4AD takes a Leap Of Faith

Written by Jeff Keibel on Tue, 30 Mar 1999 16:29:56 -0500.

4AD takes a Leap Of Faith: Random tidbits from Jeff Keibel

The US reissue of the two 1992 MICHAEL BROOK albums in a double CD set looks very beautiful. A v23 design from Vaughan Oliver and Chris Bigg using a photogragh of the original cases for CAD2007 and TAD2011CD by Dominic Davies (for the front cover) and inner photos by Simon Larbalestier makes for one of the nicest 4AD design jobs of recent memory.

Having both albums in one package makes perfect sense. The catalog number really is CAD2007/2011, without the "CD" at the end. The new US reissue of PALADINS "Million Mile Club" is also numbered without the ending "CD" suffix, it reads simply GAD6015.

The "Live At The Aquarium" disc is the only TAD release to get reissued, with the upcoming exception of the LISA GERMANO "Inconsiderate Bitch" EP when it gets reissued with the US "Happiness" CD in April.

Also from LISA GERMANO, her "Geek The Girl" and "Love Circus" albums get reissued in the US at the time of "Happiness". "Love Circus" will include the "Small Heads" EP (BAD6019CD) as well.

PIXIES: The new Canadian reissue of "Death To The Pixies" is numbered DAD7011CD but is the double CD version with the bonus live disc. Those extra two bonus tracks from the deluxe GT UK edition are sadly not included. The package is modelled after the US Elektra version but while the Elektra inside back cover is blank, this new Canadian verson features artwork the tracklisting for the live disc.

GAD613CD looks very nice! "Medusa" from CLAN OF XYMOX is reissued in the US with the "Blind Hearts" EP (BAD711). Since this EP has never been on CD before, it's a definite must for 4AD/Xymox fans. The new v23 adapted design retains the original CAD613CD integrity. I wonder why "Muscoviet Mosquito" wasn't included as well?

Other random tidbits:

May 18th is a tentative date for two cool 4AD releases. A double CD set from RED HOUSE PAINTERS titled "Red Retrospective" plus THE BIRTHDAY PARTY's "Live" album which Tim Hall is probably hard at work on right now.

Around June 8th, look for "Leap Of Faith", the debut album from 4AD's new signings CUBA. It comes after around a year and a half of teaser EP's and promo-only 12" singles.

Save up some money so you can rebuy the COCTEAU TWINS (with Budd/Fraser/Guthrie/Raymonde) catalog over again because it's getting a 1999 remastering treatment come early July.

Look for new KRISTIN HERSH ("Sky Hotel", July 6th in the US) plus David Narcizo's LAKUNA album ("Castle Of Crime", on July 26th). Kristin will issue a single, "Echo", in June sometime.

Finally, a new THIEVERY CORPORATION album is scheduled for September (delayed due to band having master tapes stolen earlier this year) and ska-death punk rocker BRENDAN PERRY promises his debut solo album in October. October of 1999?

It's all a question of time.


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