Thoughts on UK MxM

Written by [email protected] on Sun, 23 Aug 1998 19:16:10 EDT.

The UK MxM is much better than the US one, and it's well worth getting it:

Jeffrey wrote:

Yes, there is a song, refered to in the UK booklet as "The Homesick Waltz." It sounds like it dates from the era between the completion of the _Livonia Home Mix_ and the beginning of HiiYH's composition.

The samples are:

1) Just before "Sort Of," a crying woman says 'Joey, you've caused the people to take me and put me into an insane asylum."

2) Just before "The Dirt Eaters," the Jack Nicholson sample 'I'd eat all the dirt in this yard for you."

No, find a 4AD-L fellow who resides in London and ask that he or she pick it up for you at one of the Picadilly Circus/Oxford Street megastores. I got my UK MxM at the Tower Records there. It'll cost you in the end about US$30 (including postage) but you can get it right away.


Christopher R. Culver

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