HNIA Discovery - *The Essentials*

Written by Jesse Edwards on Fri, 11 Jun 1999 12:24:15 -0700.


This discovery was compiled by the livonia list
members as attempt to document all His Name Is Alive's
essential releases. This list should contain every
song that HNIA has ever released but is not a list of
the thousands of promos and compilations with
previously released songs. If we happened to overlook
something please let us know.

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** His Name Is Alive *********
**     Discovery     *********
**  The  Essentials  *********

Full Length Releases
Livonia - Rykodisc - extra song 'Livonia'

Home Is In Your Head - Rykodisc - + dirt eaters ep

Mouth By Mouth - 4AD UK release - The UK release has
samples and and extra track, 'The Homesick Waltz'

King of Sweet - Perdition Plastics - 2,000 numbered
copies containing songs from HNIA cassette demos.

Stars On ESP - 4AD - ReRelease contains Nice Day EP

Fort Lake - 4AD - LP contains Woodstock 7" w/
'Woodstock', 'Swan Song' and 'Last Train'. Japanese CD
release contains these songs also.

Always Stay Sweet - 4AD - Best of, has unreleased
track 'Underwater', Mexican version has extra
previously released songs, one is 'library girl' which
appeared on the All Virgos are Mad 4AD limited edt.

CD EP's/Singles
The Dirteaters - 4AD - Also on Rykodisc version of

Universal Frequencies - 4AD

Nice Day - 4AD - Also on Rerelease of Stars On ESP

Can't Always Be Loved - 4AD - contains 'Wishing Ring'
long version

Country Girl - Promo - Contains a snippet from
Warren's KCRW interview circa SoE, Reggae version of
This World is not my Home, and a possible remix/edit
of Country Girl

7" Releases
Pet Farm - Split 7" w/ Little Princess - Motorway

Drugs Farm - Split 7" w/ Little Princess - Rocket

Melody Farm - Split 7" w/ Little Princess - Shaolin

Universal Frequencies - edit version of Summer of
E.S.P and is a limited release, although I see it
around more than I do the CD EP.

You Need A Heart to Live/Loin Des Sambras/Brazil -
Friendly Science

Woodstock - 4AD - Came with the limited Vinyl pressing
of Fort Lake, Also on the Japanese CD release of Fort

Can't Always Be Loved - 4AD - contains 4 track demo of
Can't Always Be Loved

Soil Sample Split 7" w/ Bash and Pop - Contains
'Darling' written by Denise James, Free with Soil
Sample Zine

Go Sonic 7" - Go Sonic - HNIA/little princess
contribute a track to the "Go Sonic" 7". It's called
'Mouse in the Middle'.  On the same 7" is Princess
Dragonmom which is warn davn & mug. It's called 'Wall,
Mirror, Blanket'.  There are 10 songs on this 7".  I
dont know if he had anything to do with the Godzuki
track called 'No Turtle'.

7" flexi-disc - Contains 'My Canada', split with
Prolapse, Free with WarpedReality

[Andrea Feldman, [email protected], runs Warped
Reality. As of June 4th 1999, she said that the issue
is readily available for $4 dollars ppd and extra
flexi's are available, $3 ppd, She said that there are
more than enough flexi's to go around. Send money
order or check(made out to Andrea Feldman, not Warped
Reality) to 43 Barnes St. Providence, RI 02906-1501]

The 13 Year Itch - 4AD - 'The Time Falling Bodies Take
to Light' is an unreleased track

All Virgos Are Mad - 4AD - 'Library Girl' was
unreleased until it was also featured on the Mexican
version of Always Stay Sweet, Appears on AVAM as His
Name Is Alive w/ Dara

Anakin - 4AD - 'Ain't No Lie' is unreleased and
features the band IDA

Ambient Extractions Vol 2  - has the song 'More Majic

Early Works: Righteous and Postrophe/I had sex with
God/Livonia Home Mix - HNIA

Love Can't Buy Happiness/Instrumentals - HNIA

Great Lakes States Blues - Time Stereo

Michigan's Finest - Time Stereo - is Nice Day EP +some

Mexico Live - Time Stereo

96 Stars On ESP live Cassettes by Time Stereo

8-21 - Boston - first show on tour Includes guests Mr.
& Mrs. Velocity Hopkins

8-22 - Hoboken - first appearance of "Jonah" written
that afternoon

8-23 - NYC - loud guitar, includes harmonica jam "I'm
tired and my soul needs restin' "

8-24 - Philadelphia - "if july" "when blues are empty"

8-25 - Washington D.C. - long fin killie play on "this
world is not my home" sounds great; Karin sings "the

8-27 - Atlanta - sound sucks, no vocals, all distorted

8-29 - Austin - good vibrations were all around this

8-30 - Houston - good mix, loud organ, seven songs

8-31 - Dallas - vocals by WD, acoustic guitar set and
much acclaimed famous puppet show

9-02 - Albuquerque - labor day dance party

9-03 - Phoenix - sad night, sad songs, reflections of
sorrow in lake regret

9-04 - San Diego - "why" by Yoko Ono; sound is great

9-05 - L.A. - audience tape -- sounds tinny; includes
in-store at Rhino Rec.- sounds great

9-06 - L.A. - sound is really great "if july"

9-07 - San Francisco - sound is bad

9-09 - Portland, OR - the band plays "torso" and
reggae version of "cornfield"

9-10 - Seattle - distorted yet great

9-13 - Minneapolis - Karin drunk on wine knocks stuff
over - sounds great

9-14 - Chicago - drum solo by Dion; Karin sings
"cornfield" acapella

9-20 - Detroit - long show includes science fair

9-21 - Cinncinatti - empty sound - no audience

Releases in Question
Hucklebuck #7 - HNIA - Believed to be contained fully
on King of Sweet

New Stars New Tongue - HNIA - One Song on King of

Blissfield, Mouth - HNIA - 3 songs on King of Sweet

Emergency LP - ? - This was slated for release through
4AD but never happened.

The 13 YI video supposedly has an alternate, exclusive
version of one of
the songs--can't recall which and I don't know if
that's really true.

4AD Shaving the Pavement cassette has a track called
'ESP Summer' which I'm told is different from "Summer
of ESP"--again, I'm not sure about that.

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