A brief Rema-Rema/Mass/WGP membership list...

Written by AG Wappat on Wed, 22 Feb 1995 16:05:39 +0000.

If anyone is interested...

The beginnings of Rema-Rema was possibly a group called The Models, who consisted of Marco (Pirroni - for all you Adam and the Ants fans!!), Cliff Fox, Mick Allen and Terry Day. I've no idea how much they released, but I have a copy of a 7" they produced in 1977.."Freeze/Man of the Year" on Step Forward Records...It has a picture of a very goofy looking Mick Allen with curly hair!!

Rema-Rema consisted of Marco and Michael Allen, joined by Mark Cox, Gary Asquith and Max (who was a female drummer)...they had split before "Wheel in the Roses" was released as the first 4AD EP. To my knowledge they had a few interesting support slots, including one with Siousxie and the Banshees...or was it the Sex Pistols?!

Mass was born from the remains, and involved Mark Cox, Michael Allen, Gary Asquith and Danny Briottet around 1980/1. At the same time, Andrew Gray was involved with In Camera, who also recorded some stuff on 4AD.

Gary and Danny went on to become Renegade Soundwave.

Michael and Mark became The Wolfgang Press with "The Burden of Mules" LP in 1983. The Album has a photo of Mark on the front and Michael on the rear.

Although Andrew Gray played on some of the album tracks, and on the next two EP's, he was only credited as a member of the group by early 1985 on the 3rd EP "Sweatbox".

On the whole, the core of TWP has been Michael, Mark and Andrew (who only really missed out on the fame(?!) for the first couple of years.)

Other interesting people involved over the years have mostly been drummers, which was quite a task at times methinks... David Steiner played on "Burden" and "Queer". Richard Thomas (of Dif Juz, and later the JAMC) and Manuela Zwingmann (of Xmal Deutschland) have also performed with the Wolfies. Steven/Martyn Young (of Colourbox) have regularly programmed the drum machine sequences.

More recently, after the release of Funky Little Demons, Mark Cox has left the group. I wonder if he'll help out playing live?

And talking of playing live, any news of the dates to promote the Funky Little Demons LP yet?

Thanks to Andrea Parra for the more recent info.

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