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The purpose of this list is to hold discussions on the following bands:
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This list was founded Dec 2nd 1993 by Martin Lacasse, I can be reached 
at the following ID: [email protected] .

**= Where did it all start? =**

There was at first two stepsisters: Tanya Donelly & Kristin Hersh who 
formed a high school band.  In 1984 "Throwing Muses" was founded with 
the following lineup: Kristin Hersh (vocals/guitar), David Narcizo 
(drums), Tanya Donelly (guitar/backing vocals) and Leslie Langston 
(bass).  After 2 demo tapes and a self-released 7", they were signed with 
record label 4AD to release their first self-titled album in 1986.  
Other albums followed: Fat Skier (1987), House Tornado (1988),
Hunkpapa (1989) & The Real Ramona (1991).  Fred Abong replaced Leslie
Langston on bass for The Real Ramona.

Meanwhile somewhere else in the Boston area an other band was slowly 
evolving and getting much attention.  The Pixies formed in 1987 with the 
following lineup: Black Francis (Charles Thompson) (vocals/guitar), David 
Lovering (drums), Kim Deal (known as Mrs. John Murphy on the first two 
albums) (bass/vocals) and Joey Santiago (lead guitars).  They released on 
March 1987 in Europe a Mini Album: Come on Pilgrim.  In February 1988
it was then released in the States.  Four other complete albums followed: 
Surfer Rosa (1988), Doolittle (1989), Bossanova (1990) & Trompe Le Monde 

While these two bands were growing, Kim Deal & Tanya Donelly worked together 
on a side-project forming "The Breeders".  Original lineup was: Kim Deal 
(vocals/guitar), Tanya Donelly (guitar/vocals), Josephine Wiggs 
(bass/cello/vocals) & Britt Walford (drums).  The drummer used the pseudonyms:
"Shannon Douhgton" on the first album, and later changed it to "Mike
Hunt".  Before joining The Breeders, Britt used to play in a band called 
Slint.  They released their first album "POD" in 1990.  Sire Records forbid 
Tanya Donelly from being a primary member of more than one band, so Kim wrote
most of POD.  Kim Deal's twin sister, Kelley Deal, joined the band as an 
additional guitarist to record the Safari EP in 1992.  Josephine Wiggs used 
to be in a band called "Perfect Disaster" and also did a solo project called 
Honey Tongue.

It was not until 1992 that things started moving around.  Tanya Donelly 
left "Throwing Muses" as well as "The Breeders" to form her new band: 
Belly.  Original lineup was: Tanya Donelly (guitars/vocals), Thomas Gorman 
(guitars), Fred Abong (bass) and Chris Gorman (drums).  The bass player 
was then replaced by Gail Greenwood while they were touring in the spring 
of 1993.  Their first release was the "Slow Dust" EP.  Their first album, 
"Star", was released in January 1993, and they've been touring ever 
since!  Tanya Donelly wrote all of "Star" before she left Throwing
Muses, and some of it dates back to almost 10 years.  Belly also
released a cover of 'Are you Experienced' which contributes to the
Jimi Hendrix tribute album 'Stone Free'. Rumors are a new album should be 
expected in the end of 1994.  

Also in 1992 Black Francis from the Pixies sent a fax to the media 
telling them that the Pixies had broken up.  This he did without 
consulting the other members, however he'd always been a 
megalomaniac, supposedly.  This was the end of the Pixies (snif.).  Black 
Francis then changed his name to: Frank Black.  He released his first 
self-titled solo album in 1993.  The lineup for Frank Black is: Frank 
Black (vocals/guitar), Eric Drew Feldman (bass/keyboards/synthetics) and 
Nick Vincent (drums/percussion).  Joey Santiago participated in great 
pieces to Frank's solo album and accompanied him for touring.  Again 
rumors are a new solo album is to be released in March 1994.

Kim Deal then transformed what once was her side project into a
full-time band.  The Breeders released their second full album, "Last 
Splash" in 1993.  For this album the drummer was replaced by Jim 
Macpherson.  Note that this was their first release without Tanya 
Donelly's collaboration.

Tanya's departure did not spell out the end of Throwing Muses.  They 
released another album, "Red Heaven" in 1992 with just Kristin and David, 
while Leslie returned to play bass.  Kristin Hersh will be releasing a 
solo album entitled: "Hips and Makers" which should be out on Sire 
Records February 1st.  The first single from this solo album is called 
"Your Ghost" and has a duet with Michael Stipe from REM.  Throwing 
Muses are also currently recording for their next album which may be out 
in Fall of 1994.  

As you can see there is much room for discussion, and this is the purpose 
of this mailing list.

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