Teenage Sensation

Written by Jeff Keibel on Mon, 17 Nov 1997 03:04:31 -0500.

4AD's folk/jamboree collective gusGus touched down in Toronto Sunday night, only a scant four months after their first visit. Opening act Cornershop was detained at the US border for some reason or another and the other alledged opener, Seely, never appeared despite being included in local concert listings the previous week.

gusGus were afforded a whole venue to themselves tonight. Even if some people left after hearing Cornershop were off the bill there was still a pretty good crowd sticking around for gusGus.

The volume and bass was cranked up for a show that really kicked ass! Front members Magnus, Daniel and Hafdis were in fine form tonight, burning off whatever calories they accumulated that day. The trademark gusGus video 'n font show was again a great visual companion to the music. Why don't more bands do this?

Tonight's selection of songs included old chestnuts like "Polyesterday" and "Barry" but also introduced new songs too. It was around 90 minutes of pure good lovin' gusGus aural joy. Here's the set list:

Teenage Sensation
Blue Mug

Chocolate (Techno)
Acid Milk
Barry (Delay)
It was a great show and the crowd was happy. Lots of applause during the first notes of "Polyesterday" especially. The band really reworked the songs for this tour. "Believe" was almost unrecognizable until the vocals started, which gave us another interpretation of this song which has already seen various producers come up with interesting remixes.

If you get a chance to see gusGus in your city, why not check it out.


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