Here are some Lush related links:

The band:

The "official" 4AD Lush Pages (including a bio, an interview, etc. but no link back here... harumph!).
The "official" Reprise Lush Pages.
A bunch of images in Dave Noland's Lush Gallery.
Nick Fitton's Lush Page (with some mpeg movies).
Adam's Lush Page.
Lot's of Lush images and other stuff can be found on this AOL site.
Lush on the Wonderwall.
Babytalk, a lush fanzine.

The label:

The Official 4AD Site.
The Official Reprise Site.
The Play It Again Sam Site.
Eyesore. Everything you ever wanted to know about 4AD
The 4AD FAQ. Your questions answered.

The Genre:

The Twee Kitten.
Dewdrops Records.
Independent Project Records.
The Big Takeover. This Mag with the inestimable Jack Rabid is one of the best around.

Lush Discussion Lists:

There's a email list dedicated to our favorite band. To subscribe, send a message to "[email protected]" with the word "subscribe subsingle" in the body (leaving out the "subsingle" will get you the digested version of the list).

There's also an email list dedicated to discussion of the label, 4AD. To subscribe, send a message to "[email protected]" with the words "subscribe 4AD-L" in the body.

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