Lush News and Interviews!

Melody Maker 17 Feb, 1990.
Here's a transcript of the interview contained on the Gala Promo Cassette, Words & Music.
The Net's own Matthew Kirkcaldie interviews Emma Anderson.
When the band sent out a Christmas package to their fans in December '93, it contained a letter from the band.
Lush have a run in with Prince.
February, 1996 interview in The Newspaper.
Here's the itenerary of Lush's 1994 US Tour.
SHAVING THE PAVEMENT!! Here's the itenerary of Lush's 1996 North American Tour. (Touring with labelmates Mohave 3 and Scheer)
Lush was interviewed via Live IRC Chat at InSite Magazine, on 11 April, 1996.
From the May, 1996 Go magazine.
May, 1996 article in the LA Times.
An interview with Lush by Michael Edwards for a New Brunswick, Canada university paper.
Fritz Hahn offers an interview with chris and phil conducted on 27 april, 1996 (shortly after the u.s. release of lovelife). An interview from Interactive Baggage (of Warwick University).
June online chat via SPINonline and AOL
Lush interviewed in ChartNet.
An excerpt of a interview, ntitled "Sex and the Single Girl", from the always excellent Big Takeover.
A cool, Nov '96 video interview in SonicNet. An adventure in multimedia!

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