Transcription of the NME chat with Kristin Hersh (from Bogotá, Colombia, S.A.)

Written by José Enrique Plata Manjarrés on Wed, 16 Jun 1999 11:44:28 PDT.
              Colombia, S.A.)

Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia, South America

Dear 4AD listees:

For those of you where unable to chat with Kristin Hersh, here is a
transcription of the question and her answers.

I was very happy because she answered two questions that I asked.

It starts at the bottom of this mail.

Saludos desde Bogotá, Colombia
José Enrique Plata M,.

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[17:12:49] - Kristin has to go now...Wyatt and Billy too (they're
getting kranky!). Thanks for coming.
Kristin Hersh 929549569.1
And you can win signed copies of Sky Motel...check to find out how

[17:10:37] Chris - What's your favorite Throwing Muses song?
Kristin Hersh 929549437.1
I like No Way In Hell

[17:09:16] laMere - Many thanks for the "Strings" EP! My new son has enjoyed
it since he was 2 weeks old. As a momma yourself, any suggestions on more
soothing sounds for baby?
Kristin Hersh 929549356.1
Our kids love Mry Margaret O'Hara and Bob Mould's 'Workbook' ...The ramones
is great for little kids...Vic Chesnutt

[17:07:58] Chris Cabrera - What's Leslie Langston doing nowadays?
Kristin Hersh 929549278.1
She's a social worker in Boston...studying for her masters degree. She has a
birdbath that tells the future...birds bathe in it then come to her in her
dreams and tell her told her that Tanya had hjad a baby the

[17:05:22] error - Ever smashed a guitar to pieces?
Kristin Hersh 929549122.1
No..oh, I private, with nobody around... (BillY)I came home and
found tyhat she'd smashed the shit out of an Ovatuion acoustic guitar...she
was upset

[17:04:13] mrmoth - Do you stay in contact with Ivo?
Kristin Hersh 929549053.1
Yes we were SoCal mates for years...he actuall came out to sing backing
vocals on Echo...he wrote the 'hoo hoo'

[17:03:08] Tassos (verve) - Is David Narcizo your best friend?
Kristin Hersh 929548988.1
Yes...present company excluded

[17:02:45] Lola - Your looking pretty good these days.
Kristin Hersh 929548965.1

[17:02:11] mrmoth - Starsky or Hutch?
Kristin Hersh 929548931.1
I think they deserve each other

[17:01:38] CS - Do I have to be living in England to see my question appear?
Kristin Hersh 929548898.1

[17:01:08] Chris Cabrera - What do you think of new American girl groups
like Sleater-Kinney? They seem slightly young muses-like
Kristin Hersh 929548868.1
I think they sound like the Muses before we made records...and that's good!
They're not imitating us...that's not possible

[17:00:11] Tremere - Do you still have a junior satanist in the house?
Kristin Hersh 929548811.1
He's mellowed out a bit and passed it on to the younger one

[16:59:41] scarebear - is he still monkey2times??? :-)
Kristin Hersh 929548781.1
We just call him 'The Dog' now

[16:59:12] Dobbie - How soon before your children form a band? (and would
you approve)
Kristin Hersh 929548752.1
My 13 year old says that in order to rebel they're going to have to be jazz
musicians...Ryder's already formed several bands

[16:58:06] scarebear - How is Monkey2Times?
Kristin Hersh 929548686.1
He's still furry

[16:57:28] Juan - Are you still mates will Tanya?
Kristin Hersh 929548648.1
YYes yes yes yes...a thousand times YES!

[16:56:55] Petrolboy - When was the last time you fell over?
Kristin Hersh 929548615.1
This morning

[16:56:20] Tassos (verve) - Cuba, Thievery Corporation, GusGus... What is
4AD trying to do?...
Kristin Hersh 929548580.1
I'm afraid I can't field that one

[16:55:54] backup chump - Your Ghost .... who asked who?
Kristin Hersh 929548554.1
I asked Michael (Stipe)...his voice was the perfect instrument for that part

[16:54:59] Stu - What's your favourite film?
Kristin Hersh 929548499.1
Raising Arizona

[16:54:30] error - Ever asked to do a soundtrack?
Kristin Hersh 929548470.1
Yeah...I've done a few (Billy)For very teeny movies (Wyatt)My little guy
drinks water

[16:53:37] julia - I see you are a cider drinker....apart from this what do
like to rat-arsed on (you can take the girl out of the pub.....)
Kristin Hersh 929548417.1
I like Vodker but beer is my best friend There's no beer in the food but
there's food in the beer

[16:52:22] Ray - What is your favourite film soundtrack?
Kristin Hersh 929548342.1
Paris, Texas

[16:51:55] Paul Sands - Is that Wyatt hogging the camera :) and does he feel
Kristin Hersh 929548315.1
He does thank you (Wyatt) He drives!

[16:51:16] Tremere - Why play such a small gig last night (Which was
wonderful by the way)
Kristin Hersh 929548276.1
Because we don't have a record out yet...It was a warm up...sweat up gig for
sweaty friends

[16:50:30] scarebear - Record Collector magazine says TM are the 458th most
collectable band in the world...... ;-) Cool huh?
Kristin Hersh 929548230.1

[16:49:18] Richard - Are you vegetarian?
Kristin Hersh 929548158.1
No, but I was raised by vegetarians

[16:48:44] Duncan M - What music are you listening to these days?
Kristin Hersh 929548124.1
Olivia Tremor Control....

[16:47:56] Anonymous - Do you dye your hair
Kristin Hersh 929548076.1

[16:47:11] Adam - Would you like to be introduced to Welsh folk music? :)
Kristin Hersh 929548031.1
Abso-fuckin'-lutely, Jose

[16:46:49] rodion - I really like the cover for "Sky Motel"; was there any
specific inspiration for it?
Kristin Hersh 929548009.1
Lava Lamps

[16:44:45] José Enrique Plata M - Would you like to get introduced to south
american folk music?
Kristin Hersh 929547885.1
Yes, definitely

[16:44:17] Kris - Would you like to record with Steve Albini?
Kristin Hersh 929547857.1
I've made about 100n records...I should know how to produce myself by now

[16:43:02] Jenny - You've covered Pennyroyal Tea on 'Echo'. What do you
think Nirvana's best record was?
Kristin Hersh 929547782.1
In Utero

[16:41:00] Dobbie - Have you ever recorded any songs with just you and
Kristin Hersh 929547660.1
Yeah...on the Appalachian folk songs record...he has a band that I'm in Casa

[16:40:17] daniel e - do you have any cats?
Kristin Hersh 929547617.1
No...I have one dog...and three kids Cats tend not to tour very well.
(Billy) bUt the kids all want cats

[16:39:14] Dunk - Have there been any tracks that you really wanted to cover
but have been unable to?
Kristin Hersh 929547554.1
Yeah...some songs just don't atke 2 the recording process and fakll apart
and crawkl away...but I still like them

[16:36:02] Tassos (verve) - If Ivo invites you to play for the new The Hope
Blister album, what do you say?
Kristin Hersh 929547362.1
I do everything Ivo tells me to do

[16:35:30] Mitchell - Did you get to meet Mr. GreenJeans?
Kristin Hersh 929547330.1
No...I wish

[16:34:51] Sense - How many songs do you write every year?
Kristin Hersh 929547291.1
usually about 25 a year

Kristin Hersh 929547260.1

[16:33:43] Tassos (verve) - If Frank Black calls you and asks you to play
bass and resurrect The Pixies (without Kim Deal), what would you say?
Kristin Hersh 929547223.1
I would tell him to call Kim

[16:33:00] Petrolboy - Kristin, now don't be embarrassed.. I heard you and
Tanya were in early episodes of Sesame Street when u were little, because
you lived near the studios, any truth in it? The tapes would be a laugh!
Kristin Hersh 929547180.1
The show Captain Kangaroo...

[16:32:08] Julia (Juno) - The assistant manager at the pub I work in was so
impressed with the gig last night that he's having a special Kristin/Muses
hour tonight fancy coming in for a pint??
Kristin Hersh 929547128.1
Sure you there

[16:30:59] Jason - Any plans to work with Tanya again? Any reasons not to?
I, for one, would love to hear a song or two... :)
Kristin Hersh 929547059.1
We would love to play together again...the problem is that we're both
corporate entities now...I has

[16:30:10] Dagenham Dave - Do you still see Tanya Donnelly? what do you
think of Belly? I thought they were overated myself..........
Kristin Hersh 929547010.1
I adore my sister and everything she does including making me an Auntie
(TD's just had a baby girl called Gracie B)

[16:28:33] Julia (Juno) - I was at the gig last night and it was great to
see you with a live band again, do you feel more comfortable with that back
Kristin Hersh 929546913.1
Yeah...I like my friend 2 B out there with and I like me friends' noise to
nbe oput there with me

[16:27:20] rodion - After this album has quieted down a bit, any ideas what
next? Solo? A band? Or just settle in to a karmically balanced groove (as if
its ever that easy)?
Kristin Hersh 929546840.1
The groove thang...

[16:26:55] Producer - Do you have any interest in electronic/dance music.
Your voice would fit perfectly on one of my drum and bass tracks..
Kristin Hersh 929546815.1
Go for it!

[16:26:30] Sense - Is 'Walking In The Dark' your best song?
Kristin Hersh 929546790.1
|It could be...Patsy Cline Walking\ After Midnight was better

[16:25:28] José Enrique Plata M - Hi, I am Colombian fan (south America)
from The Muses, Tanya Donelly and lots of 4AD bands also. I would like to
know if you would like to record a duets album. I still have in my heart the
song you recorded with Micahel stipe and believe me, it´s a nice song for
lovers. Saludos desde Bogotá, Colombia. Kristin: You are a nice singer....
Hope to see you live
Kristin Hersh 929546728.1
When I'm working on a song that seems to need a song that only 1 other
person can make I grabe them by the necxk & drag them in the
plan for duets album though

[16:23:20] Horseman - Favourite lyric ever?
Kristin Hersh 929546600.1
Vic Chesnutt Striper loves Jesus And I love a girl Against my better

[16:22:24] Gratefruit - Are you going to glastonbury?
Kristin Hersh 929546544.1
I went lasy year...they don't lety you go 2 years in a row

[16:21:50] Sense - Do your children listen to Throwing Muses records?
Kristin Hersh 929546510.1
Well you'd think...the baby requests them...I'd never play them on my oiwn.
He (Wyatt - baby in picture) wasn't around for TM

[16:20:51] rodion - I'm looking for reading material once finals are out..
read any good books lately?
Kristin Hersh 929546451.1
Yeah - Woman by Natalie Angier

[16:20:25] Raggedyandy - South park or the simpsons?
Kristin Hersh 929546425.1
Simpsons - I'm old school

[16:19:43] Richard - Did you ever have an opinion on the music of Jeff
Kristin Hersh 929546383.1
I think it's nice

[16:19:13] tishbite - do you know/ know of the Cocteau Twins, your former
labelmates? if so, what do you think of them?
Kristin Hersh 929546353.1
I suppose I know them they've always been great

[16:18:31] slut bank - who is it singing backing vocals on some of Red
Heaven that sounds uncannily like Michael Stipe?
Kristin Hersh 929546311.1
Bob Mould

[16:18:04] Gary - Nice Shades!!!! Give us a smile!
Kristin Hersh 929546284.1
If you felt like I do this morning you'd be wearing sunglasses

[16:17:29] Sandy Lyle - What sport do you play?
Kristin Hersh 929546249.1
I just started running - is that a sport ? I just pon my pyjamas and start
running in public

[16:16:50] tishbite - how do you feel on 4AD?
Kristin Hersh 929546210.1
Warm and squishy

[16:16:31] Markus - Kristin, Is that Dylan's head we can see at the bottom
of the webcam?
Kristin Hersh 929546191.1
Dylan would be taller than I am

[16:16:04] wiseblood - Who was 'The Letter' to (or indeed from)
Kristin Hersh 929546164.1
I don't think I ever mailed

[16:14:26] Stina - Kristin, please tell me it's true, have you ever thought
about working with Lisa Germano?
Kristin Hersh 929546066.1
No - not to say that i wouldn't Im just very shy

[16:13:56] error - After hearing 'Echo' I thought it was a new Muses
single... what's the difference?
Kristin Hersh 929546036.1
Nothing really I just played the instruments and had my friends play them

[16:13:06] rodion - Hello - So does releasing songs on the internet (Works
in Progress et al) seem to be working allright? Any drawbacks?
Kristin Hersh 929545986.1
Not that I can tell - it's my dream job to mail out songs for people who
want to hear them. I can make any kind of record I like without having to
market it for years after

[16:12:01] Kris - Nice hair.
Kristin Hersh 929545921.1

[16:11:44] Mitchell - Don't you know who this is? Christine and I are
watching you from across the sea... Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday, Billy!!!
Kristin Hersh 929545904.1
Howdy howdy howdy

[16:10:21] Jason - How's it going working with a full band again? Does it
seem strange or more natural than playing solo?
Kristin Hersh 929545821.1
Much more natural - feels like I'm home again - the logistics are more
difficult everything's bigger and more complicated

[16:09:16] Paul Sands - Kristin Do you feel your mp3 subscription and
Throwinmusic web site have been a success
Kristin Hersh 929545756.1
Big Star - Sister Lovers X - Wild Gift Vic Chesnut - Drunk

[16:07:58] Mitchell - Enjoyed the culinary delights of Wagamama yet this
trip?? Have something for me...
Kristin Hersh 929545678.1
Wagamama keeps me alive...

[16:07:23] Chris - Hi Kristin - at the gig last night you stared at the same
spot all night! I'd love to know what it was you were lookin' at.......
Kristin Hersh 929545643.1
I can't see anything when I'm playing that's why my eyes have spirals in

[16:06:43] Colin - Are there any plans to release any more live recordings
either from the Muses or your solo stuff (assuming you have the control over
what the record companies want) ?
Kristin Hersh 929545603.1
We've been releasing songs and stuff on the mp3 site I don't have any plans
for a record at the moment

[16:05:44] Melody - How was last night? I was there and it was terrific. I
went out to buy 'Echo' today. Did you enjoy it? And aren't you used to
playing bigger places than the Borderline?
Kristin Hersh 929545544.1
Yes I enjoyed last night - the Borderline wasn't as hot and sweaty as I
wanted it to be. i like the sweat to be dripping down the walls

[16:04:48] Goddess - What do you think of PJ Harvey?
Kristin Hersh 929545488.1
I don't have any of her recoreds - I'm sure she's fine

[16:04:00] mel - Hi Kristin! What's your favourite current band?
Kristin Hersh 929545440.1
Oliva Tremor Control or Giant Sand I haven't decided

[16:03:29] Alan - Is there/will there be a video to promote "Echo"?
Kristin Hersh 929545409.1
Yes - It looks like the album coer

[16:03:09] Rach - Superb gig at The Borderine last night..are there any
songs which you enjoy playing or singing more than others.Perennial
Kristin Hersh 929545389.1
I like playing songs for stupid reasons like FM# is fun to play

[15:58:36] nme - Kristin Hersh is in the building the chat will start in a
couple of minutes
Kristin Hersh 929545116.1
Check out the webcam now

[17:03:25] tester - just testing
Kristin Hersh 929030605.1

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