Itch

cd (shuffle) (cd) (1993) (excerpt): Bettie Serveert: Totally Freaked Out

video (shuffle) (video) (1993) (excerpt): Bettie Serveert: Tom Boy [GU3LP]

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