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Date: Wed, 11 May 1994 00:04:05 -0500

This is the Elektra information sheet on the forthcoming Frank Black album.

Frank Black - Teenager of the Year

o Frank Black - visionary, philosopher, romantic, UFO enthusiast, and musical contortionist - has generously stuffed his second album with 22 songs that confront the ageless puzzles of inner and outer space. o "Teenager of the Year" is even more accessible that its predecessor with hooks, harmony, and a hefty dose of black humor.

Selections: Whatever Happened To Pong Thalassocracy Abstract Plain Calistan The Vanishing Spires Speedy Marie Headache Sir Rockaby Freedom Rock Two Reelers Fiddle Riddle Ole Mulholland Fazer Eyes I Could Stay Here Forever The Hostess With The Mostest Superabound Big Red Space Is Gonna Do Me Good White Noise Maker Pure Denizen Of The Citizens Band Bad Wicked World Pie In The Sky

o As Black Francis, Frank was the main writer and singer for rock innovators the Pixies, who sold over a million records in the U.S. and accumulated enough critical attention for ten bands.

o Last year's big eponymous solo debut established Frank Black as his own man, with lavish critical acclaim, radio airplay, and avid acceptance in the alternative marketplace.

o "Teenager of the Year" is replete with the usual obsessions: space ("Big Red"), Los Angeles ("Ole Mulholland"), the future, parallel universes ("Abstract Plain"), and cars ("Pure Denizen Of The Citizens Band").

o "White Noise Maker" rhymes "interior" with "Siberia." "Whatever Happened To Pong" ponders the fate of that arcade milestone. And the first single "Headache," has a chorus that veers dangerously close to being pretty.

o Strings, horns, mellotron, piano, Farfisa organ, twangy country guitar, and sinister Bay City Rollers-meets-Beach Boys harmonies add a fresh dimension of texture and variety to Frank's dissonant six-string pummeling.

o The album was co-produced by Frank Black and Eric Drew Feldman. Engineer David Bianco's work brings a crisp new clarity to the mix.

o In June, Frank will begin a tour that, like the man and his music, can only be described as "large."

Bar Codes: 7559-61618-4 10.98 (US$) 7559-61618-2 15.98 (US$)

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