US reissues

Written by Jeff Keibel on Mon, 1 Mar 1999 02:03:57 -0500.

CAD9002CD. I must say that the US/Canadian version of "Always Stay Sweet" from His Name Is Alive is a nice package, both is track selection and sequencing as well as in a damn good v23 design job. I am also looking forward to seeing the Mexican version. The new track "Underwater", or as it's listed as being "previously unrealised", is nice and fits in well amongst the songs we know so well. The mixing of some tracks to add to the flow works very well, yet I'd love to hear a stand-alone version of "Sitting Still" one day. In the booklet, there is a drawing of Warren by "Hannah". I wonder if this could be our fearless 4AD Mail Order goddess who goes by the same name...

Also, picked up the US "Ft. Lake" with the CAD78009CD number and liked it's design. It retained the UK version's integrity intact flawlessly. I wonder if this and the Germano "Slide" CD are the only 4AD releases with the "7" preceeding the regular catalog number...

GAD5010CD. A real nice reissue job on the Tarnation "Gentle Creatures" CD. The old version, with the fold-out poster inlay has been converted into a standard booklet and looks good. The front cover features a different fan picture and now appears without lyrics stamped over the cover (or inside the booklet for that matter, which is a strange thing, but lyrics are still available in the UK vinyl/CD versions). The addition of five bonus tracks from Tarnation's "I'll Give you Something To Cry About" album are a welcome treat, even if some other extra gems could have been added as well. The back cover track listing has been properly modified by v23, barcode moved and overall looks like a really nice souvenier for Tarnation nuts like me and new fans just discovering this wonderful work of Paula Frazer.

Anyone have thoughts on these three reissues?


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