Halfway Around The World

Written by Jeff Keibel on Tue, 9 Mar 1999 19:18:47 -0500.

There are some This Mortal Coil US reissues which I saw today that looked quite different than the 1998 US reissues. Upon closer inspection, I noticed they were the US Warner Bros. versions with stickered barcodes showing the respective UK numbers (CAD609CD for example). I guess there were perfectly playable WB versions leftover so 4AD US just added the barcode to it.

I also picked up the US reissue of theThe's Burning Blue Soul, using the HAD113CD number. Artwork and booklet design faithfully adapted with only tiny deatails like font changes and 4AD logo size in the back cover. p 1981 4AD; c 1999 4AD.

Finally got a copy of Air Miami's "World Cup Fever" CD single from last year. The song originally appared on the "Me Me Me" album back in the old days (1995). If you like Air Miami, why not search out this cool remix CD. It's only on TeenBeat, not via 4AD, and features six remixes and artwork that compliments the album well.

Another interesting release is the French version of Thievery Corporation's "Lebanese Blonde" EP. The original 4AD UK version, BAD8017CD, features three tracks while this new French version from Virgin, 72438955192, adds on FIVE more unique tracks! Extra tracks include "One", "Lebanese Blonde (French version)", "Halfway Around The World", "Elise Affair" and "Encounter In Bahai".

The new Frank Black album is out, entitled "Pistolero", under his latest band name Frank Black And the Catholics. I just heard one track so far but it actually sounds not too bad. Better than the previous album anyways...

Also just picked up "Central Reservation" from Beth Orton. Anyone here an Orton fan?

Anyways, got a night of listening ahead of myself and will see ya soon!


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