time tape stereo merchandize

Written by esp raincloud on Wed, 24 Apr 1996 16:30:20 -0700.

  got me a new catalogue from the livonia weirdos. here it is, retyped
  for your perusal....



  time Stereo
  28143 W. 8 Mile
  Livonia, MI

  all items ppd. in the US. make checks payable to Record Collector.
  you can fax them @ 810-473-9321

  * cassettes * $4.50 each except "*" is $10 - descriptions are not my own...

  noise camp            - real kids, noise, camp
  noise camp remix      - noise, drum machine, kids
  grape rave            - electronic noise & science
  time remixes          - fast sounds in noise style
  esp beetles           - tapes of sound
  esp family            - communist miner folk songs 1930
  esp summer            - summer sound w/ ian & warn
  time piano            - avante garde piano, abstract style
  time sombrero         - one man from minnesota plays at the same time
  pail saint            - sounds from loops & sound
  dragon god            - god bullies + princess dragon-mom "broken time"
  dragon god            - "more time" better than "broken time"
  little princess       - "forgot to remember" fast noise with rap sound
  3/4 time              - swing, polkas, & country 1951-1962 tapes
  live esp              - esp beetles live freakout tapes edit
  hearing trumpet       - 'sleepy lagoon' tapes, lp's noise
  new grape             - noise + girl = pop
  his name is alive     - mexico, live, etc. sound
  beat bandit           - little princess ambient home record
  war machine           - live show free noise rock
  communist guitar      - warren's brother, recorded at factory
  electric mud          - 1968 psychedelic blue "bootleg"
  your golden           - little princess fast noise, out of print
  control panel         - technological lp, electronic tapes
  in a people house     - free noise rock turns into noise tapes
  live ohms             - scientific tapes and extra sound
  no credit             - producer of mystic moog ork makes noise tape
  godzuki               - "first one" reissue of six song 4-track tapes
  godzuki               - "free wade" avante garde saxophone plays godzuki tape
  cooper time           - chad, esp beetles, kentucky ham, saucer family,
                          d. james, the impaler, little princess,
                          grace brother, hearing trumpet, more.. brown cuts...
                          united friendly... more..
                          tribute to alice cooper tape by favourite groops
  *princess dragon-mom  - g.r.o.s.s. import. one side studio, one side live.
                          all very noise. no easy tape this first time.

  * 7"s * these are $3 each.

  esp family            - jubilee ep. contains 2 songs from tape and two
                          new ones - recorded in 1930's for union
                          workers records
  esp beetles/          - the world on time. one side 45 has fast sounds
  shaolin temple/         noise rock and tape edit/loop
  jennifer wolski         "hug me i'm punk"   

  * etc. *

  ufo doctor            - $10 video. three movies on one tape
                          wrestle time, ufo dr., & whale who became star.
  time machine          - $10 video. one hour tape of all pd-m shows.
                          "daredevils of stage".
  pd-m                  - $6 cd. "slow poke". noise tapes on cd, loud tapes.
                          fifty minutes long, harsh sound.
  incense               - $1 "butter cake". smells like real food.

  4 books available. ask for details.
  coming soon ... noise camp video, hnia / little princess 7"

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