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Subject: tortoise 4tapetrade
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 00:39:59 -0400
Subject: Underground Lovers & Ivo remixes
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 17:34:53 +1000
From: Geoff Elgey ([email protected])
Subject: lovesliescrushing Xuvetyn available
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 00:39:50 -0700
From: Ryan ([email protected])
Subject: Projekt festival
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 00:39:54 -0700
From: Ryan ([email protected])
Subject: Tour Reactions
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 09:02:38 PST
From: NAME: Kennedy Cosker
Subject: Re: Dead Can Dance + Lisa Gerrard Boots
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 12:04:57 -0600
From: Jeff / JTF / THX ([email protected])
Subject: Fwd: Gescom/Global Comm. reissues
Date: 96-05-14 13:19:21 EDT
From: [email protected] (Miles Egan)
Subject: wow! sarah peacock CAN sing...
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 12:58:38 -0600
From: ".mark." ([email protected])
Subject: stars on esp -- press info
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 13:05:39 CST
From: the boy in zinc ([email protected])
Subject: stars on esp -- the review (long)
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 16:30:49 -0500
From: the boy in zinc ([email protected])
Subject: more hnia press info
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 13:21:54 CST
From: the boy in zinc ([email protected])
Subject: Shinkansen.... SARAH incarnate
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 13:22:01 -0700
From: Robert Pietrusko ([email protected])
Subject: Re: Cure (99% non 4AD)
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 18:41:18 -0700
From: aka Wavequeen the Sharkless Girl ([email protected])
Subject: Re: what is 'wonderwall'
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 18:52:23 -0700
From: aka Wavequeen the Sharkless Girl ([email protected])
Subject: Re: wow! sarah peacock CAN sing...
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 21:20:24 -0400
From: Jennifer Jamieson ([email protected])
Subject: mini-reviews; buddha on the moon, amp, saddar bazaar...
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 20:06:30 CST
From: the boy in zinc ([email protected])

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 00:39:59 -0400
Subject: tortoise 4tapetrade

    This is for a tape trade.

    If any of you have anything by: Tortoise, Shallow, Pelican
Daughters, ESP Summer, Eternal, Disjecta, Closedown, Lyd,
Scianspheric, Global Comunication, Alison's Halo, Pram, Neu!, or any
other great group i'd love to make a tape trade.

    I have great stuff from : Silvania, Pale Saints, Laika, Pram,
shiFt, Slowdive, MBV, Spacetime Continuum, Seefeel, Cocteau,
Kraftwerk, Cluster, MC5, Swallow, His Name is Alive,
Lovesliescrushing, etc.

    Bootlegs would be really great too.
    Email me if interested.


Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 17:34:53 +1000
From: Geoff Elgey ([email protected])
Subject: Underground Lovers & Ivo remixes


> >PS: I have a remix of "I was right" (from the first album, "Leaves Me
> >Blind") which was done by none other than Ivo himself.

> Is 'Leaves Me Blind' really their first album? I have an LP copy (there's a
> CD too) of a self-titled 10-track LP on the Australian SHOCK label, from
> 1990.

Oops. I stand corrected..."Leaves Me Blind" was the second Underground
Lovers release (it was the first on Guernica/4AD though).

> About the Ivo-Remix: do you know if the Ivo remix you mention, is one
of the
> mixes on the 4AD/GUERNICA 'I Was Right' promo-only 12" (GU 2 46)? This 12"
> contains the LP version, and extended mix (10'00") and a remix (3'16"), but
> the label doesn't mention the people involved in the (re)mixing.

My copy of "I was right" come as a bonus disc to the "Dream It Down" CD
of 1994. This disc had:

  1. "Las Vegas"     (radio mix)
  2. "Your Eyes"     (shaggy remix)
  3. "I Was Right"   (extended remix) (10'00)

The disc mentions that the remix of "I Was Right" was by Watts-Russell
comma Ivo full-stop. I presume that is the same remix that appears on the
12" promo.

> > Are there any other Ivo remixes about?

> Maybe one of the 3 remixes of 'Your Eyes', the Shaggy Mix (= the same
> mix as on 13YI), Scoobie Mix and Extended Shaggy Mix, issued on another
> 4AD/GUERNICA promo-only 12" (GUP TWO), is by mr. Watts-Russell too? Anyone?

I believe that all remixes of "Your Eyes" were done by the same two
blokes from Melbourne, Australia (David Chesworth & Robert Goodge), not Ivo.

Hope this helps.


Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 00:39:50 -0700
From: Ryan ([email protected])
Subject: lovesliescrushing Xuvetyn available

According to Projekt, the new lovesliescrushing 'Xuvetyn' is finally
available. Also, in case you didn't already know, you can see them live on
the first night (June 25) of the Projekt records festival (in Chicago),
along with Love Spirals Downwards and Lycia.

Take Care,

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 00:39:54 -0700
From: Ryan ([email protected])
Subject: Projekt festival

As I was writing my previous post, I was wondering if it had been mentioned
here before (as I don't recal it being mentioned, so forgive me if it has)
but there will be a Projekt records fetival in Chicago on June 25 and 26.

Night 1: Lycia, Thanatos, lovesliescrushing, Love Spirals Downwards
Night 2: Attrition, Soul Whirling Somewhere, Sean Bowley (of Eden),
Arcanta, Black Tape for a Blue Girl

It will be at the Vic Theater and you can get tickets thru ticketmaster or
directly from projekt.

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 09:02:38 PST
From: Kennedy Cosker (coskerk%[email protected])
Subject: Tour Reactions

From: NAME: Kennedy Cosker FUNC: Mental Health TEL: 454-4379 Hi, I must say that after the last tour in San Francisco I am very hestitant to go to another. Does anyone remember Liz's interesting vocal techniques during this tour? Liz's vocals were...very interesting to say the least. Liz improvised over every song. The instruments sounded wonderful but Liz's yodels and screaches were quite painful for me and others. I finally sat out in the lobby with a bunch of other folks. It didn't sound too bad from out there. I also got a tape of the Japan performance and also a bootleg video from New Orleans and she sounded the same way on them. I wonder if this upcoming tour will be like this experience. I must say that I learned alot from this experience. How we make judgements, how we expect things to always stay the same. But I still find it quite uncomfortable to listen to tapes of these shows. Kennedy

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 12:04:57 -0600
From: Jeff / JTF / THX ([email protected])
Subject: Re: Dead Can Dance + Lisa Gerrard Boots

              12, 96 11:27:00 am

> I have these two boots for sale.  Contact me for further information:
> [Unreleased Live Compilation]  $13.00
> [PHILADELPHIA, 1995] $13.00
>     **B*L*I*S*S*&*F*E*T*I*S*H**
>      ***R*E*C*O*R*D*I*N*G*S***
>        [(sera[email protected])]
>           <-CA-92117->

I am interested in both of these.  Please send me information on what
you need for purchase.


Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 14:21:37 -0400
From: [email protected]
Subject: Fwd: Gescom/Global Comm. reissues

making the gc a *little* bit easier to find--
In a message dated 96-05-14 13:19:21 EDT, [email protected] (Miles Egan)

>According to http://www.bogo.co.uk/dmusic/menu.htm, both Gescom 1 and
>Gescom 2 have just been reissued, as well as Global Comm's Blood Music!!
>(this is a great source of release info, btw)

Forwarded message:
From: [email protected] (Miles Egan)

Date: 96-05-14 13:19:21 EDT According to http://www.bogo.co.uk/dmusic/menu.htm, both Gescom 1 and Gescom 2 have just been reissued, as well as Global Comm's Blood Music!! (this is a great source of release info, btw)

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 12:58:38 -0600
From: ".mark." ([email protected])
Subject: wow! sarah peacock CAN sing...

picked up the new Scala 7" from EAR/Rational yesterday.

the details:
Scala-Tears b/w Triptych
Too Pure (Pure 56)

so, sarah is singing straightforward, loud&clear....not quite what i
expected after hearing her gasps, sighs, and occasional phrases looped
and recycled on any number of seefeel tracks.  yet, this 7" is truly a
jem, and it get's better every time i listen.

'tears' is a rather groovy affair based upon an unrelenting beat in the
'boom-chica-boom-chica' fashion.  underneath are some hazyfazy guitars that
fit in perfectly as well as screechingloopedsounds and some grinding
percussive noises that (vaguely) remind me of 'shining road' (cranes).
the vocals make the song...sarah is very soulful and just quite
wonderful.  around the middle of the song the beat lets up for a second
or two while sarah holds a note over the hazyfazy, then beat pounds back
in.  ace!  this is one of those songs that i want to continually turn up

'triptych' is slower and very slinky.  sarah's vocal are reminiscent of
beth gibbons (portishead) and stina nordenstam.  i love this song!
looped metallic percussion and a cool bassline provide the basis for
the song, but, again, i think the vocals just make it perfect.  it's dark,
but funky.  i guess portishead is a reference, but let's use our
imagination and say that this is just totally wonderful without bogging
ourselves down in comparisons (yes, i'm aware i used comparisons; i just
don't won't everyone to think this is a reaction to the whole portishead
thing, because i just don't think it is.)

yeah, this is great stuff.  want a copy?  write to EAR/Rational at:
[email protected] (no, i'm not their propagandaminister, just trying to be

so, my questions:  was there a scala album before this?  was it this
good?  why didn't anyone say anything about it?  also, isn't there more
scala being released on toopure in the near future?  when & what exactly is

shavingthepavement in colorado....tonight!


.mark. ([email protected])

now w/silly website:

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 13:05:39 CST
From: the boy in zinc ([email protected])
Subject: stars on esp -- press info

first i'm going to post what i got in a press packet from girlie action --
the publicity agency that's promoting the new hnia.  i'll post my SUBJECTIVE
review in a wee bit. . .

the first is a flyer with warren's comments on each song:

his name is alive presents...
stars on esp (4ad)

tracks (a)

1. dub love letter:  i recorded ths song the day i got a farfisa organ
2. this world: supposed to be the 1971 heavy blues rock sound
3. bad luck girl:  when the tape player in my car broke, i only listened to
oldies radio.  it's about some kids i knew when i was younger.
4. what are you wearing tomorrow: song from three years ago --- sort of in
the older style of hnia but includes lyrics about sniffing glue, growing up
in canada, and summertime blues
5. the bees: oldies radio style song -- has a swing-type rhythm.
6. what else is new list: surf type song mixed with the turtles. i tryed
(sic) to write a real negative type song "all you give to me is static.
you're number one on the what else is new list."
7. wall of speed: recorded in canada in a house while it was being built.
4-track, flute, tambourine, guitar, and maracas.

tracks b:

8. universal frequencies: for one week i only listened to good vibrations by
the beach boys.
9. sand: another song about canada
10. i can't live: this is the country song. this was the first song i
started working on after mouth by mouth was done in dec. 1992.
11. answer to rainbow: love song with racy lyrics. "once i wore my apron low
and i couldn't keep you away from my door." rural style wooing.  old time.

tracks c:

12. famous goodbye king: "i ain't gonna be your boy no more." this song
mixes three things together:1. a letter i got from a concert promoter in
mexico. 2. trying to break up with a certain girl. 3. coal miners catchin'
black lung disease
13. across the streeet: mark koselek from red house painters wrote the
melody and some of the lyrics
14. movie: trey wrote this song. he wanted to call it "film."
15. last one: a gospel choir came over to my house and i had them sing over
an esp family 45.

hmmm. . .that's kind of longish.  i'll put the next press release on another


Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 16:30:49 -0500
From: the boy in zinc ([email protected])
Subject: stars on esp -- the review (long)

part three of three...(chuckle)

1.  dub love letter
        starts out with a sample of "last song," followed by dub beats,
really odd guitar chords, a woodwind sounding thing (electric clarinet?)/
karin's voice is really nifty on this song.  farfisa...synth flute, guitar
is kind of like an oldies guitar sound...reverb on vox...nice.  karin
sounds more child-womanesque (new words rock) than on hiiyh (which is the
only hnia i own).

2.  this world is not my home
        starts out with really rockabilly (sp?) guitar, then the rawk fades
with a softer guitar picking up the slack.  karin sings "this world is not
my home...i can't live at home in this world anymore."  btw, the phrase
crops up quite a bit on the cd.  real drums on this one, a little '70s elec
guitar in the background...again...nice.

3.  bad luck girl
        ooohhh!  this one starts out with '50s pop music guitar that sort
of creeps up on you.  replace karin's voice with dave clark's and we've got
a hit!  wonderful retro pop.  stereolab would be jealous.  chorus is sort
of singsongy.  "knock on wood.  knock on trees..."

4.  what are you wearing tomorrow
        this should be on hiiyh (which if i remember right, warren also
said -- see previous message).  kind of a lost love sort of thing.  you've
heard this sort of thing from hnia before, so i won't elaborate too much.

5.  the bees
        tambourine, '50s style guitar again, excellent use of the higher
pitch piano (actually sounds like some kind of keyboard) notes.  karin
sings a bit higher on this one.

6.  what else is new
        hnia don their man or astroman costumes for this surf-style tune.
karin's voice kind of dances around the surf-esque guitar/percussion.  kind
of reminds me of spy music a bit.  chorus is light and bouncy, and karin
does backing vocals courtesy of modern technology.

7.  wall of speed
        my batteries are dying.  may have to pick this one up later.  weird
synth sounds like the ones found on the esp summer cassette (ohhh!!!! this
is an upbeat version of more water!!!! now i see the ian masters
connection!  duh!  how could i be so foolish?  for those of you without the
esp continent cd, more water is the darker one with piano "a whisper falls
on a willing ear, from the shore of a far off land..."  there are more
lyrics in this one, than the esp continent version, but the influence is

8.  universal frequencies
        this is the beach boys, plain and simple.  how did they get on a
his name is alive cd?  warren sings on this.  they've got the beats and
everything down pat.  still very good, though.

9.  the sand that holds the lakes in place
        sounds a bit more like older hnia again.  i'll skip to the other
stuff before my batteries die...more of the "whisper falls on a willing
ear" phrase.

10.  i can't live in this world anymore
        guitar at the very beginning reminds me of a song from hiiyh -- oh,
chances are we are mad.  kind of a really twisted version of that meets
country.  "this world is not my home, i'm just passin' through.  i can't
live at home in this world anymore..."  for some reason, this phrase seems
to unify the album (pops up in at least three or four songs.)

11.  answer to a rainbow at midnight
        the beginning almost sounds like they ran it through a sampler or
something.  ticking/watery sounds in the background ala esp
summer/continent.  more of a pop song.  "does your heart beat for me?  once
i wore my apron low..."

12.  famous goodbye king
        again the old-school hnia with weird-warren-produced-this-album
noises in the background.  slow-tempo, guitar and light-beat drums.
happier than the hiiyh stuff, but still similar...

13.  across the street
        starts out with fuzzy guitar and drums.  sounds like the song you'd
hear in a made-for-tv movie after the little boy's dog dies -- but in a
good way (?!) i have no idea what i meant, but it's a good tune, trust me
on this one.  probably the slowest song on the album.  good for quiet

14.  movie
        even though trey wrote this song, it fits right in with the rest of
the album.  pretty minimalist stuff ala hiiyh.  karin sings high again.  a
few simple rhythm-guitar chords.  not too complex.  i could probably play
this song and i can't even play guitar.  still good stuff, though.  oh,
there's some sampled feedbacky guitar near the end.

15.  last song
        this is the gospel choir singing over the esp family record.
that's really all there is to it.  karin does a bit of singing at the end.
the choir still sounds sampled here -- i think it's mono converted to
stereo.  the choir goes away and karin and some others sing the "this world
is not my home...i can't live at home..." line again.  good way to close
the album.  wait!  there's an extra treat on the end!  whiny guitar, rhythm
guitar, karin sings, "when this world's over and done, i'll sleep all day
when i get home."  some cello sounding thing at the end for a few seconds.

overall impression of the album:

wonderful.  buy it.  if you haven't figured it out yet, i don't normally
review stuff i don't like (ok, mini review here -- scheer is yucky, but not
as yucky as everyone else says.  don't buy it.  the cover art's gross)  the
first half of the album is markedly different from your father's hnia
(little oldsmobile reference there) mixing surf/'50s am radio/country
together with the hnia sound.  i'd like to hear more of this stuff, though.
it's pretty good.

that's all,

BiZ, HNIA beat reporter

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 13:21:54 CST
From: the boy in zinc ([email protected])
Subject: more hnia press info

here's the contents of a press release from 4ad:

his name is alive - stars on esp

"stars on esp" is HNIA's fourth long player for 4ad (um, no it's not)

regarding one of warn defever's side projects, the esp-beetles, it has been
written "there's a gaping hole where his sensitive side used to be." this
somewhat accurately describes the new hnia lp.

hnia have spent the last three years working on an album which is surfy,
danceable, dubby and friendly.

like neil young and The Band (in caps to signify proper noun) before them,
hnia captures the sound and feeling of middle america while actually coming
at it from a canadian perspective.

like the classic era of cartoons, bullwinkle and bugs bunny, hnia makes
music that, on the surface, seems like it's for children, but can only be
appreciated by adults.

incorporating all thse ideas sounds like a pretty dry listtening, however,
hnia have developed a sort of junk-rock work ethic that allows them to fuck
around with other people's leftovers and really make them shine.

previous hnia lp's have been minimal, sparse, mature, and intelligent.
"stars on esp" is none of these; it is fast, full, it rocks, it swings, it's
funny,it's patterened (sic) after oldies AM radio, it's got some gospel,
some COUNTRY, and a little bit of dub. it's great.

karen's vocals are smooth and sweet. warren's guitar picks all over the
place. trey's drumming is bouncy and swingin'.

warn describes the inspiration behind "stars on esp" as "...oldies radio,
Smile-era brian wilson, phil spector, the echo and reverb of early reggae
and ska, the inspired amateurism of late 60's cult label ESP and the sadly
overlooked recording career of man from u.n.c.l.e. star david mccallum."

most of the songs were written by warren defever, with the following
exceptions; no's 3 & 5 co-written with erika hoffman, no's 8 & 9 co-written
with matthew smith, 13 co-written with mark kozelek (of red house painters),
14 written by trey many (hmmm...no ian masters here).

tracks 2 & 10 were inspired by the woody guthrie/traditional song of the
same name.  "last one" is a gospel version of "i can't live at home in this
world anymore" performed by esp family.

the vinyl version of "stars on esp" (available only in the uk) is a mono
remix of the cd you're listening to (damn brits!)

of hnia's previous releases, warn says....

"livonia" (1990) - when i was 16 i was very sensitive and wished i could be
a contemporary composer, too bad, i was slightly retarded and only had one
good idea and some broken stuff.

"home is in your head" (1991) - with the surprising success of "livonia" i
decided to ditch the 4-track and write 28 one-minute songs about how i got
over a difficult adolescence (see livonia)

"mouth by mouth" (1993) - i figured out when i recorded a song it would come
out on an album so i wrote better songs and did some guitar solos.

"king of sweet" (1994) - fake bootleg, junk, ltd ed 2,000.

his name is alive "stars on esp" technical information:

warren defaver (it's ok to use warn), guitar and many other things.
karin oliver, vocals.
trey many, drums.

recorded and mixed: at warren's house.

das all,

BiZ, who's going to take a break before reviewing the cd.

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 13:22:01 -0700
From: Robert Pietrusko ([email protected])
Subject: Shinkansen.... SARAH incarnate

hello, sorry for the lack of 4ad content but i thought this might be of
some interest to some of you. this is the liner notes for the Trembling
Blue Stars 7" (shinkansen 1)containing members from Field Mice and
Northern Picture Library, i thought it could explain it better than i.
here you are:

 leaflet no. 1 - april 1996

(HUm...I'm not really sure where to begin, but top left corner seems as
good a place as any, so here goes. Cough.)
    OK, this is it- a new record-label, a new anem, new bands, and a
hideous new away-strip - but don't worry, once you get inside you'll
find it's still the same sticky mess it was back in the days wehn we
were - ah, but i promised myself i wouldn't mention that...
    So - thank you for buying this TRMBLING BLUE STARS 7", or for
browsing through it, or for picking it up off the floor around your
mate's house and saying hey what's this, and why's it got such a thin
sleeve? yeah, i'm sorry about the sleeve - this will hopefully be
rectified on future releases, though not on the Next one, because
that's already been made, and it's as thin as this.  Actually, i might
as well tell you what that next release is, so:  it's "thinking of ways
of keeping you warm," debut EP by a brand new band called TOMPOT
BLENNY- and sort of mail-ordering system, so - 7"s aere 2 pounds in the
UK, 2.50 pounds to Europe, and 3 pounds to the rest of the world. That
includes p&p.  Cheques payable to SHINKANSEN RECORDINGS...
    Also, if you care for this particular record, you might like to
know that there's a whole album of Trmbling blue stars stuff coming out
on May 27th, entitled "her handwriting".  14 songs in all... and i'm
afraid it's CD only - which wasn't an easy decision to make, but nobody
ever really used to buy the vinyl albums when we used to release them
on, um, another label we used to run...
    Oh, i'm fed up being coy.  I shall say this once and once only. we
used to be SARAH RECORDS and, yes, there is still the odd thing left
for sale, so feel free to write and ask for an up-to-date list. there
    That CD is 9/10/11 pounds (UK/Europe/World) by the way...

    PO BOX 691
    Bristol, BS999 1FG
    Tel: 0117 963 6929

there you go, i hope that helped anyone who was curious as to what was
going on with the Sarah people. :)


Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 18:41:18 -0700
From: aka Wavequeen the Sharkless Girl ([email protected])
Subject: Re: Cure (99% non 4AD)

well this Cure thing is as bad now neh far worse than that pathetic
attempt by Love and Rockets.  GIVE IT UP GUYS, it is too late to go
gracefully, so at least go before we die laughing,,,euthelene, who's
really ticked off that these groups think that these releases were
worth killing all those defenseless little polymor babies.

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 18:52:23 -0700
From: aka Wavequeen the Sharkless Girl ([email protected])
Subject: Re: what is 'wonderwall'

You wrote:
>>ok, so this is off topic... what does *wonderwall* refer to, as in
>>the Oasis

we;ve been there and done that...it's a really bad movie from the 60s
or the wailing wall in jerusalem or the fact that noel got shagged by
some chick.
>AUUUGHH!!! No no no no... _please_ don't mention Oasis (shutter) on
>list! I'm feeling ill.
here's my pepto bismo,  help any?

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 21:20:24 -0400
From: Jennifer Jamieson ([email protected])
Subject: Re: wow! sarah peacock CAN sing...

In a message dated 96-05-14 20:48:54 EDT, mark writes:

>so, my questions:  was there a scala album before this?  was it this
>good?  why didn't anyone say anything about it?  also, isn't there more
>scala being released on toopure in the near future?  when & what exactly is

I believe this is the first release. so later you can say you knew them way
back when....From what ive heard there should be another single coming out
soon as well.
Hopefully later this summer there will be a full-length. Anyone else have an
approximate date for this?  Darryl?  Glad to hear that they sound as good as
the rumours said they would.

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 20:06:30 CST
From: the boy in zinc ([email protected])
Subject: mini-reviews; buddha on the moon, amp, saddar bazaar...

i got a chance to listen to some of my vinyl tonight, courtesy of my friend
sachin.  here's what i think:

buddha on the moon:  yardsale/a deep sleep for steven 7"

i bought this mostly for the b-side, but the a-side was a pleasant surprise
(instantly made better when i realized it was a 45 and not a 33 like the amp
7")  vocals are pink floyd-esque with dreampop music -- sort of like early
lush (when they were good).  yardsale seems like it's one of those songs
about an ex "would you mind if i gave them away, 'cause they remind me of
you much too much" or something like that.  real drums, jangly guitar (sorry
i can't be too specific -- little technical knowledge).  the b-side, a cover
of an early pale saints tune, is less noisy than the original (think early
ps w/lower blood pressure) -- vocals have a really cool effect on them, not
straying too much from the original.  really groovy (no pun intended)
record.  buy it.

saddar bazaar "arabesque"

this is on a split 7" with "ombre" an amp/third eye foundation
collaboration.  didn't listen to the b-side as i didn't have time.  the
saddar bazaar tune is pretty true to title.  a sitar joins some low-key
percossion type stuff, another kind of mideastern stringed instrument (i
think) plays along with it.  instrumental.  nice, but not essential.  this
band also has a full-length out somewhere.  maybe someone else could fill us

remember is a good tune, get there has this really annoying whiny female
voice talking.  not essential in the least -- a bit of a disappointment
really.  one would expect more from the fsa alums (remember is a hazy droney
tune with female vox, a sitar, drums, and noize -- it's good, but the b-side
is terrible; wait to see if remember is on the album)

better than the first, but my copy was warped or something.  both songs
sound worth owning, though.

boring.  the fsa guy strumming a guitar and singing.  further without the
noise.  actually, there's some feedback near the end, but i must admit i was

well, that's all i have to review for the week (unless someone wants to
send me some cds -- contact me privately ;)  i'm pretty broke and nothing
new is going to be coming my way for awhile.