Re: the Bees, etc.

Written by Famous Goodbye King on Fri, 28 May 1999 03:39:21 -0400 (EDT).

> < (I made her write down the lyrics for me)>>
> spread tha gospel, mah brothah.... translation: please post 'em.

the bees 

what's the story morning glory
curling green tendrils while the sky is pouring
sweat blood mammal i get dry
brush away the blue tail fly
god gave noah the rainbow sign
no more water but fire next time
see through water golden oil
silver robot out of foil
insect dots on the backs of leaves
in love and code eggs melt the weave
take me out to taller trees
water shade that kills the bees
leaves are turning upside down
falling crackle to the ground
what's your story morning glory
barnside climbing evening morning
nightshade creeps
you can visit at night 
stay out of sight firing chinese kite
mermaid park under water seaweed light


standard hoffman lyrics :^>
she also wrote country girl on stars on esp
note the lyrics that reappeared on nice day

> i always wondered what the contributions of all the other people listed on 
> the front of Stars on ESP were... Ian Masters, Mark Kozalek, Erika Hoffman, 
> etc... (well, i'd heard of Erika's authorship of the bees before) Doesn't 
> that frog and toad (or whatever it's called) tape have original versions of 
> the songs written by the above folks?  

i have all of that written down if you can bare to navigate my site :^>
(at least up to stars on esp... i have it up to ft. lake on the
new site if i ever get it up)

i believe most of it is warren with lots of cool literary references
like yeats for how ghosts affect relationships... until about mxm
then, alot of stuff by melissa eliot (the dirt eaters) and our 4ad
obligatory song cover of alex chilton (blue moon)... things get fun
by stars on esp.

that's all i can remember off the top of my head

has anyone ever listened to _a seat beneath the stairs_ by spent
(from MERGE records)... i just dusted it off from my collection and
can't believe I haven't listened to it more... it's intoxicating!
great guitar work, fun moogs, clever lyrics, pretty girl & boy voices
who knew?  i think y'all would like em.

who has tapes to dub cuz he's BAD BAD BAD

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