Thanks... those who've helped (or from whom I've liberated info):

Edmund Chattoe ([email protected])
William Radlinski ([email protected])
Kimmo Saaskilahti ([email protected])
"Bones, Inner Sanctum, Sanctuary" ([email protected])
Nathan Wilcox ([email protected])
Kevin Lien ([email protected])
"Dark Image" ([email protected])
Matthew Kirkcaldie ([email protected])
Selwyn Oh ([email protected])
Peter J Martin ([email protected])
Michael Gold ([email protected])
watts ([email protected])
"Kent J. Vanderwaal" ([email protected])
Mike Greco ([email protected])
Neil Impelluso ([email protected])
"A.J. Norman" ([email protected])
josh gentry ([email protected])
Jeff Gayton ([email protected])
Cord Walter ([email protected])
Matt Tschantz ([email protected])
[email protected]
Brian Baer ([email protected])
Rob Stanzel([email protected])
ivo ([email protected])
Huite Rietveld ([email protected])
Masaya Toyokawa ([email protected])
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected] (Christophe Gourraud)
Ron Labao ([email protected])
[email protected]
[email protected]
"Peter Granstr\vm" ([email protected])
[email protected] (King of the Monsters!)
David Steadman ([email protected])
Quinn Devine ([email protected])
andrew & carmen wilburn ([email protected])
"J Beswick (c.l.g" ([email protected])
"kevin m. kuperman" ([email protected])
Rich Holtzman ([email protected])
Dez ([email protected])
Frank Brinkhuis ([email protected])
laura June ([email protected])
Shannon Acevedo ([email protected])

...and anybody else I've forgotten

Also, a special thanks to the people who put the images on the Web that I'm just borrowing: Lars Ingebrigtsen at Eyesore and Lazlo at the Wisconsin Music Server!

...and let's not forget Emma Anderson. Thanks Emma!

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