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Written by David Thorpe on Mon, 2 Feb 1998 14:24:58 +0000.

Anakin TAD8001CD Digipak
"1998 - A Preview"

Cover is negative photograph of bald man [VO?] standing in bushes with his
back to us - wonder what he's doing? - with Dog superimposed on his head.
I presume the Dog is Anakin.

1. His name is Alive : ain't no lie
   Recorded for "Emergency Album" maybe this will appear on the
   forthcoming long player, (maybe not)
   (Dan and Liz appear courtesy of Ida)

2. Mojave 3 : to who should i write (demo)
   Recorded at the farm in Cornwall, one from the forthcoming selection
   of new songs.

3. scheer : say what you came to say
   scheer write their songs on the acoustic guitar, then shift to the
   heavy electric sound. Here's one from the forthcoming album that stayed

4. Lisa Germano : reptile
   Don't need no sunshine "...from this record I recorded with Tchad

5. starry smooth hound : dreamt u in a dream
   Through the colour tiptoe inside you on the way the colour swim through
   you faithless.

6. GUSGUS : blue mug (demo version)
   It's not hate, it's love

7. Thievery Corporation : the foundation
   Recorded at ESL Studios, Washington DC, an extract from the debut LP
   "Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi" soon to be released in Europe.
   (available in the US on Eighteenth Street Lounge)

8. The Hope Blister : dagger
   From the forthcoming album "'s ok"
   Producer: Ivo-Watts Russell, Voice: Louise Rutkowski,
   Bass: Laurence O'Keefe, String Arragement: Audrey Riley.
   Recording Engineer: Alex Russell, Mixing Engineer: John Fryer.
   Is this the idiot bastard son of TMC?

9. Lisa Gerrard & Pierer Bourke : sacrifice
   Through the surrender of mind and flesh we find sacrifice.
   Through sacrifice we understand our birthright; the ability
   to love absolutely.

10. Kristin Hersh : gazebo tree
    The new album "Strange Angels" released February
    Also available: "Hips and Makers" (Kristin solo)
    blah blah

Also Recording: The Breeders and Cuba

This package was Art Directed and Designed by Vaughen Oliver & Chris Bigg
at v23. Photography by Chris Bigg at v23.

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This Complication P & C 1998 4AD LTD

(this package is dedicated to Anakin)

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