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Here are the lyrics to most Lush songs, broken down by album.


"Sweetness And Light"


See my life (I've been so tired)
See my self (I've been uptight)
See my life (I've been so tired)
See my sight (I could disappear)

See with you memories fading fast
And with you it's never going to last

You are the sweetness in my eyes
You are an apple in disguise

See with you
I never seemed to look the other way

Only to stay, only to breathe
Only to see
That space and light is what I really need

I never wanted to tell lies
You are the sweetness in my eyes

You are the juice I need for life
You are the sweetness in my eyes



Sunbathing, and she came down from above
Close my eyes and I feel like I'm in love
Wrapped in silk, how I got here I don't know
Tastes like milk and there's nowhere else to go

Soft red lips, slowly open wide
Honey drips and I long to feel inside
Deep and warm, the only to place to be
Sleep til dawn, then she does the same for me

Drawn fine line, heal my bad spine
Close together, now its all mine
Wake in sunlight, sunlight bleak white
Realise she's gone


(Anderson / Berenyi)

Pink cloud sits sky high
Skips to the starlight
Rains tinsel whispers
Breeze blows away

I crawl inside me
My eyes to heaven
Pink cloud sits sky high
Breeze blows away

Silver air everywhere, doesn't care
But silver winds cut my skin everywhere

Breathe in green velvet
My lips taste warm earth
Pink cloud sits sky high
Breeze blows away

Summer sun, so much fun, colours run
Hot summers kiss, cloudless bliss burns my tongue



I've been waiting on the slide
Suggest I open wide
No incentive to hide
Happy coursing through my veins
Don't even know my name
When I'm up you're coming down

Inside of me, some sight to see
Some sight to feel our earthy bed

When we're wrapped in polythene
What's that supposed to mean
Paper flowers bring me luck
No birds in sight I fear
Stick sticks in you my dear
When I'm up you're coming down

Some say I'm vague
And I'd easily fade
Foolish parade of fantasy

Drink in your eyes
Drink in you sighs
Grass in my thighs my aching legs

"Leaves Me Cold"


Dreams deep heat teasing my mind
Sleep peels sweet stealing my sighs
She breathes deep when he's inside
Dreams deep heat poisons my mind

Inside me there's a separate world
It's winning and I'm losing control
I'm coming but my eyes are closed
I'm coming but it leaves me cold

Night's bright lights dim in the day
Blind eyes smile at you today
I find I'm falling away
My eyesights never the same

Inside me there's a separate girl
She's winning and I'm losing control
She coming but my eyes are closed
She's coming but I wake up and it leaves me cold



In me you'll see
Dirt flows freely
But you may find
That my thoughts are unkind

Pure life needs knife
Cuts off my life
But as you see
Hurting you you bless me

I always wanted to cry
After the act close my eyes
I always longed for the deep
Then I just wanted to sleep

Blood stream cruel dream
Never make clean

Down by my side I feel safe when I hide
So you can see that my thought are for me



Come on little man now all's said and done
All tht I'm asking is you show me some fun
I need purple veins and scenic greens
They can make me soar and touch extremes

I just fell down from whitest skies
And now I start to realise
And all the colours talk to me

And if I had wings then I could take you in
I'd stay on the ground and I could teach you things
The grass is strewn with blades of gold
These sights and songs I have been told
All hopes desires that seem to sing

Come on little man now you're times nearly through
Colours are dripping down red and blue
I'm standing in the middle of a great glass ball
I'm told that I've nothing but I'm having it all

I just rose up from blackest seas
My eyes were opened so widely
And its a shame to end this way

"Baby Talk"


Swallowed her down, she's inside me
She's struggling now, she can't break free
And my eyes are closed, my lips are sealed
She can't escape but I can feel

Kicks in me

Climbing my spine, she's inside me
Wants to escape, wants to breathe
And I wish I could tell you what she feels
And I wish I could hear when she speaks

In my sleep
In my dreams


(Anderson / Berenyi)

Nothing can eclipse
Tender fingertips
Youthful girlish hips
Crimson pouting lips

But what d'you say when nothing's meant
What d'you do when all is spent

Faithless faceless night
Drenched in empty light
Scarlet starlet's bright
Vanity's delight

Cream of life you'll find in her
First to come she's first to serve

Turned away you're out of luck
Spurned again
No one to fall in love



Just don't imagine that I'll still remember you
Don't even think I'll try
I'll take my memories and drown them in my glass
And then I'll drink a toast of bitterness and wash you from my heart

I count the blessings that took you away from me
I laugh to think I cried
I don't need what you got I don't miss what you do
'Cause I can raise my glass and drink a toast of bitterness to you

And now my mind recalls no memory of you
And so I raise a smile and drink a toast of bitterness to you

Just don't imagine that I still remember you
Don't even think I care
You took your love elsewhere and I drank mine away
With bitter thoughts of you that washed my memories of you away

"Second Sight"


Peel back empty night
Grey dawn breaks into white
Sun climbing the sky
Your eyes reflecting the light
Clouds out of sight
But when the day is through
Will I see you again

Keep your eyes on me
Don't let go of my hand
Running together
We go together so well
I can tell

Run where I run
Play what I play
Do what I do
But when this day's through
Will I see you again


(Anderson / Berenyi)

I know it hurts to see
That in the end they sympathized with me
And though it hurts to say
It couldn't happen any other way

I remember when you were free
No one else then you came to me
Cursed you then that it couldn't last
All the laughs we had in the past

And if it hurts you too
I hope you know that I'm still fond of you
And if its still unfair
Remember that I thought you never cared

Sing to me, comfort me, turned away
Someone else takes my place

And so you made your choice
When I needed most to hear your voice
But you were never there
And that was when I thought you never cared




in your green field sleep
chasing through the trees
do you still see me?
do you still hear me?

do you still meet me?

"nothing natural"


before I met you I was blind
pills and liquid filled my mind
beneath your outline I was new
overflowing with your tune

and don't you know you're beautiful

next month I missed you like a child
couldn't see past you though I tried

and don't you know you're beautiful

now I think of every hour
when you still retained your power
and the precious nights we'd share
when we'd breathe in common air

the feeling now you're gone
this wretched life goes on
the knife inside of me
it turns just like a key

the sunlight always comes too soon
my body asks me what to do
I was so small and vulnerable
and you were only beautiful

the seasons shining in your hair
and it was more than I could bear
but I can see you in my smile
and you are only beautiful

"tiny smiles"


I'd like to do
something for you
you want me to
she's just the same
she likes to play

I'll hide kisses in your hair

don't feel ashamed
you're not to blame
it's just a game
but just the same
what would they say

baby angel on my knee

our lips are sealed

come sit with me
slide on my knee
sing just for me
and for a while
I'll make you smile

baby angel on my knee
I know what you want from me

I'll make you smile

outside she's listening
to laughter and whispering
but she won't say nothing to him, see

she's just the same



I'm hiding inside me
eye sees through my smile
as I shine
for the eyes of another

let him inscribe
what he admires
let him inspire
so many lies
I can provide
any disguise

night folds me beside you
I hide from your eyes
for I know
this illusion is kinder
than what you'll find
if I reveal
my crime

my deception
my invention
my obsession

you may despise
what you may find
hiding behind
all of the lies
let me provide
one more disguise

you won't understand me
I can't let you try
still I dream
of the day you discover

I am the spy



come with me
into a cool blue stream
bleed into oceans green
lips open wide
drinking the tide

reach for me
here where the ocean sea
melts and you sink with me
deeper inside
I'll make you mine

take me down
down where their voices drown
down where the only sound
echoes for me

floating away
under the waves
kiss me again
you'll tell me when
salt on my lips
cool fingertips
under the sea
stay here with me

"for love"


pretty little girl, she shines
knowing she is young, she smiles
happy just to be a prize
happy just to see his smile

silly little girl, she tries
thinking she is good, and wise
doesn't recognise the lies
pouring from her lips, she sighs:

"this is so real,
it's what I feel,
I look in your eyes and lose myself"

silly little girl denies
ever understanding why
her face is full of sad surprise
every time she hears him cry:

"what do you feel
when you're with me?
I look in your eyes and see myself"

but there's no connection,
just his own reflection
isn't this the way you wanted me?
(what do you mean?)
in love with you
(what do I feel?)
do anything
(what do you mean?)
for you

she looked in his eyes to lose herself

and when it falls apart, she cries
doesn't think to look inside
she just covers up her eyes
doesn't see her own disguise

and though she feels this sorrow,
it will fade tomorrow
she'll pretend that this was really love
(what do you mean?)
she'll make their fall
(what did I feel?)
seem beautiful
(what do you mean?)
she won't remember this at all
(what do you mean?)
she won't recall
(what did I feel?)
the truth at all
(what do you mean?)
she wants to fall
(what did I feel?)
(what do you mean?)



me in the world
losing tears, shedding fears
strain for the sun
make you run, make you come

you don't know
you don't know

I'm in my home
all the time, on my own
low finger fine
take what's mine, from behind

you don't know
you don't know
it's not there
you don't care

you're still inside of me
beneath the cotton core
my pictures smile at me
and soon they'll rise and soar

fill up my space
turn around, fade and trace
be absolute
blue and white, fatal fruit

she nylon smile
full of lies, shining eyes
cover my grin
take a chance, maybe win

it's not there
it's not fair
you don't know
you don't care



it's not easy
but try to picture this: do
you remember
that we were once together?
isn't it strange
isn't it?
I'm sorry it's come to this but
why are we here,
what was it we talked about? so

just remind me
of why I'm wasting so much
time pretending
that there is something more than
only this
this pointless accusation
tell me again,
why are we here?

I'm not offended by the
things that you say
'cause it's such a predictable
way to behave
talk and insult me 'til you're
blue in the face
you were right, I was wrong, now does
that make you happy?
I'm quite aware of all the
bad things I did
you don't have to remind me of
why you dislike me
there's no solution to the
mess that we're in,
it's so sad and so boring
I wish you'd just leave me alone

but I understand the games you play
I'm ashamed of all the things I did to you



when I'm home I listen hoping for a clue
and you know they can't tell us what to do
when you're gone, out of sight not out of mind
but you know this feeling took me years to find

and your eyes, they always know where it hurts
and your lips kiss me 'til I'm fit to burst
each day you watch me with your static gaze
and smile, naked at my silly ways

planets spin around your head
milk and sugar in your bed
even when you're far away
I can hear you every day

wise hands grasping the delicate prize
I just wait for the time of our lives

no one knows what's going on
they don't know where we belong
let you swim around my face
live inside my special place

it's only you that holds the key
don't know what you do to me
in our little secret world
I can be your little girl

my desires can't be bought in black and white
only you make me feel secure inside
for I know you really love no one but me
and I smile because they think it's fantasy



he's perfect
at least within his dreams
he's perfect
to satisfy my scheme

he doesn't know my game
I don't recall his name

and though it's true
my flesh is new
believe me dear
my mind is clear

he's smiling
(smiling at me)
he thinks he's won the night
I'm laughing
(laughing at him)
imagine what you like

I know he's seen
inside I'm green
but still he's blind
to what goes on inside my mind

he's smiling
(smiling at me)
he thinks he's won the night
I'm thinking
(thinking of me)
imagine what you like

he claimed his prize
I had my price
I know it's cruel
but I refuse
to be the only one to lose



mirror maid, tummy ache
make-up run
lipstick girl, black stick curl
in the new york sun

inside out, you know about my
silly game
even though, you don't know
about my name

where I've been
what I dream
what I seem

clumsy eyes realise how to
write the word
basically, you sing for me
when I am hurt

stoned and blind, never mind
luckie's song
press the keys, I can be
where you belong

I'm a fan
of your hand

I'm in love
cry above

I'm a fan
of your hand
every man



wake with the sun
what's going on, when you're gone
fall asleep when you're near
what's going on, when you're here

and sometimes I think if I stand by the phone it may ring
and sometimes I worry and fear what tomorrow may bring
and you sing
and you sing

breathe with your sigh
makes me high, don't know why
touching your skin
wishing you were within

your eyes are like saucers but mine are just clouded in grey
I've so much to tell but I can't and you just go away
won't you stay

wake with the sun
what's going on, when you're gone
and when I lost control
I was cold, and I felt old

the ground is beneath me but slowly it's falling away
you say we're like children so why won't you come out and play?
and sometimes I think if I look at the phone it may ring
and sometimes I worry and fear what tomorrow may bring
when you sing
when you sing


The formatting here reflects the lack of formatting in the liner notes from which these come. (Thanks to [email protected] (bryan d. o'connor) for typing them in!)

"Light From a Dead Star"

He lives his life in a world full of women And he takes what he wants from their love And he throws the rest away I cling to him and pray But still he slips away And now it's just too late To wish him back again She won't put up with this life so she leaves him And she finds someone else, falls in love And she travels far away I say that it's ok And swallow all my pain And now it's just too late To wish her back again They left me here on my own in a nightmare And I just can't forgive anymore So I smile and turn away Don't listen when they say They wish I could stay And now it's just too late To wish me back again

"Kiss Chase""

Tiny children on their own they learn so fast How to make new friends, how to play their new games I remember a man he had shiny hair Always hanging around when you went away Little eight year old, she knows too many secrest Much too young to understand what it means I remember a woman with silver hair And the smell and the taste of the bed we shared And that's how I beahved Every time that you went away And now, though I'm older nothing's changed (playing the same games) And I knew every day Came a chance that you'd leave me So I found what I could to take your place Told me not to cry Said that I'd survive As he waved goodbye And I want to try Not to make you cry Want us to survive Never say goodbye But that's how I behave when you go away Because though I'm older nothing's changed (playing the same games) And I know every day There's a chance that you'll leave me So I find what I can to take your place


I'm not interested in what you have to say You're just a vacant space Other people's lives upon which you prey It's a permanent disgrace Why do you think you know what';s best for me What I should and shouldn't do Why do you judge my history And tell me to improve In the confines of your mind You think we're all the same I've left them all behind Though you wish I hadn't In finding fault in others I can't see What you have to gain I know that you get pleasure from Other people's pain You're not so perfect and I realise the scene That you're all coming from When you say you care I know what you mean You're really lying All the poeple around here Love to hear about a fall They all surface and disappear In an instant In the confines of your mind You think we're all the same I've left them all behind Through you wish I hadn't


A silly girl I run around and never know my reasons And though you're laughing with me I know what you say about me I can't explain, it's not your business anyway So don't say you understand And don't pretend you're on my side And I remember when you hated her for sleeping next to him I see your smiling face but I know you've done worse to me You hypocrite, don't talk eo me 'Cause you're not fit to know me So don't pretend That you could've ever been a friend And still I'm sure you think it's ok What you've done to me 'Cause I'm so bad to him Don't even try to hide behind that stupid lie I know your kind and I know where your loyalties lie The silly girls we run around and never know our reasons And though I understand I guess I'll say that you betrayed me I'm a hypocrite, I dish it out but I can't take it I know you think it's wrong And maybe you're right but this is my song And still I'm sure you think it's ok What she did to me 'cause I'm so bad to him Don't even try to hide behind that stupid smile I know our kind and I know where our loyalties lie


You are the one In your concrete arms I adore you Dirty and dear Block out the sun In your twists and turns I invade You show me no fear We blow around like tiny leaves in a big storm Finding there's nothing left to breathe or to keep warm You ebb and flow and your rhythm beats my head Leave me alone while you swallow up your dead You are the one You cradle me and kill Caressing my face Leave me undone You suffocate and have me This is the place Every door conceals a dream and a nightmare Nothing is ever really pure in the stale air And when it's dark everything becomes more clear Lie in the park when I want to have you near You are the one In your concrete arms I adore you Dusty and dear Block out the sun In your twists and turns I invade You show me no fear Left it unsung I shall leave but I'll return Poison my lungs, my blood is full of lead Things unsaid My love for you still burns

"Desire Lines""

It's raining in this room And it's so hot outside this room I don't know no one here I don't want to be here In this room We hold parties in our sleep We fill ourselves up in our sleep And I'll heal you when you're ill Though it's hard keeping still In our sleep Pries the hair out of her mouth Whilst the circus is heading sout While we search in the sand Don't ask them to understand Why they cover up their hands And their mouths

"The Invisible Man""

Oooh Outside you are waiting for me, hiding You catch me when I am Needing a friend to hold You can soothe me, lie above me Press hard Then you strike And I think that I'll die 'Cause Ican't breathe, can't breathe Please let me start screaming Please let me start screaming Please let me start scream- ing Please let me start screaming Oooh Please let me start screaming Eyes are open seeing nothing Hands are tied and I can't function Please let me star screaming Please let me start screaming Please let me start screaming Please let me start scream- ing Please let me start screaming


So you want to be alone Run and hide inside your home Watch you fall away from me Sinking into misery Taste your smile and hold my hand Make you laugh and make you dance I remember this Everything was in our kiss Sink my hands into the sea Reach your fingers up to me Trust me one more time I can only try Throw yourself to me And I'll try to pull you free Let me try to pull you free


Only children sometimes comprehend Loneliness can often be a friend Have to shut yourself in Don't know how to begin Telling it to someone Who doesn't fit in I am sunken in biology I can control that part of me I don't want to hurt you but I know I will do Maybe we could find out What are we to do I don't have long fingernails to use Would we care if we were balck and blue? We're both sick but still you hold my hand We're together but I understand Walk along the seaside This is not a joyride Tell me in the meantime It's ok

"Lit Up""

You feel like I do Like the whole world's forgotten you And your life is so dull and predictable Your room seems like a cell And you don't sleep very well And your friends only talk to point and to mock And to ridicule One day things won't seem the same way, I know Morning in the mirror Things will suddenly seem much clearer I promise, it's alright His words don't flatter me And they're printed for all to see I don't care, he's not there It's all history The future's yours to hold And you're really not very old And your life is so white, so clean and so bright And holds mystery Morning in the mirror Things will suddenly seem much clearer I promise it's alright One day things won't seem the same way, I know One day things won't seem the same way, I know One day things won't seem the same way, I know


Walking at midnight In the darkness, alone Standing in the shadows And I'm watching your glow Standing in the red light And I'm smiling at you Dreaming of the starlight Just waiting for you I'll do anything to Make you mine, make me shine Take me if you want me I don't care, I don't mind I want your starlight Make it mine, make me shine Touch me with your light And I'll burn like a star

"When I Die"

If you walked in now I wouldn't start I wouldn't frown And if you just appeared I woudn't cry or think it weird 'Cause you are still around You're in the air, you're in the ground And you can't go away I am afraid you're here to stay Friends don't understand They close the door, they raise their hands She says she heard your voice Of course she does, she has no choice I was hours ahead When they removed you from your bed They drank all the while Until you said goodbye Why are we sitting here in ourselves? I don't look up, I don't look down I look ahead and me no sound My love was there, I only stare Healty in my dreams Is what you are, is what is seems Whas does it all mean? You're only hiding behind a screen Curse the English day For what it forces us to say Banish all the pain 'Cause when I die, die I'll see you again


Non-Album Tracks



Baby, he says
You are like the clean white page and I the pen

The innocence I find in between your girlish thighs
Is like the fountain of youth to my old bones

And she replies
Daddy's little girl's a precocious child
I love to please
I'll do anything that you ask of me
Eager to fulfill all of Daddy's needs

Baby, he says
I can never love older girls like I love you
You're easier to please and
You never give me grief
`Cause you accept everything I say & do

And she replies
I'm in no position to make demands
I have no past
No one else has done to me what you do
I've got no one else to compare you to

And though you'll grow older
Stay like you're sixteen all your life
Old women grow bitter
Don't let that happen to you

And why is it charming pretending
I'm younger than my years
Why can't I grow up with dignity
Set me free

Baby, he says
Now that you're older I feel our love has died
Once upon a time
You never criticized me Oh
I much preferred you as a child

And I reply
Everything you said to me was a lie
I know your kind
You just want a daughter without the wife
You don't need a girlfriend you need a life


(cover of ZOUNDS)
I look out the window and I wonder at it all
Staring at the symbols that decorate the wall
And everybody's wanting to come and join them all
But I can't go and know until I understand the call
Don't come 'round for me unless you've got what I
Don't come 'round for me unless you've got what I want
My electronic (?unknown word?) won't plug into the wall
Now I can't go to the party the electrician dodn't call
And I hear them counting numbers in the store down in white hall
So much information what could they do with it all?
Don't come 'round for me unless you've got what I want
I want some demystification
about what's going on
Some people talk of Shiva and some they talk of God
Some talk of politicians and some they talk of love
We mystify the heroes will be chances we could take
I'm not looking for escapism I just want to escape

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