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From the PolyGram press release...


Gus Gus are a nine-piece Icelandic collective including musicians, vocalists, film-makers, actors, computer programmers, photographers and DJs. Like their internationally known predecessors The Sugarcubes, Gus Gus are a boundary-breaking group with a hypnotic, highly appealing, yet innovative sound.

Highlighted as one of the electronic hopefuls to break in North America, the songs on "Polydistortion" are a trippy combination of ambient atmosphere, funky guitar, electronic loops and dreamy lyrical images. This is a priority project for 4AD worldwide & Elektra in the US.

The domestic release will feature a limited edition bonus EP of remixed and reworked tracks with the initial pressing.

A limited servicing of 12" vinyl for "Polyesterday" was serviced to tastemakers last year to extremely favourable response. Our first work track at alternative radio & clubs will be "Believe" (serviced with exclusive mixes). A Canadian Stickman remix for "Why" is also being done to support our efforts around the second single.

Publicity priority with weeklies, dailies, magazines, targetted across the country. Flyers will be created for distribution at clubs, internet cafes and concerts. Advertising will be booked at all club culture publications across the country.

Compact Disc catalogue number DAD7005CD

Track Listing
 1. Oh (edit)
 2. Gun
 3. Believe
 4. Polyesterday
 5. Barry
 6. Cold Breath '79
 7. Why?
 8. Remembrance
 9. Is Jesus Your Pal?
10. Purple
11. Polyreprise

Bonus EP
Cold Breath '79 (Husmix)
Believe (16B Remix)
Believe (LFO Remix)

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