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Compilations M

Magnetic Submission

CD (T.E.Q. Music 1995)

Mai Pen Rai (promo)

CD (4AD 1993)

Manhattan On The Rocks

CD (Pow Wow 1992)


CD (Anomie)

Manifestation Vol. II

CD (Awefull)

Manifestation Vol. III

CD (Awefull)

Manifestation Vol. IV

CD (Awefull 1993)

Manifestation Vol. V

CD (Awefull 1993)

Manifestation Vol. VI

CD (Awefull 1994)

Manifestation Vol. VII

CD (Awefull 1995)


CD (Maschinenwelt 1995)

Masked Beauty In A Sea Of Sadness

CD (Goth Industry 1994)

Masse Mensch

LP (Selektion 1982)

Masters of Misery

CD (Earache 1992)


CD (Work In Progress 1992)


CD (Cyberware Productions 1994)

Memorial Elvis Project

CD (Odd Size 1992)

Mesomorph Enduros

CD (Big Cat 1992)



Metro Tekno

CD (Silent 1992)

The Mighty Moon

CD (Talitha 1994)


CD (Third Mind 1992)

Mind Ripper

CD (Van Richter 1995)

Mind The Gap Vol. 2

CD (Staalplaat 1994)

Mind The Gap Vol. 3

CD (Gonzo Circus 1995)

Minimal Synth Ethics

CD (Cri Du Chat Disques 1991)

Minimal Synth Ethics Vol. 4

CD (Cri Du Chat Disques 1996)



Mixed Up: The World Domination Tour CD

CD (World Domination 1992)

Monochrome: A Tribute to the Sisters Of Mercy

CD (Khazad-Dum 1995)

Moods For Misty Evenings

LP (M.C.S. 1989)


CD (Sub Terranean 1994)

Moonraker Vol. II

CD (Sub Terranean 1995)


CD (Permis de Construiere Deutschland 1992)

Mort Aux Vaches

CD (Staalplaat 1994)


7" (Minus Habens 1991)

Music From Belgium

EP (TDI 1988)

Music From the Dead Zone Vol. 1

LP (Dead Man's Curve 1986)

Music From the Dead Zone Vol. 2

LP (Dead Man's Curve)

Musick for the Sloth

C (N.T.S. 1988)

Music To Be Murdered By

CD (Bruits Blancs 1991)

Must Be Mental Vol. 1

CD (Paragoric 1994)

Must Be Mental Volume II

CD (Paragoric 1995)

Must Be Musique

CD (Dark Vinyl 1992)

Must Be Musique Vol. 2

CD (Dark Vinyl 1993)

Mute International

CD (Mute 1991)

Mysterious Encounters

CD (Cleopatra 1994)

The Myths Collection Part One

CD (Sub Rosa)

Myths 2

EP (Sub Rosa)

The Myths Of Avalon

CD (Talitha 1995)