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Compilations C

California Cybercrash Compilation

CD (COP 1992)

Call of the Banshee

CD (Sub Terranean 1994)

Can You See It Yet?

CD (Invisible 1993)

Cash Cow

CD (Giorno Poetry Systems 1993)

Cassette Mythos Audio Alchemy

CD (What Next 1992)

1654 - The Cave Vol. 1

CD (Hands 1994)

CD Sound Compilation Vol. 1

CD (Industrial Nation 1994)

Celtic Circle Sampler Part I

CD (Celtic Circle 1993)

Celtic Circle Sampler Part II

CD (Celtic Circle 1994)

Celtic Circle Sampler Part III

CD (Celtic Circle 1995)

Celtic Circle Sampler Part IV

CD (Celtic Circle 1996)

Ceremonial: A Tribute To Joy Division

CD (Mere Mortal Productions 1995)

Chaos In Expansion

CD (Sub Rosa 1994)

Chaos Compilation

CD (COP 1994)

Cold Spring

CD (Cold Spring 1994)

Coldwave Breaks

CD (21st Circuitry 1995)

The Colours of Zoth Ommog

CD (Zoth Ommog 1994)

Come Again II

CD (Furnace)

Comin' Down Fast!

CD (Helter Skelter 1993)


CD (Decibel 1996)

Confederacy Of Dances

CD (Einstein 1993)


CD (Opcion Sonica 1993)

Coordinate 01

CD (Dossier 1993)


CD (Play It Again Sam 1988)

Corporate Death

CD (Relapse 1993)

Crack of a Belgian Whip

CD (KK 1990)

Cyber Core

CD (COP 1994)

The Cyberflesh Conspiracy

CD (If It Moves 1992)

Cybernetic Biodread Transmission

CD (Messerschmitt 1992)


CD (Hard 1992)

Cyberworld 2

CD (Hard 1995)