Here's all I know. If you have more concrete information, let me know.

Lush images from the new singles and album.

Lush video clips from the new singles and album.

Check out this advertising page for the new singles and album.

Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 21:53:28 -0500
From: Quinn Devine ([email protected])
Subject: Lush Wire cover
That Wire tribute album is apparently out now and I'm happy to say that Lush contributes a brand new recording for it - "Mannequin". Also, My Bloody Valentine does Map Ref. 41N 93W. Check out the details here.
From: "kevin m. kuperman" ([email protected])
Subject: Japanese Lovelife release
To: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 10:01:14 -0500 (CDT)
X-Mailer: ELM [version 2.4 PL0]

I was in Tours, France, last week. Went into fnac and bought the Japanese 
release of Lovelife. It came with an extra insert of pictures, the standard 
insert, and the lyrics in Japanese. The first CD was the regular album, same
tracks and whatnot, and the second CD was a 6 track 3-inch CD with all the 
"Single Girl" b-sides.. the set is marked "COZY->27->28" .   rather cool...

kevin kuperman

Date:    Mon, 20 May 1996 11:51:23 -0400
From:    Rich Holtzman 
Subject: more Lush dates

Lush may have finished the Shaving The Pavement Tour and headed back to the
UK, but no need to worry they will be back in a few weeks.  Here is a list of
places they will be playing.  They are doing shows for some the radio station
in town.

5/31 Pittsburgh at the Riverplex
6/1  Washington, DC at RFK
6/6  Providence at ?
6/8  Boston at Great Woods
6/9 Hartford at Riverside Park
6/14 San Francisco at Shoreline
6/15 Los Angeles at Irvine Meadows
6/16 San Diego at Hospitality Point

Many people have noted that the Atlanta Shaving the Pavement 
show was professionally filmed, and that Lush is to be featured 
on a new PBS television show.

Date:    Mon, 8 Apr 1996 17:23:46 -0700
From:    "J Beswick (c.l.g" 
Subject: Re: lush t-shirts?

On Sun, 7 Apr 1996, Jon D Drake wrote:

> Hey,
> does anyone know if lush has t-shirts on their new tour, and if so,
> what do they look like? Any other stuff on sale at the shows?

I don't know about on the tour, but there are 3 shirts that have been made:

1) "Ladykiller" short sleeve blue shirt/orange print lush logo on back
2) "Ladykiller" short sleeve orange shirt/blue print lush logo on back
3) "Lovelife" long sleeve white (one orange sleeve) red print with silver
glittery outline lush logo on tag in back in same silver glitter

Date:    Mon, 29 Apr 1996 15:27:24 EDT
From:    Dez <[email protected]>
Subject: Lush discography

As promised, here is the Lush discography from Record Collector magazine. I've
not bothered with values (I'm assuming none of you are breadheads). I recommend
the article to everyone. It seems '500' will be the next single. Whether it will
come with another set of seven b-sides, I don't know.

By the way, Lars, your hopes are confounded. Lovelife has outsold all previous
Lush LPs by a large margin already.


JAD911  Scar (Baby Talk/Thoughtforms/Scarlet/Bitter/Second
Sight/Etheriel) 12"/CD  1989
BAD0003 Mad Love (De-Luxe/Leaves Me Cold/Downer/Thoughtforms)   12"/CD  1990
AD0013  Sweetness And Light/Breeze      7"      1990
BAD0013 Sweetness And Light/Breeze/Sunbathing   12"/CD  1990
AD1016  Black Spring (Nothing Natural/God's Gift)       7"      1991
BAD1016 Black Spring (Nothing Natural/Fallin' In Love/God's Gift/Monochrome)
12"/CD  1991
BAD(D)2001 For Love/Starlust/Outdoor Miner/Astronaut    Ltd10"/12"/CD   1992
AD4008  Hypocrite/Love At First Sight   7"      1994
BAD4008 Hypocrite/Love At First Sight/Cat's Chorus/Undertow     12"/CD  1994
AD4010  Desire Lines/Whitewood  7"      1994
BAD4010 Desire Lines/Whitewood/Girl's World/Lovelife    12"/CD  1994
AD6001  Single Girl/Sweetie     Ltd7"   1996
BAD6001 Single Girl/Tinkerbell/Outside World/Cul-de-Sac CD      1996
BADD6001 Single Girl/Pudding/Demystification/Shut Up    CD      1996
AD6002  Ladykillers/I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend  Ltd7"   1996
BAD6002 Ladykillers/Matador/Ex/Dear Me  CD      1996
BADD6002 Ladykillers/Heavenly/Carmen/Plums And Oranges  CD      1996


CAD0017 Gala    LP/CD   1990
CAD2002 Spooky  LP/CD/LtdCD/2x10"       1992
CAD4011 Split   LP/CD   1994
CAD6004 Lovelife        LP/CD   1996

UK Promos

LUSH1   Nothing Natural/God's Gift/Monochrome/Nothing Natural   CD      1991
LUSH2   Hypocrite/Undertow      12"     1994
LUSH3   Desire Lines/Lovelife   12"     1994
LUSH4   Single Girl     12"     1996
LUSH5   Single Girl/500/I've Been Here Before/Last Night        CD      1996
LUSH6   Ladykillers     12"     1996
LUSH7   Ciao    CD      1996

US Promos

PRO-CD-4662 De-Luxe (3 versions) CD     1990
PRO-CD-4568 Sweetnes And Light (2 versions)     CD      1990
PROC-4608 Words And Music (10 tracks from Gala + interview)     cass    1990
9 40231-2 (as LUSH1)    CD      1991
PRO-CD-5471 Superblast/Starlust/Fallin' In Love/Superblast      CD      1992
PROC-6996 Kiss Chase/Undertow   cass    1994
PRO-S-7181 Lit Up(demo)/Rupert The Bear 7"      1994 (free with Soil
Samples #17)
PRO-A-8034 Last Night (2 mixes)/Undertow/Lovelife/Ladykillers   CD/12"  1996


Etheriel & Second Sight (both live) on Donde Esta Los Insects? (DELI03 cass
Scarlet on Gigantic 2 (Melody Maker MM1 CD 1990)
Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep on Alvin lives In Leeds (Sound of Spasm CLANG 4 LP/CD
And David Seaman Will Be Very Disappointed About That - The Lillies (Cockadoodle
COCK1 7" flexi)
Tiny Smiles on Volume 2 (Volume V2CD CD 1991)
Starlust (live) on In A Field Of Their Own (NME Glaston1 2CD 1993)
De-Luxe on Lilliput (4AD Lilliput 1/2 2CD 1992)
Nothing Natural on ...And Dog Bones Too (21512 promo CD 1992)
Desire Lines (demo) on 13 Year Itch (4AD Shuffle CD 1993)
Lit Up (demo) / Rupert The Bear (fan club 7" flexi 1993)
The Childcatcher on Secret Tracks 2 (Select Mag. May 94 cass)
The Childcatcher on All Virgos Are Mad (45789 promo CD 1994)
Tinkerbell on Volume 10 (Volume V10CD CD 1994)
The Childcatcher on From Greer To Eternity (Fierce Panda NING05 2x7" 1994)
Love At First Sight on Nings Of Desire (Fierce Panda NONG1 CD 1995)
Mannequin on Whore (WMO 002 CD 1996)
Half And Half on Volume 16 (Volume V16CD 1996)

- Dez

Date:    Sun, 31 Mar 1996 16:13:46 -0800
From:    "Scott, Mari & Brian" ([email protected])
Subject: Lush - Addicted to noise?

         Is lush going to be the feature issue of ATN next month? All I
know is that they have a boatload of images and songs at their storage
bin or whatever you call it. To check out the images and songs go to:



P.S. I don't remember if the M in music and the I in images is to be

Date: Mon, 20 May 96 15:23:02 -0700
From: Shannon Acevedo ([email protected],com)
X-Mailer: Mozilla 1.22PBI Beta 1.0 (Windows; U; 16bit)
To: [email protected]
Subject: Lush News

Hey Here's Some Official/Unofficial Tour Dates:
June 1-June 16 Lush will be playing radio festivals across the US.
starting back east in Pittsburgh ending in San Diego on the 16th.
Then Back to Europe/UK for more Festivals. Tour with Goo goo Dolls and 
Gin Blossoms begins August 14th in Cleveland that tour continues well 
into September. Lush Will Be Doing Solo Shows Within That Tour as Well.
October/November Solo Tour Europe/UK. Jan. Australia Big Day Out.
All The News Right Now Keep You Updated.

From: Domingo ([email protected])
Subject: Fall US tour
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 1996 08:39:53 -0500

	Lush did a live chat with Spin Magazine on AOL yesterday and announced that they would be on tour in the U.S. this fall with the Goo Goo Dolls and Gin Blossoms (who chose these guys?). 

From: Ken Statham ([email protected])
Subject: Lush in concert on PBS

hi there, hope all is well with you. i have some interesting news for you. i
saw Lush here in Atlanta on 04/23 this spring. to my suprise, when i entered
the club where they were playing, the place was packed with video taping
equipment. the show was outstanding, i could not believe how close to their
original recorded material their sound was. the next day i sent an e-mail to
the club and inquired about the taping. i was told the following: the show
was taped to be aired on a special series that is supposed to appear on PBS
sometime this summer. it is sponsored by AT&T. the series is supposed to be
something simialr to a "live at the house of blues" format. i am trying to
find out more, as i want to see and tape this show. i found the best place
to be at the show was near the video control center where I was able to
watch 5 full color monitors of all the different cameras. you may want to
keep your ear open for this, if you're a lush fan......i'll be glad to pass
anything along to you that i may hear.....take your page....ken

Date:    Fri, 9 Aug 1996 12:14:12 -0400
From:    Rich Holtzman ([email protected])
Subject: Lush Tour

okay here they are.  SOme of these dates with the Gin Blossoms, some with the
Goo Goo Dolls, some with Imperial Teen, some with Muzzle, and some with
Semisonic.  Unfortunately I don't have the patience to write them all down
for the proper show.

8-14      Cleveland        Nautica
8-15      Toronto           Phoenix
8-16       Montreal        Cabaret Music Hall
8-17       Boston           Harbor Lights
8-19       Detroit           State Theater
8-20       Milwaukee       Summerfest Rockstage
8-22       Indianapolis     Vogue Theatre
8-23       Columbus         Newport Music Hall
8-24       Toledo              Asylum
8-25       Pittsburgh        Starlake Amphlitheater
8-28       New York           Webter Hall
8-29       New Haven         Toads Place
8-30       Wash, DC            9:30 Club
8-31       Philadelphia       Trocadero
9-3         Pomona               Glass House
9-4         Los Angeles        El Rey Theatre
9-5         Los Angeles        El Rey Theatre
9-6         San Jose             The Edge
9-7         San Francisco     Filmore

Enjoy the show


Date:    Fri, 23 Aug 1996 17:39:08 -0700
From:    Jeff Keibel ([email protected])
Subject: Topolino

The forthcoming Lush compilation to be released in Japan by Nippon
Columbia is to be titled "Topolino", which is Italian for little mouse.
This same compilation or a variation of it also titled "Topolino" will
also be released in Canada by Mercury/Polydor tentatively in late
October/early November.  While not even confirmed slightly, the
Canadian version MAY contain extra tracks not on the Japanese version.
Hopefully other territories will release this compilation as well.

"Topolino" COCY-80351
Released 08/31/96
by Nippon Columbia

1.  500 (Shake Baby Shake) (album version)
2.  Ex (from BAD6002CD)
3.  I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend (from AD6002)
4.  Matador (from BAD6002CD)
5.  Piledriver (from BAD6009CD)
6.  I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind (from BADD6009CD)
7.  Carmen (from BADD6002CD)
8.  Plums And Oranges (from BADD6002CD)

The remaining B-Sides from the various "Lovelife" singles as well as the
Wire tribute track, "Half And Half" from Volume 16, those other
unreleased demo/acoustic and remix tracks aren't included on "Topolino"
but possibly may appear on the Canadian version.  Fingers crossed!!

Jeff Keibel
Toronto, ON
[email protected]

The Canadian version of _Topolino_ seems to be out (as of December 1996) and it
contains the following tracks:

_Lush_ / _Topolino_

1. _500 (Shake Baby Shake)_
2. _I Have The Moon_
3. _Ex_
4. _I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend_
5. _Matador_
6. _Outside World_
7. _I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind_
8. _Carmen_
9. _Shut Up_
10. _Cul De Sac_
11. _Demystification_
12. _Tinkerbell_

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