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Here's the transcript from the AOL interview with Frank Black at Time/Warner's chat site:

(Copyright and all that jazz to Time/Warner)

(Edited by National for your viewing pleasure...I hope.)

Actually, it looks like shit...but just think of it as an alien transmission

from space...

...and remember the format is: Question or answer preceded by screen names:

Ffrraaank=Frank Black Max Warner=Host

anyone else is a question from the peanut gallery.

Frank Black, Cybertalk Transcript, 05/06/96

Max Warner: Frank Black is here with us. His screen name is Ffraaaank.

OnlineHost: Frank Black--one of the most influential perform- : ers of the past ten years via his work as leader : of The Pixies and as a solo artist--makes his : American Recordings debut with The Cult Of Ray, an : album built on manic intensity, guitar-fueled : tunecraft and various sightings of extra- : terrestrials. The Cult Of Ray contains Black's most : bone-rattlingly ferocious songs in years.

Ffrraaaank: Frank here.

Ffrraaaank: wow!

Max Warner: Frank - do you want to say hello before we start?

Ffrraaaank: Yes.

Ffrraaaank: OK, here I go...Hello! Max Warner: We're starting. >

From Chronic94 Frank...I wanna live in Los Angeles....but can only spend like $500/month....any suggestions

Ffrraaaank: Well, we got an extra room in our house.

From TeenCHATJ: Hello Frank, what music do you like? Ffrraaank: I like music from earth mostly, 1940 to present.

From Topazgrrl: when are you going on tour?

Ffrraaaank: We just finished a 3 month tour in the U.S. We'll be touring in Europe for the next couple of months. Maybe we'll be on tour in the US again later this year. C'mon Topaz...road trip.,.Europe

From Senoir So: what was that green band aid on the back of your neck at the columbia show

Ffrraaaank: Good question.

Ffrraaaank: I have a loss of several hours of time the previous day. Dare I say it? Have I been abducted...again

From Mounty519: What is a snark?

Ffrraaaank: Well, a snark is a funny thing you know. . . it's an animal from a book from Lewis Carroll and I guess you could say it's an imaginary animal. Alice in Wonderland is the book, i think.

From Shm33: Frank, do you do much reading, and if so, what sorts of things?

Ffrraaaank: Right now I'm reading Pacific Edge by Kim Stanley Robinson. It's the third in a trilogy. I'm reading the trilogy in reverse. Mr. Robinson has also written Green mars and Red Mars. I have borrowed some ideas from these two books. (Big Red)

From MedSha2: Could you tell me more about Ray?

Ffrraaaank: Well, if you mean Ray Bradbury, the best advice I can give you is to go to the library and check out one of the numerous titles by Ray Bradbury. Does that answer your question at all?

From JeffSDen: What is "The Ballad of Johnny Horton" about?

Ffrraaaank: Question JeffsDen: Have you heard the song?

Ffrraaaank: yes

Ffrraaaank: Is this i difficult maneuver? Max Warner: JeffsDen - have you heard the song?

Ffrraaaank: ooops JeffSDen: no, just heard 'of it' in i discography

Ffrraaaank: It's an instrumental. I just thought it was funny that you asked. I didn't mean to embarrass you publicly here on the stage. I have embarrassed myself.,

Ffrraaaank: Pleasure to meet you Jeff. JeffSDen: Same here, Frank

From SenoirSo: was that you singing on the song manta ray dome by man or astro man?

Ffrraaaank: Not me, not unless I sing in my sleep.

From AtariPon: Hi Frank. I grew up in torrance. Is your Hostess with the Mostest song about my beloved Del Amo Mall?

Ffrraaaank: A big hoo-ya to ya! South Bay number one! Long live the Del Amo Mall.

From Condezart: Are you still living in Boston Frank?

Ffrraaaank: No, I'Z in Los Angeleez.

From Mounty519: Ever consider a Pixies reunion?

Ffrraaaank: I just did....no. JeffSDen: Is the song 'Cult of Ray' in the set list for this tour--you didn't play it when I saw you

Ffrraaaank: No. we might start playing cult of ray on the next leg of the tour.

From PopTart45: Whats that Donovonish song on your 1st solo record. It rules.

Ffrraaaank: they're all Donovanish.

From Adamsilve: I really liked the different sounds on Teenager of the Year! But so far I haven't sensed that diversity in lyrics and music on The Cult of Ray. What can I expect? Why don't the pixies have a greatest hits album?

Ffrraaaank: In answer to your first question, have you had your hearing checked, Adam? and I did hear there was going to be a greatest hits album. Actually, there were no great hits were there.

From Atari Pan: Did anything in yer childhood prepare you for being the rock gog you are today?

Ffrraaaank: WEll, I did learn how to cook at a very young age. Grilled cheeses and chili were my specialty.

From Jimmy coj: Frank who is Johnny Malta?

Ffrraaaank: Johnny Malta is a guy who I've been bumping into for a few years now... He used to hang around outside pixies sessions... he's got a band...

From Gigigoo: what is your favorite garment of clothing to wear while rockin'out?

Ffrraaaank: Well, I often wear black 501's and a black Stussy shirt. I guess thswt's what I wear the most... not sure about the fave.

From Vlad1057: Hello Mr. Frank Black...I was curious as to how you found jonny polonsky?

Ffrraaaank: He found me.

Ffrraaaank: He's very persistent.

Ffrraaaank: But He's good.

From PopTart45: Who is your favorite band? Ffrraaank: Oh....... I like the Damned. And Freddy Fender,too.

From Toothel: Are you and Kim Deal hostile?

Ffrraaaank: I haven't ever felt hostile in all my 335 years.

From Gripnet: Why did the Pixies break-up? BOSSANOVA is my favorite album.

Ffrraaaank: They broke up 'cuz

Ffrraaaank: cuz

Ffrraaaank: cuz

Ffrraaaank: I DONE FERGOT!!!!! >

From Reedman99: What is your Favorite Pixies album? Thanks fer buyin' m'record, Grip." Trompe."

From BenOrtiz3: Frank, What was the inspiration for "Isla de Encanta" on the "Comeon Pilgrim" album?

Ffrraaaank: WELL, I gusee it chronicles some time I spent in Puerto Rico. I guess Puerto Rico was the insperation

From Adamsilve: Is Men in Black about aliens or conspiracies or what?

Ffrraaaank: Well, It's about the Men in Black who are the psychological intimidators sent by the alien or maybe the government or maybe both.

From Chronic94: Frank...I have hear that Kurt Cobain admired your music...did you ever get to know him or work with him?

Ffrraaaank: No, I did not.

From Bonho: A two-parter: people mention your fascination with UFOs frequently - but you seem to have a passion for Los Angeles, or at least writing about it, and second, do you REALLY wear a dhoti, or did it just make a good rhyme or did I get the lyrics wrong?

Ffrraaaank: Yes, I am passionate about the city i live in, the city I grew up in. And yes, I was wearing my dhoti, but I spilled salsa on it.

From Vlad1057: did you actually have a UFO encounter when you were a little kid?

Ffrraaaank: Yes, perhaps two.

From Shm33: in some houses, the computer has replaced the TV for entertainment. what do you think of this?

Ffrraaaank: How do they get to see all the good shows? I have computers and TV. I think this is the best soloution.

From Reedman99: Frank..... If you could be one animal, what would it be ....and why?

Ffrraaaank: I would be a fly, so I could sit on a wall and watch the world go by.

From DthreeD: Do you have or have you considered a live album? I have a CD with a couple songs recorded live (Czar, Old Black Dawning) from a Dallas radio station, and its great stuff.

Ffrraaaank: Well thank you for the compliment. I have some live tapes sitting around. There is a live french radio show that's out.

From Atari Pon: I read an article in Film Threat magazine that said you were working on a movie with a soundtrack to be made by The Jesus & Mary Chain...what happened to that?

Ffrraaaank: Oh, I forgot all about that. Actually, I once did mention to someone at american recordings that the Jesus and Mary Chain should do a soundtrack. Actually I['ve never heard about this that you're referring to from Film Threat.

From Toothel: If today was the last day on earth and you had $5.36 and a headcold, what would you do?

Ffrraaaank: Well, a movie's out--unless it's a matinee. Yes! A matinee, maybe a John Candy movie.

From Buntzz: who would win in a fight devo or the pixies?

Ffrraaaank: The Devos possess vastly superior weapons, I'm sure.

From Mounty519: Want to go see Ray speak at the nerd convention in St. Louis with fans? We'll treat you and your lady.

Ffrraaaank: Let's do it to it, mama.

From N2 SRV: frank did you get a chance to read howard stern's book?

Ffrraaaank: No I didn't not. I'm sure I'll get around it it someday.

From Atari Pon: Is Theme To Narc actually the theme to the video game? What is yer favorite video game (besides Pong)?

Ffrraaaank: Theme from Narc is a video theme song. Right now, I'm really into a shareware game called Jewelbox. I love the theme from Jewelbox.

From Get Heard: How do your fans vary from region to region, or country to country -- if at all?

Ffrraaaank: I guess I have the most fanatical following in France, but in general, I find my fans to be a very pleasant bunch.

From Milesbur: Who was "Freedom Rock" written about?

Ffrraaaank: Well, it's not about a single "who" but one of the "who's" is a rock music elitist. One of the other who's is a deaf person, and one of the other who's is a clerk at a record store.

From Acg15: What is your favorite guitar to play?

Ffrraaaank: Onstage I really like my 1968 Telecaster. It's very beaten up and sounds great. Offstage, I'm currently enjoying quite an old Martin D28.

From Jkalbie: why have you stopped playing encores?

Ffrraaaank: I have not. Perhaps you saw a show where I didn't think the audience was calling for one. I think the encore tradition has been watered down for many years, and so I'm resistant to it at times

From Quicksand: How does it feeel or do you really reckognize that you have influence heavily alot of really prominent alternative artists...such as Kurt Cobain "smells like teen spirit" "Gouge away"

Ffrraaaank: It's always nice to hear that other players dig your stuff.

From GetHeard: Any downside to being a signed artist?

Ffrraaaank: well usually it's better than being unsigned although there are many people who are completely independent like Ian MacKaye or Ani DeFranco.

From REITER: I read a little about your experience with U2 in Bill Flanigan's book "Until the End of the World." Have you ever wanted to work with the band artistically?

Ffrraaaank: I can't imagine how I would fit in with U2's thing, although I'm sure a clever producer could bring us together in a complimentary fashion.

From Maxinquay: In the 'Men in Black' video, you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I think what everyone wants to know is: chunky, or smooth?

Ffrraaaank: It was smooth, although I am fascinated by both. peanut butter was a big one in Frank Black's tour bus this year.

From DthreeD: Was "Kicked in the Taco" inspired by an actual event ?(ouch)

Ffrraaaank: well, it's inspired by a a Crispin Glover/Howard Hesseman movie called "Reuben and Ed". Actually,

Ffrraaaank: just the phrase "kicked in the taco" comes from that. The song is connected to A book called Green Mars.

Ffrraaaank: Actuallly, it's Red Mars.

From JVHV2: Frank, Macintosh or PC?

Ffrraaaank: Mac, of course.

From Atari Pon: Has David Lynch ever commented on your version of the Lady in the Radiator song?

Ffrraaaank: Never to me personally. Actually, I've never heard anything about that.

Ffrraaaank: Not that he should.

From RFW45: I'm probably too old, but would you consider R&B as an influence in any of your music?

Ffrraaaank: The first rock and roll song I ever sang in front of an audience was "In The Midnight Hour".

From GetHeard: Where do you go to cool out?

Ffrraaaank: Vegas.

From Dufferdec: Frank, Cult....may not be as accessible as Teenager but its a hell of a lot more fun. Are you coming back into the south on this tour?

Ffrraaaank: Glad you like Cult so much. I'm hoping to do a 2nd US tour in the fall. . .if my public demands it.

From GirlFriend: So, Frank, tell me more about this hair some fan sent you. =)

Ffrraaaank: Did you send me the hair? Max Warner: We're almost of time folks.

Ffrraaaank: Thanks to everyone for coming.

Ffrraaaank: We're trying to put together a mailing list

Ffrraaaank: you can email me at this name for a little while. Max Warner: Time for one more question. Question: How many instruments do you play -- for real, or for fun?

Ffrraaaank: I really only play the guitar and I would describe my ability as only as high as the fun level.

Max Warner: Thanks for showing up everyone!!!

Ffrraaaank: Thanks Max.

The format is obviously screwed up... I apologize...but nevertheless, here's the text, so shut up and enjoy!


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