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                  A Pixies/Breeders/Frank Black

        by Christophe Gourraud ([email protected])
                  Kimmo Saaskilahti ([email protected]),
                  and  Rob Vaughn ([email protected])

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All quotes taken from Melody Maker, December 1989 double issue, and Uno Mas
Magazine, Number 2, Spring 1991.

In this discography you will find, for Pixies, Breeders, and Frank Black:
- Regular releases in UK and USA
- Regular releases in other countries when different from USA and UK
- Rare tracks, rare versions (on promos, compilations...)
- Limited Editions
- Cover versions by other artists
- Some recommendations for bootlegs (only Pixies)
- Miscellaneous items
- Some mistakes and imprecisions (help!)

You will not find:
- Promos which do not include exclusive or rare tracks
- Compilations which do not include exclusive or rare tracks
- A comprehensive list of unofficial items
- Some information which SHOULD be included (help!)

Kurt:    "So what are your plans from here?  What's next?"
Kim:     "Another album, another tour, another album, another tour."
Francis: "And then an album after that."
Kurt:    "And then another tour, and another album after that?"
Kim:     "And a tour.  And a movie.  We're got to do a movie."

Let's go...


The Pixies were:

Black Francis - vocals, guitars
David Lovering - drums, vocals (occasionally)
Kim Deal (Mrs. John Murphy) - bass, vocals
Joey Santiago - lead guitars

Additional Musicians:

Karen Karlsrud - violin on "Monkey Gone To Heaven" track
Corine Metter - violin on "Monkey Gone To Heaven" track
Arthur Fiacco - cello on "Monkey Gone To Heaven" track
Ann Roroich - cello on "Monkey Gone To Heaven" track
Robert F. Brunner - theremin on "Velouria" and "Bossanova"
Bob Santiago - second guitar on their 1991 European tour
Eric Drew Feldman - synthetics on "Trompe Le Monde"
Jef Feldman - tablas and dumbek on "Trompe Le Monde"

"Everyone thinks I'm a wimp and even my own band hates me.  Oh, well.  I
 guess I'll just flip 'em the bird!"                    -- Black Francis

COME ON PILGRIM                                                      (1st EP)

Caribou/Vamos/Isla de Encanta/Ed Is Dead/The Holiday Song/
Nimrod's Son/I've Been Tired/Levitate Me

12''/CA/CD:     March   1987 - UK: 4AD (MAD709)
                        19?? - US: Rough Trade (Rough US 43)


VARIOUS - SOUND WAVES 3                                          (Mag. PROMO)

includes "Down To The Well" and "Rock A My Soul"

7":             1988 - UK: Sounds (Waves 3)

Notes:  Out-takes from COME ON PILGRIM. This 7" EP was given away
        free with the English rock mag Sounds. "Down To The Well" was
        re-recorded later for BOSSANOVA. The 7" also includes tracks
        from Sugarcubes, The Wedding Present, and The Pogues.

Francis: "We did earn it, but it's not like we deserve it or anything.  We
         did it and we're successful.  We used to go down every night and
         none of those other bands would show up to practice.  They'd show up
         on Saturday and just get high, and that was it. Not everybody, I'm
         generalizing, but it seemed like it."
Kim:     "It's not like we were militant hard workers. We just did it."
Francis: "Yeah.  Yeah, yeah.  Yeah."

SURFER ROSA                                                       (1st album)

Bone Machine/Break My Body/Something Against You/Broken Face/
Gigantic/River Euphrates/Where Is My Mind?/Cactus/Tony's Theme/
Oh My Golly!/Vamos/I'm Amazed/Brick Is Red

LP/CA/CD        1988 - UK: 4AD (MAD803)
                1988 - US: Rough Trade (Rough US 38)

Notes:  "Vamos" is different from the version on COME ON PILGRIM.


SURFER ROSA/COME ON PILGRIM                              (1st EP + 1st album)

CD:             1988 - UK: 4AD (CAD803)
                1988 - US: Rough Trade (Rough US 38CD)

Notes:  The first EP & LP combined.  This was the initial format of
        the two releases in the US, but they have since been released
        on two separate discs (see above).


Gigantic/River Euphrates/Vamos (live)/Heaven (live)                  (Single)

12":            1988 - UK: 4AD (BAD 805)
CD5:            1988 - UK: 4AD (BAD 805 CD)

Notes:  "Heaven" is a cover of the Lady-In-The-Radiator song from
        the David Lynch movie "Eraserhead", which apparently has had a
        big influence on Black Francis. The song was written by P.
        Ivers and David Lynch. "Gigantic" and "River Euphrates" are
        different from the versions on SURFER ROSA. Live tracks were
        recorded in Town and Country Club, London, May 1st 1988. This
        single was not released in the USA, but is not UK-only (it was
        also released in France, and certainly other countries).


VARIOUS - SOUNDS MACHINE                                         (Mag. PROMO)

includes "Hey (live version)"

7":             1988 - UK: Sounds (MACH1)

Notes:  7" EP given free with an issue of Sounds. "Hey" was recorded in
        Town and Country Club, London, May 1st 1988. The EP also
        includes songs from The Mission, Throwing Muses, and Dinosaur Jr.

"Much joy after hearing "Doolittle" has entered the British National Charts
 at number eight.  I've been reading "The Wicked Ways Of Malcolm McLaren and
 just got to the part where the Sex Pistols' "Never Mind The Bollocks"
 entered the British Charts at number 11.  Three places below could make
 me grin.  John Lydon can suck my dick any time."           -- Black Francis

Monkey Gone To Heaven/Manta Ray                                      (Single)

7":             1989 - UK: 4AD (AD 904)
                Was there a US release?


Monkey Gone To Heaven/Manta Ray/Weird At My School/Dancing The Manta Ray

12":            1989 - UK: 4AD (BAD 904)
                1989 - US: 4AD/Elektra (9 66707-1)
CD5:            1989 - UK: 4AD (BAD 904 CD)
                1989 - US: 4AD/Elektra (9 66707-2)


DOOLITTLE                                                         (2nd album)

Debaser/Tame/Wave of Mutilation/I Bleed/Here Comes Your Man/Dead/
Monkey Gone To Heaven/Mr. Grieves/Crackity Jones/La La Love You/
No. 13 Baby/There Goes My Gun/Hey/Silver/Gouge Away

LP/CA/CD                1989 - UK: 4AD (MAD/CAD 905)
                        1989 - US: 4AD/Elektra (9 60856)

Notes: Often presented as the best album, it is certainly the one which
       can be advised for a first approach to the group. "Debaser" is a
       reference to Luis Bunuel film "Un Chien Andalou" (1928). This is
       a surrealistic film which is particularly famous for the scene
       where a woman has her eye sliced open with a razor. Once again,
       Black Francis/Frank Black shows his passion for cinema (didn't
       he recently write a song about French director Jacques Tati?).

"In a perfect world, the arsenic of "Dead", the orgasmic hysteria of "Tame",
the abyssal sorrow of "Hey", would submerge the world with their dangerous
beauty. In a perfect world, everybody would know that PIXIES are the best.
A group which flies high above rock and its dusty classifications."
                    -- Review of Doolittle in French magazine Rock&Folk

VARIOUS - SPIRAL SCRATCH 6                                       (Mag. PROMO)

includes "Tame (demo version)"

CD3: 1989 - UK: Spiral Scratch (SCRAT CD6)

Notes:  Given away with Spiral Scratch magazine issue number 6 in
        June 1989.  It had four bands: Pixies, Mighty Lemon Drops,
        Chelsea and Drug Free America.


Here Comes Your Man/Into The White                                   (Single)

7":             1989 - UK: 4AD (AD 909)
                Was there a US release?

Notes:  It is rumoured that there were 3 versions of this 7", with
        each having one of the three b-sides from the 12"/CD5 below.
        Anyone to confirm?


Here Comes Your Man/Wave of Mutilation (UK surf)/Into The White      (Single)
                           /Bailey's Walk

12":            1989 - UK: 4AD (BAD 909)
                1989 - US: 4AD/Elektra (9 66694-1)
CD5:            1989 - UK: 4AD (BAD 909 CD)
                1989 - US: 4AD/Elektra (9 66694-2)


Here Comes Your Man/Tame/Manta Ray/                                   (Single)
Weird At My School/ Dancing The Manta Ray

12":            1989 - Canada: 4AD/Vertigo/PolyGram (874 755-1)
CA:             1989 - Canada: 4AD/Vertigo/PolyGram (874 755-4)
CD5:            1989 - Canada: 4AD/Vertigo/PolyGram (874 755-2)

Notes: Canadian-only release.

"(Here Comes Your Man) ...It was kind of a boring video actually until we got
 high and the editor guy started stretching the heads and it was like, whoah,
 this is great!"                                        -- Black Francis

PIXIES LIVE                                                         (US PROMO)

Bone Machine/Cactus/Debaser/Gigantic/Gouge Away/
The Holiday Song/Nimrod's Son

12":            1989 - US: 4AD/Elektra (PR-8127)

Notes:  This one-sided promo-only disc was recorded August 10th
        1989 at Cabaret Metro for WXRT in Chicago.


PIXIES LIVE                                                     (French PROMO)

Bone Machine/Cactus/Debaser/Gigantic/Gouge Away/
The Holiday Song/Nimrod's Son

CD:             1989 - France: 4AD/Virgin (SA 2113)

Notes: This promo-only CD was sponsored by Virgin France, La FNAC
       (record store), and Les Inrockuptibles (rock magazine). Same
       tracks as those listed above. Surprisingly, "Gigantic" is not
       credited to "Mrs John Murphy" (Kim Deal), but to
       "Black Francis/Kim Deal" (same thing on the US promo).


VARIOUS - GIGANTIC!                                        (Mag. compilation)

includes "I Bleed (original demo version)"

CA:             1989 - UK: Melody Maker (MM RTD 001)

Notes:  Compilation available from Melody Maker magazine.


INTERVIEW PICTURE DISC                                   (UK Limited Edition)

LP:             1989 - UK: Baktabak (BAK 2151)

Notes: On side a, the picture is of Black Francis' head with a crab
       over it.  To his left is David Lovering, on his right is Joey
       Santiago, and behind him is Kim Deal wearing sunglasses with her
       mouth open.  On side b is a picture of the reflections of
       Kim, Joey, and Dave in the mirror of what looks like a dressing


Velouria/I've Been Waiting For You                                   (Single)

7":             1990 - UK: 4AD (AD 0009)
CA:             1990 - UK: 4AD (AD 0009 C)
                Were there US releases?


Velouria/Make Believe/I've Been Waiting For You/The Thing            (Single)

12":            1990 - UK: 4AD (BAD 0009)
                1991 - US: 4AD/Elektra (9 66616-1)
CA:             1990 - UK: 4AD (BAD 0009 C)
                1990 - US: 4AD/Elektra (9 66616-3)
CD5:            1990 - UK: 4AD (BAD 0009 CD)
                1991 - US: 4AD/Elektra (9 66616-2)
CD3:            1991 - Austria: Rough Trade (RTDCD 078)

Notes:  "I've Been Waiting For You" is a Neil Young cover (from _Neil
        Young_) with low vocals by Kim. "The Thing" is the second part
        of "The Happening" with Dave on vocals. Dave also sings "Make


BOSSANOVA                                                         (3rd album)

Cecilia Ann/Rock Music/Velouria/Allison/Is She Weird/Ana/All Over
The World/Dig for Fire/Down to the Well/The Happening/Blown Away/
Hang Wire/Stormy Weather/Havalina

LP/CA/CD                1990 - UK: 4AD (AD/BAD/CAD 0009)
                        1991 - US: 4AD/Elektra (9 66616)

Notes: The most controversial album. "Cecilia Ann" is a Surftones
       cover. Initial copies of the UK LP included a booklet.


Dig For Fire/Winterlong                                              (Single)

7":             1990 - UK: 4AD (AD 0014)
CA:             1990 - UK: 4AD (AD 0014 C)
                Were there US releases?


Dig For Fire/Velvety Instrumental Version/Winterlong/Santo           (Single)

12":            1990 - UK: 4AD (BAD 0014)
                1991 - US: 4AD/Elektra (66596-1)
CA:             1990 - UK: 4AD (BAD 0014 C)
                1991 - US: 4AD/Elektra (???)
CD5:            1990 - UK: 4AD (BAD 0014 CD)
                1991 - US: 4AD/Elektra (66596-2)
CD3:            1990 - Austria: Rough Trade (RTD 120.1105.3)

Notes: "Dig For Fire" was slightly re-mixed for the single.
       "Winterlong" is a Neil Young cover that appeared on the Neil
       Young tribute album "The Bridge".


Dig For Fire/Dig For Fire (2'46")                                  (US PROMO)

CD5:            1990 - US: 4AD/Elektra (PRCD-8251)

Notes: Radio PROMO. The first track is the album version
       and the other is an edited version with shorter intro. The
       jewelbox comes with no sleve, and the CD has the picture of the
       mole digging through astroturf (directly from the Bossanova
       booklet) on it.


RUBAIYIAT (Elektra's 40th Anniversary)                          (Compilation)

includes "Born In Chicago"

DCA:            1990 - US: Elektra (60940-4)
DCD:            1990 - US: Elektra (60940-2)

Notes: This is a Paul Butterfield Blues Band cover. There is a US
       PROMO release of this compilation as a box containing 2
       double-CD, one for the original versions and the other for the


PIXIES Box Set                                       (French Limited Edition)

includes French releases of "Gigantic", "Here Comes Your Man", and
"Monkey Gone To Heaven" CD singles

Box:            1991 - France: 4AD/Virgin (PM 616 30456)

Notes: The cardboard box has three pictures on it: the monkey, the
       baby, and Spike (the dog). Singles are the same as the UK ones.


Planet Of Sound/???                                                  (Single)

7":             1991 - UK: 4AD (AD 1008)


Planet Of Sound/Theme From Narc/Build High/Evil Hearted You          (Single)

12":            1991 - UK: 4AD (BAD 1008)
CD5:            1991 - UK: 4AD (BAD 1008 CD)

Notes:  "Theme from Narc" is a cover of theme music from a video game, and
        "Evil Hearted You" is a Yardbirds cover sung in Spanish.


I'M YOUR FAN: A TRIBUTE TO LEONARD COHEN                        (Compilation)

includes "I Can't Forget"

CD:             1991 - UK: Columbia (46903-2)
                1991 - US: Warner/Atlantic (83349)


TROMPE LE MONDE                                                   (4th album)

Trompe le Monde/Planet of Sound/Alec Eiffel/The Sad Punk/Head On/
U-Mass/Palace of the Brine/Letter to Memphis/Bird Dream of the
Olympus Mons/Space (I Believe In)/Subbacultcha/Distance Equals
Rate Times Time/Lovely Day/Motorway to Roswell/The Navajo Know

LP/CA/CD        1991 - UK: 4AD (MAD/CAD 1014)
                1991 - US: 4AD/Elektra (9 61118)

Notes: "Head On" is a cover of a Jesus & Mary
       Chain song from AUTOMATIC. "Planet Of Sound" has some effects
       added to vocals.


TROMPE LE MONDE                                     (Belgian Limited Edition)

Same tracks as the regular release plus following live tracks:
Rock Music/Hang Wire/Monkey Gone To Heaven/Isla De Encanta

CD:             1991 - Belgium: 4AD (CAD 1014 LCD)

Notes: The CD is an Austrian pressing.The live tracks were recorded
       September 25, 1990 in Mc Vredenburg, Utrecht for VPRO Radio 3,


TROMPE LE MONDE                                           (Japanese release)

Same tracks as the Belgian Limited Edition

CD:             1991 - Japan: ???


TROMPE LE MONDE                                 (Australian Limited Edition)

Same content as the regular album.

LP:             1991 - Australia: 4AD/Liberation Records (L30657)

Notes: Australian-only BLUE vinyl Limited Edition


Alec Eiffel/Motorway To Roswell                                      (Single)

7":             1991 - UK: 4AD (???)


Alec Eiffel/Motorway To Roswell/Planet Of Sound (live)/              (Single)
Tame (live)

12":            1991 - UK: 4AD (???)
CD5:            1991 - UK: 4AD (PIX 1999 CD)

Notes: The live songs were recorded at the Brixton Academy,
       26th July 1991.


Alec Eiffel/Letter to Memphis (instrumental)/Build High/             (Single)
Evil Hearted You

CD5:            1992 - US: 4AD/Elektra (66444-2)

Notes:  The instrumental sounds exactly like the LP version of the
        song except that the vocals parts are played on guitar!


Head On/U-Mass/Planet Of Sound (live)/Tame (live)/                   (Single)
Debaser (live)

CD5:            1992 - Canada: 4AD/Vertigo/PolyGram (866 527-2)
                1992 - Japan: 4AD/Columbia (COCY-5172)

Notes: The first two songs are straight off _Trompe Le Monde_, the
       first two live songs are the same as those on the European "Alec
       Eiffel" single. "Debaser" is the same version as on "PIXIES


Head On (remix)                                                     (US PROMO)

CD5:            1992 - US: 4AD/Elektra (PRCD 8535-2)

Notes: A one-track promo. The song is a remix version (2:16).
       The insert sleeve is identical to the UK Alec Eiffel


VARIOUS - THURTENE (A tribute to 4AD)                           (Compilation)

includes Gigantic (by Orange) and Where Is My Mind (by The Gosh Guys)

CD:             1993 - US: DEW 001

Notes: This CD includes 13 covers of 4AD groups. There have been 1974
       copies of the CD, with either red or green inner sleeves.


Line-up #1:

Kim Deal: guitar, vocals (ex-Pixies)
Tanya Donnelly: vocals & guitar (ex-Throwing Muses, currently of Belly)
Josephine Wiggs: vocals & bass (ex-Perfect Disaster, ex-Ultra Vivid Scene,
                 also of Honey Tongue)
Shannon Doughton: vocals & drums (ex-Slint)

Notes: Shannon Doughton is a pseudonym - real name Britt Walford.


POD                                                               (1st album)

Glorious/Doe/Happiness Is A Warm Gun/Oh!/Hellbound/When I Was A Painter/
Fortunately Gone/Iris/Opened/Only In 3's/Lime House/Metal Man

LP/CD/CA                1990 - UK: 4AD (MAD/CAD 0006)
                        1991 - US: 4AD/Elektra (9 61331)

Notes: Carrie Bradley (of Ed's Redeeming Qualities) plays
       the violin on the album.


GIGANTIC! 2                                                (Mag. compilation)

includes "I Just Want To Get Along"

CD:             1990 - UK: Melody Maker (MM RT CD002)

Notes: POD out-take which originally appeared on a flexi-disc
       given free with an issue of Melody Maker.


Fortunately Gone (Exclusive Mix)                                 (Mag. PROMO)

7":             1990 - UK: The Catalogue (CAT081)

Notes: Flexi-disc given free with an issue of The Catalogue.

Line-up #2:

Kim Deal: guitars, vocals
Tanya Donelly: guitar, vocals
Josephine Wiggs: bass, cello, vocals
Kelley Deal: guitar, vocals
Mike Hunt: drums, vocals

Notes: Kelley is Kim's identical twin sister.  Mike Hunt is probably
       the same man as Shannon Doughton, hiding under a new pseudonym.

SAFARI                                                                   (EP)

Do You Love Me Know?/Don't Call Home/Safari/So Sad About Us

12":            1992 - UK: 4AD (BAD 2003)
CD5:            1992 - UK: 4AD (BAD 2003 CD)
                1992 - US: 4AD/Elektra (9 66432-2)

Notes: Drums on "Safari" by John Mattock. Additional lyrics on
       "Don't Call Home" by John Murphy (Kim's ex-husband).
       "So Sad About Us" is a Who cover.

Line-up #3:

Kelley Deal: guitar, vocals
Kim Deal: vocals, guitar
Jim Macpherson: Drums
Josephine Wiggs: bass, cello, piano, vocals

13 YEAR ITCH                                             (UK Limited Edition)

includes "Invisible Man (demo)"

CD:             1993 - UK: 4AD (???)

Notes: Limited edition give-away disc celebrating 4AD's 13th


Cannonball/Cro-Aloha                                                 (Single)

7":             1993 - UK: 4AD (AD 3011)
CD5:            1993 - France: 4AD/Virgin (PM 537 922482)


Cannonball/Cro-Aloha/Lord Of The Thighs/900                          (Single)

12":            1993 - UK: 4AD (BAD 3011)
CD5:            1993 - UK: 4AD (BAD 3011 CD)
                1993 - US: 4AD/Elektra (???)

Notes: "Cro-Aloha" is a demo (?) version of "No Aloha" from "Last
        Splash".  "Lord Of The Thighs" is an Aerosmith cover.  Carrie
        Bradley plays the violin on the EP.  Jo Wiggs sings the lead
        vocals on "Lord Of The Thighs" and "900".  "Cannonball" was
        chosen as the single of the year in both NME and Melody Maker.


Cannonball/Hag                                                       (Single)

CD5:            199? - Canada: 4AD/Polygram (???)

Notes: This Canadian-only single has no insert sleeve.


LAST SPLASH                                                       (2nd album)

New Year/Cannonball/Invisible Man/No Aloha/Roi/Do You Love Me
Now?/Flipside/I Just Wanna Get Along/Mad Lucas/Divine Hammer/S.O.S./
Hag/Saints/Drivin' On 9/Roi (reprise)

LP/CD           1993 - UK: 4AD (MAD/CAD 3014)
                1993 - US: 4AD/Elektra (9 61508)

Notes: "Do You Love Me Now?" and "I Just Wanna Get Along" are new
       versions. "Drivin' On 9" is an Ed's Redeeming Qualities cover
       (the band in which Carrie Bradley plays).


Grunge/New Year (demo version)                           (UK Limited Edition)

7":             1993 - UK: 4AD (AD 3014 ?)

Notes:  Limited edition available only with initial copies of the
        LAST SPLASH LP (CAD 3014, above).  'Grunge' is a demo version
        of 'Cannonball'.


Divine Hammer/???                                                    (Single)

7":             1993 - UK: 4AD (AD 3017)


Divine Hammer/Hoverin'/I Can't Help It (If I'm Still                 (Single)
In Love With You)/Do You Love Me Now Jr.?

10":            1993 - UK: 4AD (BAD D 3017)
CD5:            1993 - UK: 4AD (BAD 3017 CD)
                1993 - US: 4AD/Elektra (66260-2)

Notes: "Divine Hammer" is a new version.  "Hoverin'" sounds like a
       demo recording (from the same sessions than "Cro-Aloha", and
       "Invisible Man (demo)", probably) and it is credited to
       J. Murphy/Kim Deal.  "I Can't Help It" is a Hank Williams
       cover.  "Do You Love Me Now Jr?" was re-mixed by J Mascis,
       who also sings backing vocals.


NO ALTERNATIVE                                                  (Compilation)

includes 'Iris (live)'

CA:             1993 - UK: Arista (???)
                1993 - US: ??? (???)
CD:             1993 - UK: Arista (???)
                1993 - US: ??? (???)

Notes:  Recorded at the Glastonbury Festival, 1992


VARIOUS - THURTENE (A tribute to 4AD)                           (Compilation)

includes "When I Was A Painter" (by Hover)

CD:             1993 - US: DEW 001

Notes: This CD includes 13 covers of 4AD groups. There have been 1974
       copies of the CD, with either red or green inner sleeves.


Head To Toe/Shocker In Gloomtown/Freed Pig/Saints(remix)                 (EP)

7":             1994 - Canada: 4AD/PolyGram (???)
10":            1994 - UK: 4AD (BAD D 4012)

Notes:  "Shocker In Gloomtown" and "Freed Pig" are cover versions, one
        of a Sebadoh track, and one of a Guided By Voices track.
        "Saints" is a different version from the one on LAST SPLASH (a
        demo version, perhaps?), and appears only on the 10 inch
        release, but is not listed on the sleeve.  The 7" version is
        possibly a promo-only release.


Saints/Grunge/New Year (demo version)                                (Single)

CD5:            1994 - UK: 4AD (?)
                1994 - US: 4AD/Elektra (?)

Saints/New Year (demo version)                                       (Single)

CD5:            1994 - France: (?)


Saints (2'32")

CD5:            1994 - US: 4AD/Elektra PRCD 8932-2                 (US PROMO)

Notes: one-track US promo. This is the version taken from the video.


VARIOUS - FIVE ALIVE TAKE TWO                                    (Mag. PROMO)

includes Hag (live on BBC)

CA:             1994 - UK: MMMC TWO

Notes: Cassette given away with a copy of Melody Maker. Exclusive
       tracks from the BBC Radio 1 FM Mark Goodier Show.


Frank Black is, or course, Black Francis gone solo.


FRANK BLACK                                                       (1st album)

Los Angeles/I Heard Ramona Sing/Hang On To Your Ego/Fu Manchu/Places
Named After Numbers/Czar/Old Black Dawning/Ten Percenter/Brackish Boy/
Two Spaces/Tossed (Instrumental Version)/Parry The Wind High, Low/
Adda Lee/Every Time I Go Around Here/Don't Ya Rile 'Em

LP/CD/CA        1993 - UK: 4AD (MAD/CAD 3004)
                1993 - US: ??

Notes: Joey Santiago is credited as playing "additional guitar". "Hang
       On To Your Ego" is the cover of a song by Brian Wilson & Tony
       Asher. In "The Frank Black Press Bio", a two-page letter sent to
       the press for the promotion of the album, Frank provides "a word
       or two" about each of the album tracks: "
       Los Angeles: not about riots, or L.A., really.
       I Heard Ramona Sing: love song about, yup, the Ramones.
       Hang On To Your Ego: ask Brian.
       Fu Manchu: not the Desmond Dekker song of the same title.
       Places Named After Numbers: black holes. Very "in".
       Old Black Dawning: biosphere 2.
       Ten Percenter: soda jerks, Iggy Pop, and me.
       Brackish Boy: a story told to me.
       Two Spaces: hmmmm....
       Tossed (Instrumental Version): this isn't about anything.
       Parry The Wind High, Low: I went to a UFO convention one day...
       Adda Lee: Adda Lee.
       Everytime I Go Around Here: a love song moving through space time.
       Don't ya Rile 'Em: mass behaviour mod.
          And if we do chat, please call me Frank.
       P.S. I almost forget "Czar": John Denver."


FRANK BLACK                                              (UK Limited Edition)

Same tracks as the regular release

LP              1993 -UK: 4AD CAD D 3004

Notes: Special cardboard sleeve with different colors and 11 holes in
       the back.It was sold exclusively in the UK through the Chain
       With No Name record shops.


Hang On To Your Ego/The Ballad Of Johnny Horton                      (Single)

7":             1993 - UK: 4AD (AD 3005)


Hang On To Your Ego/Surf Epic/The Ballad Of Johnny Horton            (Single)

12":            1993 - UK: 4AD (BAD 3005)
CD5:            1993 - UK: 4AD (BAD 3005 CD)
                1993 - US: 4AD/Elektra (66290-2)

Notes:  "Surf Epic" is a 10-minute instrumental!


Hang On To Your Ego/Surf Epic/                       (French Limited Edition)
The Ballad Of Johnny Horton

CD5:            1993 - France: 4AD/Virgin (PM 515 918672)

Notes: This is a French-only Limited Edition. The CD is in an envelope
       with original artwork and 5 holes in it.  The CD a picture disk,
       with artwork around the name of "Frank Black". The issue number
       appears on the CD itself.


Los Angeles/Ten Percenter                            (French Limited Edition)

CD5     1993 - France: 4AD/Virgin (PM 515 35177)

Notes: A French Limited Edition release of about 4000 copies. The
       associated marketing policy was to withdraw it from record
       stores two days after its release (February 19th). The number of
       copies sold will certainly remain a mystery. Album versions.
       Issue number on the digipack.



One Step Beyond/I Heard Ramona Sing/Los Angles/Every Time I Go Around
Here/Parry The Wind High, Low/*Mammal/*Particle Man/Tossed/Adda Lee/
Fu Manchu/This Is Where I Belong/Ten Percenter/Czar/*Spy

(* Denotes performed by They Might Be Giants)

CD:             1993 - US: 4AD/Elektra (HE3C0100A)

Notes:  This is a limited edition promo of 400 copies.
        The recording is from Electric Lady Land, NYC, June 24th, 1993.
        "One Step Beyond" is the theme song to an old Twilight
        Zoneish TV show of the same name.  "This Is Where I
        Belong" is by Ray Davies.  Great show, Charles is very
        amusing - he even gets Joey to tell a knock-knock joke!



includes an interview and acoustic versions of "Ten Percenter"
and "Old Black Downing"

CD5:            1993 - US: Elektra (PRCD 8829-2)

Notes: Three track (45 min) interview by Kurt St. Thomas, June 22, 1993.
       Frank is interviewed and also explains many songs before they are
       played. Comes in white cardboard envelope with round sticker on


HELLO RECORDING CLUB, NOV/93                             (US Limited Edition)

Sir Rockaby/Calistan/Space Is Gonna Do Me Good/Duke Of Earl

CD5:            1993 - US: Hello Recording Club (HEL-311)

Notes:  These demo versions were released exclusively as the
        November EP of Hello Recording Club. The songs were
        performed by only Frank and Eric Drew Feldman, and produced
        by Al Clay.  "Duke Of Earl" is a cover.


BRACE YOURSELF! (A tribute to Otis Blackwell)                   (Compilation)

includes "Breathless" by Frank Black & The Stax Pistols, and "Handyman"
by Frank Black

CD:             1994 - US: Shanachie (5702)

Notes: Otis Blackwell is the author of such songs as "Fever", "Great
       Balls Of Fire", and "Don't Be Cruel". "Frank Black & The Stax
       Pistols" are Frank Black, Glen Matlock (bassist from Sex
       Pistols), Steve Cropper (from Booker T & The MG's), Chris
       Spedding, Jon Tiven, and Crispin Cioe.


Headache/Headache (N.Y.C. version)                                   (Single)

7":             1994 - UK: 4AD (AD 4007)


Headache/Men In Black/At The End Of The World/Oddball                (Single)

10":            1994 - UK: 4AD (BAD D 4007)
CD5:            1994 - UK: 4AD (BAD 4007 CD)

Notes: "At The End Of The World" is a song about John Candy.


Headache/Hate Me/This Is Where I Belong/Amnesia                       (Single)

CD5:            1994 - UK: 4AD (BAD D 4007 CD)

Notes: UK-only release. "This Is Where I Belong" is a cover from the


Headache/Men In Black                                                 (Single)

CD5:            1994 - France: 4AD/Virgin (PM 537 924732)

Notes: This is usual in France to release low price 2-track CD singles
       besides the regular releases (the 4-track "Headache" release
       also exists).


TEENAGER OF THE YEAR                                              (2nd album)

Whatever Happened To Pong/Thalassocracy/(I Want To Live On An) Abstract
Plain/Calistan/The Vanishing Spies/Speedy Marie/Headache/Freedom Rock/
Two Reelers/Fiddle Riddle/Ole Mullholland/Fazer Eyes/I Could Stay Here
Forever/The Hostess With The Mostest/Superabound/Big Red/Space Is Gonna
Do Me Good/White Noise Maker/Pure Denizen Of The Citizen Band/Bad Wicked
World/Pie In The Sky

LP/CD/CA:       1994 - UK: 4AD (DAD 4009)
                1994 - US: 4AD/Elektra (61618)

Notes: "Whatever Happened To Pong" is about the first video game ever.
       "Two Reelers" is about the Stooges.


TEENAGER OF THE YEAR                                 (German Limited Edition)

Includes a 2nd CD with:
Headache (N.Y.C. version)/Hate Me/Amnesia

CD:             1994 - Germany: 4AD/Rough Trade (RTD 120.1900.2)

Notes: The jewelbox looks just like the regular release (although it
       contains two CDs). The back lists only the album tracks and does
       not even mention the extra CD.


TEENAGER OF THE YEAR                                 (French Limited Edition)

Includes a 2nd CD with:
Headache (N.Y.C. version)/Hate Me/Amnesia

CD:             1994 - France: 4AD/Virgin (PM543 397142)

Notes: Unlike its German counterpart, this one is a 3-part digipack.
       The back explicitly lists the "Headache (N.Y.C. version) ep" and
       its tracks. The digipack cover is actually a pocket, which
       contains the regular booklet. Its inner part is a close-up of
       Frank's face from the cover photograph.


Many Pixies bootlegs exist, which are of various quality and various
interest. This section selects some boots which are assumed to be worth
your money. Maybe the best ones are not here, but the worst ones
neither (this is already something!).

This section could be extended in the future (if people show any
interest in it of course). Breeders and Frank Black bootlegs may be
added. Maybe something interesting also would be to list boots which
are really a waste of money.

For the moment, there are 4 categories:
1) Bootlegs for those who look for rare "official" recordings.
2) Bootlegs for good live performances.
3) Bootlegs for those who want ALL studio recordings
4) Bootlegs of special interest

1) Rare recordings which exist on official records

You cannot find or afford official records which contain Pixies rare
recordings. Some boots may help you...


No reference

Down To The Well(*)/Rock A My Soul(*)/Wave OF Mutilation (UK Surf)/Into
The White/Bailey's Walk/Manta Ray/Weird At My School/Dancing The Manta
Ray/Make Believe/I've Been Waiting For You/The Thing/Velvety
Instrumental Version/Winterlong/Santo/Theme From Narc/Build High/Evil
Hearted You/Planet OF Sound (live)/Tame (live)/Letter To Memphis
(Instrumental)/Hey(**)/In Heaven(**)/Wild Honey Pie(**)/Caribou(**)
(Total Running Time 59:25)

(*): extract from Sounds Waves 3 EP
(**): First John Peel session

Notes: All US B-sides with a perfect sound quality + "Sounds Waves 3"
       EP + 1st Peel session. "Gigantic" single is missing (because not
       released in the USA). "Wild Honey Pie" was never officially


Speedball Company (SBC011)
Italy (1991)

Into the white (*)/Wave of mutilation (*)/There goes my gun (*)/ Monkey
gone to heaven (*)/Debaser (*)/Isla de enchanta (*)/ Bone machine
(*)/Cactus (*)/Gigantic (*)/Gouge away  (*)/ Tame (*)/Down to the well
(**)/Rock a my soul (**)/Hey (***)/ Hey (****)/In heaven (****)/Wild
honey pie (****)/Caribou (****)
(Total Running Time 45:28)

(*) Live Newcastle Poly May 89
(**) Previously released tracks on "Sounds Waves 3" EP
(***) Live town & country May 1st 88, released on "Sounds Machine" EP
(****) First John Peel session

Notes: The two Sounds EPs + 1st Peel session. The rest is OK. Some
       copies may have a 5th Peel session track ("Levitate Me").


Kiss The Stone (KTS052)

into the white(*)/wave of mutilation(*)/there goes my gun(*)/ monkey
gone to heaven(*)/debaser(*)/isla de encanta(*)/bone
machine(*)/cactus(*) /gigantic (*)/gouge away (*)/tame (*)/wave of
mutilation(**)/debaser(**)/monkey gone to heaven(**) /crackity
jones(**)/dead(**)/no. 13 baby(**)/isla de encanta(**)/gigantic(**)/
vamos(**)/bone machine(***)/cactus(***)/debaser(***)/gigantic(***)/
gouge away(***)/the holiday song(***)/nimrod's son(***)
(Total Running Time 75:08)

Recorded Live at:
        (*) Newcastle Polytechnic 27 April 1989 (Soundboard)
        (**) Pink Pop Festival, Holland 15 May 1989 (Audience)
        (***) Cabaret Metro, Chicago 10 August 1989

Notes: 75mn of music including the 7 tracks of PIXIES LIVE promo ep.
       These tracks also appear on other bootlegs, but not always with
       the same quality (e.g. "Pixies Velouria Live").


Germany (?)


Bone Machine(*)/Cactus(*)/Debaser(*)/Gigantic(*)/Gouge Away(*)/ The
Holiday Song(*)/Nimrod's Son(*)/Into The White(**)/Down To The
Well(**)/Wave OF Mutilation(**)


(*) Cabaret Metro, Chicago 10 August 1989
(**) Top Gear broadcast on BBC (May 2nd 1989)

Notes: These may be copies of the Elektra promo, with 3 bonus tracks
       (the LP sleeve is very similar to the original). However,
       considering the exceptional quality of these 3 tracks, we can
       imagine a 10-track unknown promo. The CD is based on a vinyl
       source (you can hear a few scratches). More information in
       section 3.

2) Good Live boots

You are just looking for live performances with a good sound. Here are
some good ones...


Kiss The Stone (KTS052)

(cf. section 1)

Notes: Extracts of three concerts from the Doolitle era. With very good
       general quality. 75mn!



Bone Machine, Cactus, Caribou, Crackity Jones, Dead, Debaser, Gigantic,
Gouge Away, Hey, Holiday Song, I Bleed, Isla De Encanta, Levitate Me,
Mr. Grieves, Monkey Gone To Heaven, Nimrod's Son, No. 13 Baby, River
Euphrates, Tame, There Goes My Gun, Vamos, Wave Of Mutilation, Where Is
My Mind?

Soundboard A

Notes: Another good one from Doolittle era.


Red Line (PSCD 1182)
Italy (1992)

Bone Machine/Cactus/Caribou/Crackity Jones/Dead/Debaser/Gigantic/Gouge
Away/ Hey/The Holiday Song/I Bleed/Isla De Encanta/Levitate Me/Mr.
Grieves/ Monkey Gone To Heaven/Nimrod's Son/No. 13 Baby/Tame/ There
Goes My Gun/Vamos/Wave Of Mutilation/Where Is My Mind?
(Total Running Time 60:39)

Notes: FM broadcast from Doolittle era.




Where Is My Mind?/Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)/Nimrod's Son/The Holiday
Song/Vamos/Crackity Jones/Hey/Is She Weird?/ Velouria/Allison/Dig For
Fire/Here Comes Your Man/Monkey Gone To Heaven/Isla De Encanta/Broken
Face/Something Against You/Ana/Dance The Manta Ray/Gigantic/Ed Is
Dead/Gouge Away/Hang Wire/Dead/There Goes My Gun/Is She
Weird?/Havalina/Tame/Cecilia Ann/Wave Of Mutilation/Caribou/The
Happening/Stormy Weather/Into The White/Debaser/Rock Music
(Total Running Time 100 mins)

Audience(?) A

Notes: Good concert(s) (certainly two of them) from Bossanova era.


The Swingin' Pig Records (TSP-CD-110)

Leysin Rock Festival (Switzerland)
July 11th 1991

River Euphrates, Bone Machine, Hang Wire,Is She Weird,Subbachultcha,
Tame,Isla De Encanta,The Happening,Velouria,Allison,Into The White,
Gouge Away,Debaser,Palace Of The Brine,Planet Of Sound,Mr. Grieves,
Here Comes Your Man,The Sad Punk,Monkey Gone To Heaven,Holiday Song,
Motorway To Roswell, Vamos, Head On
(Total Running Time 60:39)

Soundboard A

Notes: Good concert from Trompe Le Monde era.

3) Some rare studio recordings

Some studio demos were never released officially. You are looking for
yet-another-version of "Down To The Well", you dream of songs which
were never released...



Levitate Me, The Holiday Song, I've Been Tired, Break My Body, Down To
The Well, Rock-A-My Soul, I'm Amazed, Build High, In Heaven, Caribou,
Here Comes Your Man, Subbacultcha, Vamos, Broken Face, Nimrod's Son,
Isla De Encanta, Ed Is Dead
(Songs from Come On Pilgrim are identical, all others are different versions)

Notes: Some other tapes exist. Are there some CDs?



1 Gigantic,2 River Euphrates,3 Where is My Mind?,4 I've Been Tired,5
Caribou, 6 Levitate Me,7 Hey,8 In Heaven,9 Wild Honey Pie,10 Dead,11
Tame, 12 There Goes my Gun,13 Manta Ray,14 Wave of Mutilation,15 Into
the White, 16 Down to the Well,17 Into the White,18 Wave of Mutilation,
19 There Goes my Gun,20 Monkey Gone to Heaven,21 Debaser,22 Isla de
Encanta, 23 Bone Machine,24 Cactus,25 Gigantic, 26 Gouge Away
(Total Running Time 67:20)

 tracks 1-4      recorded on stage live on danish tv, april 1988 C
 tracks 5-9      first bbc session, june 1988 B-
 tracks 10-16    third bbc session, april 1989 B
 tracks 17-26    record live in newcastle, april 27, 1989

Notes:  12 BBC sessions! Not of high quality though.


Germany (?)


(cf. section 1)

Notes: Alternate studio versions from "Into The White", "Down To The
       Well", and "Wave Of Mutilation" with a sound quality similar to
       an official release. "Down To The Well" is very similar to the
       version on the Sounds ep, but a little bit slower and longer.
       "Into The White" is about 30 seconds shorter than the original
       one. "Wave of Mutilation" is somewhere between the album and
       the UK surf versions. A must!

4) Special interest boots

If you are looking for something special...


(FM Broadcast, 1986?)

Holiday Songs, I'm Amazed, Rock A My Soul, Isla De Encanta, Caribou,
Broken Face, Subbacultcha, Build High, Ed Is Dead, Nimrod's Son, Down
To The Well, I've Been Tired,*unknown*, Vamos, Heaven, Interview
45 Mins B+ (A+ Performance)

Notes: The early days of Pixies (from the interview, we know that they
       are still looking for a record company, and Black Francis is
       still "Charles Thompson"). "Subbacultcha" 3 years before its
       release on Bossanova. The "unknown" song was never released
       afterwards (some call it "Boom-Chick-A-Boom"). Studio versions.
       Does the CD exist?


Frank Black
a.k.a Black Francis
Kiss The Stone (KTS156)
Italy (1992)

Recorded In The USA, 1992

Tame,Cactus,Tony's Theme,The Holiday Song,Gouge Away,Monkey Gone To
Heaven, Weird At My School, Hang Wire, No. 13 Baby, Dead, Wave Of
Mutilation, Broken Face, Into The White, I'm Amazed, The Happening,
Manta Ray, I Bleed, Blown Away, Crackity Jones, Is She Weird?, Nimrod's
Son, Ed Is Dead, Levitate Me, River Euphrates, Dancing The Manta Ray.
(Total Running Time 57:46)

Audience B+

Notes: Frank Black alone singing Pixies songs. It used to be rare, it is
       now impossible.


Misc info

Kim Deal does guest vocals on track "Special One" on Ultra Vivid
Scene album _Joy 1967-1990_ (4AD/Columbia CK 46227) and appears
on the video as well.

Kim Deal and Tanya Donnelly also sang together on the track
"You And Your Sister" on the This Mortal Coil album _Blood_.
The song is written by Chris Bell of Big Star.

David Lovering plays drum currently in Cracker.

Frank Black plays guitar on the Guns'n'Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke's
solo album.


Misc items




DATE       TITLE OF ARTICLE                    SOURCE
6  MAY 89  HEY HEY WE'RE THE PIXIES            NME (P. 46)
            OF THE ABSURD
           (ARTICLE) THE SURREAL ESTATE        MM (PP. 24-26)
23 DEC 89  SHOW ME THE WAY TO SAN JOSE         NME (PP. 22-24)
           (ARTICLE) IN THE BAVARIA            NME (PP. 12-14)
14 DEC 91  HOWL SOON IS NOW?                   MM (P. 15)
21 DEC 91  SURREAL TO REAL                     MM (P. ?)


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