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Thanks for all your interest - we're up to about 800 subscribers at the last

Before I leave you December's digest (and the last of the year) there's a
couple of points I want to make.

1. This service is unrelated to the mail order. Orders can not be placed here,
neither can queries about specific orders. In the future this service will be
offered, but for now I'm afraid it's snailmail or fax.

2. A number of old requests to subscribe have been posted onto me so some of
you may be on more than one list. Please let me know and I'll take you off one.

==== 4AD Newsletter =========================================

==== December 1994 ==== No.2 (written 1/12 - sent 19/12 - sorry?)

For future reference: You're on MAILING LIST 1 - please quote in all

Throwing Muses:
The single, 'Bright Yellow Gun', is out in a few days and already getting
plenty of radio play in the UK. The video has also just been finished,
by David Kelley, the man behind Kristin's 'A Loon' clip. The seven-inch
is backed with 'Like A Dog', while the 12" and CD also include 'Red Eyes'
and a
cover of Latin Playboys' 'Crayon Sun'.

'University' is still schedule for a January 16, with a possibility of a
special CD format for a limited time. Tours are being discussed, and it looks
like being the band's most extensive, covering many territories.

Belly's album is now complete, and as many of you are already aware, is titled
'King'. Schedule for release in February 1995, the album will be preceded
by an
as-yet undecided single. Touring will, like the Muses, be extensive and
includes a three-week UK and Europe support slot on R.E.M's 1995 tour. Many
many more details next month.

The Wolfgang Press:
Prior to the release of their 'Going South' single in early January, December
sees the club release of a number of mixes of selected tracks from the duo's
new LP 'Funky Little Demons'. The likes of Sabres Of Paradise (Weatherall),
Michael Brook, Barry Adamson, Apollo 440, Jah Wobble and Adrian Sherwood have
twiddled the knobs on cuts which will be promoed on vinyl only in the UK. It's
probable these mixes will appear in other territories but how and when I can't
say. US and European dates should  happen in February thru April, more details
next month.

Brendan Perry
Brendan has just finished a low-key tour of Eire and Northern Ireland,
previewing material that will appear on his new album, recording of which
should begin in the next few weeks. There is no time-scale yet. Supporting
Brendan on these shows was Heidi Berry, who is due to start recording in the
very near future.

resting and writing...... LP next year maybe???

His Name Is Alive
Recording with and playing with Spoonfed Hybrid's Ian Masters, as anyone at
Virgos will tell you.

Currently in the far east - home for Christmas.

This Rimy River
'This Rimy River: Vaughan Oliver and v23 Graphic Works 1988-94 (peep)' is the
catalogue for Vaughan's recent LA exhibition of the same name. The 72-page,
large format (38cmx27cm) full-colour book includes comments on v23's working
methods from Neville Brody, David Carson, commissioned photographers and 4AD
musicians. It is available through 4AD mail order at 20 + p+p and will be
available in selected record and book shops from mid-December at 28. Currently
in design is a 500-only extended version which is estimated will sell at
approximately 100. For more information write or fax the mail order service
(081 874 6600).

I've been hearing a great deal about this, but as yet have been unable to
access it (yet to propagate?). Anyway, much as I enjoy trying to answer
questions e-mailed to me (which, believe me I do!), this newsgroup would
probably be a better place to do it, on the few occasions I get asked the same
questions! If anyone in the UK has found the newsgroup can they let me know.

Some of your questions answered:

Yes, the DCD box set SHOULD still be available in the US.

The 'All Virgos Are Mad' was British-made, is US-only, should be around $10-15
and IS a limited edition.

I know the AVAM video is similar to the 13-Year Itch one, but they were
compiled for completely different countries.

Yes, KJ of Iowa, you should get out more, your obsession is unhealthy.

Mail Order:
Some of you may be aware of our mail order service already, especially as in
just six months we have nearly 2000 subscribers. It was set up to provide a
of obtaining any currently available 4AD CD/record/cassette/video/t-shirt etc
etc to your door at less than it would cost in the shops, most of whom don't
stock anything but the big-selling artists!. It also offers subscribers first
choice of exclusive releases that would otherwise not be available in the
shops. To receive a full-colour catalogue please send 1.50 + postage and
packing to 4AD, P.O Box 3813, LONDON SW18 1XE.

Postage and packing is 60 pence (UK), 1.20 (Europe), 2.00 (USA + Canada) and
2.20 for the rest of the world. The 1.50 is refunded on your first order. All
payment must be in Pounds Sterling and made payable to 4AD Ltd.


Cliff - 4AD Ltd 

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