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From Brant Nelson [email protected]>.

Date: Thu, 5 May 1994 19:33:18 -0700

This is a press release from 4AD.

4AD Presents Weeklong Celebration

4AD US will be participating in this years UK/LA event, a Los Angeles based festival spotlighting both British arts and the UK's multi-ethnic composure. The festival itself will begin September 7th and run through November of this year, while 4AD's contribution will take place the final week of September.

At the present time, 4AD has scheduled a Vaughan Oliver/v23 art exhibition (his first in the US), the world premiere of Dead Can Dance's 70mm film "Live At The Mayfair", and both acoustic and electric performances by 4AD artists including solo appearances by Lisa Gerrard [note this is exactly what the press release says, but I'm wondering if they mean Lisa Germano] Michael Brook, and Throwing Muses. All of the acoustic performances are at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, while the electric shows will take place at a yet to be determined location.

There are additional plans for the festival, including a limited edition CD collection of 4AD artists. 4AD's participation will provide a perfect complement to last year's "13 Year Itch" birthday celebration at the ICA in London, an entire week spotlighting both the musical and visual aspects of 4AD.

4AD was founded in 1980 by Ivo Watts-Russell as an outlet for the music he was hearing in his London record shop and soon opened a main office on the outskirts of London. Originally within the Beggars Banquet music group, 4AD has become financially independent and grown into arguably one of the most influential and identifiable music labels in the world. 4AD established its Los Angeles office in 1992.

Right alongside of the growth of 4AD and its artists has been the full time involvement of a design partnership in Vaughan Oliver's v23 (ne 23 Envelope). Their commitment to the visual evocation of aural landscapes has lent 4AD its most easily recognized aesthetic. v23's design for the cover of the Pixies' "Bossanova" was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1990, and Mr Oliver's work has been shown in prominent exhibitions throughout the world.

4AD recording artists Dead Can Dance recently completed a sixteen date tour of the United States, in support of their new album "Into The Labyrinth". The sold out tour then commenced with two private performances at the Mayfair Theater in Santa Monica, CA. Mark Magidson, who provided and co-wrote the 70mm film "Baraka," directed the filming as well as interviewing Perry and Gerrard.

Confirmation of all 4AD artists performing at the UK/LA festival will be announced at a later date.

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