Lisa Germano Info Sheet/Press Release

Written by JASON HOLTZAPPLE on unknown.

The following is the official Warner Bros. information sheet on
the forthcoming Lisa Germano album. (reprinted without permission)

Lisa Germano - Happiness

 Bad Attitude
 Destroy the Flower
 Everyone's Victim
 The Earth
 Around the World
 The Dresses Song
 The Darkest Night of All

Personnel: Lisa Germano, vocals
Producer: Malcolm Burn
Remixes by: Ivo Watts-Russell, John Fryer
Featured Tracks: Puppet (single), Energy, Happiness
Format: AAA/College/Alternative

* Lisa Germano - "just about the only singer/songwriter to mean anything
anymore" (Melody Maker) - makes her 4AD debut with a remodeled version
of Happiness, her second album. A series of musical mood swings
that range from folky to furious, it's now an even more compelling
showcase for her talents.

* Originally released last year on Capitol, the 1994 version of
Happiness is markedly different from its predecessor. Resequenced
and remixed in part by the _This Mortal Coil_ partnership of Ivo Watts-
Russell and John Fryer, the album features new packaging and artwork,
two new tracks and a radically altered version of "You Make Me Want
To Wear Dresses" (new title: "The Dresses Song").

* "Puppet" will be the lead track to radio. A video is also available.

* Expect a full promotional campaign to back up this release. Lisa
will be touring in the upcoming months and recording a new album
due in early '95.

* The album is available at a special low price.

Bar Codes:
9362-45593-4  7.99 (US$)
9362-45593-2 11.99 (US$)

This information is direct from the label, so I expect most of
it is true, except of course for future release dates ;)


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