Spasmodic caress

Written by "Barry and Nancy Lamb" on Thu, 17 Sep 1998 23:53:32 +0100.

anyone interested in tracking them down I could put you in touch.

Chris Chisnall (interview from Blam) is dead but the rest of the guys are still around.

Pete Ashby the bass player went on to be in the Insane Picnic, Pete Masters carried on working for the gas board and Phil Mister dissapeared after a brief spell with a group called the Paramedic squad.

Pete Ashby was replaced by a guy called Roy.

Two releases were available on the Falling A label. "Hillside '79" which featured 6 tracks - "Hit the dead", "SPG", "Register of electors" included.

The second ep was called "Four men and a door" which featured "Search" and three other tracks.

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