Re: Belly triva

Written by Jeff Keibel on Tue, 2 Mar 1999 14:24:04 -0500.

Back in 1995, 4AD UK released a nice taster for Belly's second album "King" in the form of a single called "Now They'll Sleep". The CD version is numbered BAD5003CD and features a great Chris Bigg/v23 design.


A few other countries wanted to do a Belly single. Japan puts out a single called "Super-Connected" as does Rough Trade in Germany (or somewhere in Europe). New Chris Bigg/v23 art is created and this new Rough Trade version of "Super-Connected" is released with the same B-sides as the UK "Seal My Fate" EP. The weird thing was the Rough Trade number was ALSO BAD5003CD!

Well, you can't have two different BAD5003CD's so 4AD made up a new cover, with the revised BAD5003CDK number. It's odd because this UK made digipack holds a Euro disc with a totally different number, RTD.120.2016.3.

Side note: The US made Sire/Reprise CD single for "Now They'll Sleep" 41988-2 deletes "Baby's Arm", for some inexplicable reason.


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