presages (and why it should be put out on CD)

Written by Frank Brinkhuis on Tue, 13 May 1997 14:37:40 +0200.
Jon wrote:
>What about the compilation "Presages"? When I was in my 4AD collecting
>frenzy about 9 ish years ago, I looked for both these albums for ages,
>never found them and gave it up...
>Any chance items this obscure would make it on to a CD?

If they can find the mastertapes and get permission from the artists, then there is nothing that can stop a release except a veto from mr. 4AD. Finding the mastertapes shouldn't be too much of a problem, assuming that 4AD have a proper archive, but finding the former CVO, Spasmodic Caress, Red Atkins, or Last Dance members might take some time.

Wanna hear the truth about 'Presage(s)'? This is from an interview with Spasmodic Caress (Pete Masters/Chris Chisnall), in the 'Blam!' fanzine, 1982:

Q: "How did you get on 4AD? Through Modern English?"

Pete: "No we just went up to London and went into Rough Trade and gave them a demo and said do you like it and they said yeah so we said will you bring a record out for us and they said yeah if we pay. So we said oh alright and they said we'll recommend some companies, so we went round to Beggars Banquet first, they're involved with 4AD, and played them a tape and they liked it so we went up to record it. But it was shit the first time, they got us this studio and it was absolutely terrible and we had to pay so we had to find another one and pay again." Chris: "So it cost us about GBP 300,-."

Q "You didn't make a fortune from it then?"

Pete: "Well we haven't made any money at all." Chris: "We lost GBP 300,- getting that out. We were promised a single of our own at first. It was going to be 'SPG' and 'Relapse Time' first, then 'SPG', 'Hit The Dead' and 'Registered Electors', then 'Hit The Dead' and 'Registerd Electors' and then it got right down to 'Hit The Dead' and that was it."

Note: Spasmodic Caress never received any money from 4AD for their pains (even if the 'Presages' album got a 2nd pressing, in '82). 4AD also organised a couple of gigs for the band, one at the Rock Garden, supporting Bauhaus and another at The Moonlight Club with Modern English and In Camera. Spasmodic Caress lost another GBP 80,- on these. (source: 'CSBT' fanzine, 1982)

Yeah, those wonderful indie-label ethics from the early 80's! Hey 4AD, you still owe these guys something so put out that 'Presage(s)' CD!!

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