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Compilations D

Dali: The Endless Enigma

CD (Coriolis 1990)

Dance Trilogy

CD (Permis de Construiere Deutschland 1993)

Danse Macabre Sampler I

CD (Danse Macabre 1991)

Danse Macabre Sampler II

CD (Danse Macabre 1992)

Dark City

EP (Baby Faze 1990)

The Dark Side of the Brain I

LP (Endorphine Factory 1994)

Deadheads And Roses

CD (Sub Rosa 1992)

Dead Tech

LP (Dossier)

Dead Tech Vol. II

LP (Dossier)

Dead Tech 3

CD (Charnel Music 1992)

Death By Dawn II

CD (Apollyon 1994)

Death Odors

CD (Slaughter Productions 1994)

Death Rave 2000

CD (21st Circuitry 1993)

Death Rave 2010

CD (21st Circuitry 1994)

Delphium/Sheephead (split)

7" (Alley Sweeper 1995)

The Dice Are Rolling

LP (Play It Again Sam 1986)

Dick Smoker Plus

CDEP (Sub/Mission 1996)

Digital Space Between

CD (Hard 1994)

Digital Space Between Vol. 2

CD (Hard 1995)

Dion Fortune Sampler Vol. 1

CD (Dion Fortune 1992)

Dion Fortune Sampler Vol. 2

CD (Dion Fortune 1993)

Dion Fortune Sampler Vol. 3

CD (Dion Fortune 1994)

Dion Fortune Sampler Vol. 4

CD (Dion Fortune 1995)

The Disease of Lady Madeline

CD (Anubis 1994)

Dr. Death's Volume 3

LP/CD (C'est La Mort 1989)

Dr. Death's Volume 4

CD (C'est La Mort 1990)

Dr. Death's Volume 5: Hearts Lust In Limbo

CD (C'est La Mort 1991)

Dr. Death's Volume 6: Floribundus

CD (C'est La Mort 1993)

Donovan: Island of Circles

CD (Nettwerk 1992)

Don't Techno For An Answer Vol. 3

CD (I.R.S. 1993)

Doom & Gloom/Visions of the Apocalypse

CD (Nesak International 1994)


CD (Dossier 1992)


LP (Dossier 1986)

Dossiers II

LP (Dossier 1989)

Dreams In The Witch House

CD (Grave News 1995)

Driving Me Backwards

LP (Dead Man's Curve 1987)

Dry Lungs V

CD (Subterranean 1992)